2011 Hyundai Blue2 Sedan Concept

Seeing as this is effectively their hometown auto show, Hyundai was out in full force at the Seoul Motor Show with a host of new offerings. One concept that the Korean automaker brought was the Blue2 Sedan Concept, a car that the Korean automaker is pegging as the next generation FCEV sedan.

The car bears the codename HND-6 and is being touted as Hyundai’s very first Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle that’s powered by hydrogen and is capable of delivering 90kW – around 120 horsepower – and estimated fuel economy figures reaching an impressive 82 miles per gallon.

Aesthetically speaking, the Blue2 Sedan Concept has an exterior whose design language is being described as ‘Intersected Flow’ with other external features complementing the contoured form of the car, including the LCD screen panels on both the front and back, side cameras in place of the standard side mirrors, a roof camera, and automatic opening doors.

Inside, the Blue2 Concept features an asymmetrical dashboard, wider seats to make room for a spacious interior cabin, and a couple of out-of-this-world features, including what the company is describing as a Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (TOLED) monitor that has been officially christened the Gorilla Glass. This monitor appears more accurate and vivid compared to standard LED screens. Another unique feature is the Motion Sensor Moustick, a haptic wheel and motion sensor that respond to the driver’s touch and hand movements, giving drivers a new experience.

Source: Hyundai


It looks very futuristic on its outlook design. Moreover, I really find it so aggressive on its front headlight. I just wonder also if they truly have the plan to put it on the market?

I can say that I really love the abstract and exquisite looks of this Blue2, for me, it is already so striking and unique on that platform and other detailing. Well, I just really hope that they would really put this on the market.

I love the hygienic looks of this concept, and I just noticed that the headlights of this one, was oozing with angst and aggressiveness, which are so striking on it.

This Blue2 Sedan really had an aggressive and angst, but I’m not so fond with it but I must say that I’m so fond with the interior of this one, I noticed that it had a futuristic touch.

I really wonder if they would actually take the Blue Sedan into production. It really looks promising and has the potential to become another winner in Hyundai’s line.

The blue sedan concept has captured all car owners attention today. First, all of them wanted to own an electric cars. Second, the design made by Hyundai is really applauding.

Come to think of it, it is highly unlikely that they would actually get this car into production. But I am quite hopeful that they will be able to get some good bits out of this concept.

The concept features of this car is kinda asymmetrical balanced and seems that the exterior design is more flexible and versatile as well,I like the fact that the haptic set of
wheels has its own way of sensor touch that respond the driver hand movements of driving.

Well, Its absolutely well made hybrid. I’m impress the over look exterior designs,Its new concept releases makes it the production growth.

The car looks great and for a sedan type its amazing. I just have a little complain about the performance of the car, its quite less powerful.

This one is really a future generation concept car. with its features that are more unique and truly intelligent, I hope it to be brought in to production in near future.

Well, even if it does not make it into the production line, this is still a good design study. There are many elements here that would really merit further studies.

Well, it’s just too bad that this one is going to be nothing more than purely a concept. And some of the elements here are not likely going to make it to production.

I am actually liking the whole asymmetrical dashboard concept, it actually makes the interior more we organized, as well as make it more manageable for the driver.

This one is actually looking good as a concept. Too bad though that only a few aspects of these would actually make it into the cars.

Aesthetically, I do admit that this car has an impressive outline. However, when it comes to engine performance, i think its kind of disappointing, because in the first place, I have a doubt on the reliability of electric cars. 

Well, since this one is a concept, we can be pretty sure that not all the things that you see here would be implemented in future models. But I am already starting to see the ones that are a must.

Wow, I actually like the way they did this one. The front is simply very unique and makes the whole car stand out. Too bad that it is still just a concept.

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