2009 Hyundai ix-Metro

It seems that Hyundai was very busy preparing the Frankfurt Motor Show. The company has created a special Blue Drive Zone where it will exhibit a wide array of its new eco-friendly technologies and products demonstrating its commitment to lowering emissions and improving the fuel economy of its vehicles. Centre stage is reserved for the world debut of the ix-Metro, a daring new Hybrid Electric CUV for the European sub-B segment which promises CO2 emissions of just 80g/km.

The ix-Metro is powered by an inline three-cylinder petrol engine displacing just one-liter. Direct injection, dual CVVT, turbocharging are all combined with a six-speed dual clutch transmission to make for a highly potent compact package.


It looks like a car from the future.

That headline made me groan. But keep up the great Frankfurt coverage!

this car looks good and very futuristic. I think most of the cars that they released this year will become futuristic.

This hybrid CUV offer of Hyndai for B segment is definitely a scene stealer...it can eclipse the sales of those already in the market and they really have to watch out as Ix metro will surely give a hard competition

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