2008 Hyundai Coupe "Cool Emotion" Limited Edition

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In order to increase the sales until the launch of the all-new RWD Coupe in Europe, Hyundai decided to launch a limited edition of just 100 units of the current version called “Cool Emotion”.

Hyundai Coupe "Cool Emotion" Limited Edition

Offered in two colours, Crystal White and Carbon Grey, the coupe comes with red leather interior and 18 inch Borbet alloy wheels. Powered by the 143 hp 2.0 litre engine the vehicle is offered at a price of €25,590. So hurry up, one unit was sold…99 to go!


Well said.

it is a South Korean car that’s why that combination is possible. when the Europeans or the Americans are building a great looking car they are thinking: "this car looks great, so lets raise the price"

It never amazes me how cars with such great looks go for such a good price.

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