2012 Hyundai Genesis Prada Limited Edition

Technically, this is not the first time the Hyundai Genesis will be wearing Prada, but it seems that people enjoyed the whole collaboration between the Korean automaker and the Italian fashion house.

For this installment, Hyundai used a 2012 Genesis and is positioning it as one of the most luxurious models the company has ever built. Aesthetically, the Genesis Prada will be offered in three colors – Black Nero, Blue Baltico, and Brown Moro – and will include a host of other items, including distinguishable dark chrome accents, a new “shark-fin” antenna, a limited Genesis Prada badge and GP500 emblem, and a set of 19” alloy wheels. Inside, the Genesis Prada will be dressed with “Saffiano” leather – Prada’s signature top quality leather - upholstery with a piano black trim and a new rear entertainment system.

As for performance, the Genesis Prada will be powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 424 horsepower and 376 lb/ft of torque and is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Hyundai will be offering the Genesis Prada through customized personal orders. The initial plan is to have only 1,200 units of the car, distributed mostly in the Korean market with a limited number of models headed to the rest of Asia and the Middle East.


Wow! I bet the collaboration of Korean car and Italian fashion would be a big hit. The luxurious leather adds to the glossiness of this car. And the performance of this car is not disappointing.

The luxurious leather adds to the glossiness of this car. And the performance of this car is not disappointing. I think it could be line up with luxury cars like Roll Royce.

Who wouldn’t love to have this luxurious sedan? Well, I bet no one! Prada is absolutely looking very attractive on its over-all features, most specifically on its luxuriant interior, and I’m glad to hear that they are now using an impressive engine for their vehicle.

It really looks so striking on its sleek body paint, and it gives some classy and sophisticated looks on it, and I also noticed that the interior of this one was seems so cozy and comfortable.

The headlights gives the angst image of this Prada but I really don’t like the front of this one. I’m looking forward to see this in person.

Wow! A Prada car! smiley I really love this car, so classy on its sleek body paint and the interior is really so impressive on its cozy and comfortable amenities and the engine that it had can surely give a better performance on it.

Wow! A Hyundai Prada , I can’t wait for the production of this one, it is really such a good news for me even for the other buyers.

Wow! a Hyundai Prada , I can’t wait for this one, it is really such a good news for me even for the other buyers.

For a Sedan, I would say that it really has the sporty look and good performance. The spacious interior makes the car look elegant and luxurious. I hope they can create more of this even if it is a special edition.

Agreed. The styling of the car is quite impressive. It seems that the Prada has made the car to look more elegant. BTW, the awesomeness of this Korean car has captivated the Middle East as well.

Impressive! The styling of the interior of the car is quite amazing. The Prada has made the seats more elegant and luxurious. The exterior is great as well but the speed performance is kind of disappointing.

For a limited edition thing, I would say that this one is actually a bit on the plain side. I was hoping that they would include a lot of freebies, but I think I am just hoping too much.

Yeah, I would agree with you on that, the Genesis is so well designed, such that it would actually be able to fit in to any alterations that they pu to it.

Well, whichever company they do tie up to other companies with, the Genesis still has a lo0t of potential to sign on its own. Just take a look at this one.

Well back to the Genesis. I really like the black color that they have used for this one. And the engine specs are also quite good too, though not all that powerful.

Hahaha! Hyundai themed Prada bags, now those would certainly be quite on the extreme. But who knows, they might actually go through with that one, you really wouldn’t know what would happen on this setup.

I like the luxurious accent of this car. It feels like driving around a million dollar car
like Roll Royce! I just wonder of they could make a limousine type of car.

I agree to what you have said ettore_lombardi, it seems that what you have said have a great chance to happen since a lot of item like watches, bikes and their accessories were released by car manufacturer so I guess bags would be possible.

Hmm, Hyundai doing a Prada impersonation. Let me guess, Prada will release Hyundai themed bags sooner or later. Sometimes I really don’t understand these cross brand gimmicks.

The overall look of the car really doesn’t deviate that much from the regular version. But what I think is the biggest draw3 of this one is the accents and trimmings that they have added to it.

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