2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe by Re:Mix Lab

Every year at SEMA , Korean automaker Hyundai and Re:Mix Lab head over to Las Vegas to present a set of vehicles that have been revamped so extensively you’d probably mistake them for a different vehicle altogether.

Lo and behold, the 2012 SEMA Auto Show will be no different as the two companies are on their way to present a trio of cars at an after-hours party hosted by Re:Mix Lab. No, we’re not seeing these custom Hyundai’s at the SEMA show floor, but if you can get passes to the Re:Mix Lab after party, you might get a chance to see these bad boys in the flesh.

One of the car’s that has been customized is the Hyundai Genesis Coupe , a stunner of a sports car if we ever saw one. But Hyundai and Re:Mix Lab take it to a whole new level with a series of customizations for the Korean sports car.

Full details have yet to be revealed, but it appears, at least by looking at the photo, that the Genesis Coupe will carry a host of carbon fiber accents, a polished pearl white paint finish, matte black finishes on the grille and the roof, a new set of wheels, and a lowered suspension. Meanwhile, the interior also looks to have gotten new upholstered racing seats with a Terra Cotta leather trim dressing up the interior.

Look out for the Genesis Coupe by Re:Mix Lab at SEMA!


i guess you are right, i didn’t bother to look up the regular genesis. thanks, mate!

for the genesis model, prices start from 24.000$ and as far as power is concerned, it starts from 306 HP for the V6. so i guess that these numbers have to go up, right?

any rumors about the price tag?

i love the look of this car. it’s like it wants to eat you alive!

what are the specs for this car ?

you know those DIY kits that get you an awesome looking car with a not so good engine (like fords F40, whose engine was awesome but the kits can’t get close to that). if this hyundai was something like that (but i’m sure it isn’t) i still wouldn’t mind!

who ever thought a hyundai would ever look so good?

it looks good and it seems to have a welcoming inside. i think it’s gonna be a car worthy of buying!

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