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The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Dee Zee Edition probably won’t get the same buzz as some of the other Hyundai models at the 2012 SEMA Auto Show , but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get some love from us.

Built in collaboration with truck accessory company Dee Zee, the Santa Fe Sport Dee Zee Edition is a prime example of what the new 2013 Santa Fe is capable of becoming with the right mix of custom upgrades.

For this model, Dee Zee wanted to prop the Hyundai SUV as a versatile vehicle that you can take just about anywhere outside of the water. Be it the off-road or the trails, the Santa Fe Sport Dee Zee Edition is primed and ready for action, thanks to the slew of customizations Dee Zee put into it.

A black powder-coated aluminum front bumper bar gives the Santa Fe Sport not just a more menacing stance, but also protection from outside hubris that might victimize a standard type. There are also black power-coated aluminum sidesteps for easier access to and from the interior.

A black roof rack is also prominently featured, which in this case proudly displays the equipment you can bring with you on your outdoor excisions, including a bike rack and a kayak rack.

Finally, Dee Zee went and gave the Santa Fe Sport a new set of Giovanna wheels wrapped in Nitto tires.

Of all the offerings Hyundai is bringing to the 2012 SEMA Auto Show , this Genesis Coupe R-Spec , called "Mad Panda," is arguably the strangest of them all.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s strange in a good way, because we find it difficult to actually mess up an awesome sports car like the Genesis Coupe R-Spec. What really gets us is that the name actually fits the look of the car; this Genesis Coupe R-Spec really does look like a mad panda.

To their credit, Hyundai went off the rail with the comprehensive enhancements on the exterior, interior, and performance departments so that’s always a huge plus in our eyes.

In the end, we’re not casting any aspersions here because there’s an endearing, albeit a little gimmicky, quality to the "Mad Panda." However, in the end, this is still a Hyundai Genesis R-Spec under all that garb, and that’s more than fine us.

Find out more about the Hyundai Genesis Coupe R-Spec "Mad Panda" after the jump.

Hyundai has certainly tossed plenty of examples into the ring at the 2012 SEMA show and it has just unveiled another concept car. This new custom car sits on the base of a 2013 Hyundai Veloster , but Hyundai brought in famed car tuner, John Pangilinan, to help tweak it just a little bit.

The majority of the work done to this Veloster was to the body, interior, and sound system, which is pretty standard for SEMA. However, this is not to say that John P. and Hyundai just left the Veloster bone stock in the performance realm. This compact 4-door hatchback (three man doors and one hatch) received just enough engine modification to make it stand out and a tiny bit of suspension work to sure of the often-complained-about handling of the otherwise sporty Veloster.

At SEMA, the Veloster is up against the best of the best, however, so let’s have a look to see how Hyundai did with this project.

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If you thought that only muscle cars were the prime target for tuning packages destined for SEMA, you would be absolutely incorrect. Models like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe have also been equipped to turn some heads at the 2012 SEMA Show with some very impressive tuning packages. One of them belongs to the guys from FuelCulture - a website designed to make the research and buying process more effective and more efficient for the consumer.

Their project features a very cool Candy Apple Red paint finish and adds a few exterior updates that make the Genesis Coupe look even more aggressive. These additions include a new front bumper, a new carbon fiber trunk, a new rear lip, and new side skirts, as well as a rear kit that increases the car’s width by 50 mm. There is also a new set of 19" Rotiform IND wheels. Changes for the interior, have been kept to a minimum and include custom diamond stitched front and rear seats and door panels. There is also a new Rockford Fosgate audio system that will offer both the driver and the passengers the most amazing sound currently on the market.

Their Genesis Coupe Turbo Concept is powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine that delivers a total of 315 HP and 242 lbs-ft of torque. That’s quite an impressive update over the standard 274 HP. In order to obtain the extra power, they have added a new boost controller, worked on the ECU, and installed a new ARK DT-S exhaust system.

Hyundai and RE:MIX Lab have a long history of collaborations, including a number of offerings at the SEMA Auto Show . This year, the two companies are back at it again to introduce a special edition RE:MIX production Veloster that’s actually set to go on sale before the year ends.

While not as bombastic as some of their previous tie-ups , the special edition production Veloster does feature a number of modifications, including an aggressive sporty exterior appearance with a unique body kit, projector headlights with LED accents, rear LED taillights, fog lights, and a new set of 18" Unique gunmetal-finish alloy wheels.

Inside, the Veloster RE:MIX Edition carries a premium 450W Dimension audio system with 8 speakers and 8" subwoofers. Obviously, that’s part of the program considering that RE:MIX Lab is known for their celebration in the creativity of music. Other enhancements include a leather steering wheel and shift knob, an interior LED light kit, unique floor mats, and badges.

No engine upgrades were given to the Veloster RE:MIX Edition, which means that anybody interested in the car will have to "make do" with the Veloster’s 138-horsepower, 1.6-liter GDI DOHC 16-valve transverse-mounted inline 4-cylinder engine.

The revamped Veloster models are scheduled to hit Hyundai dealerships before winter and have been priced at $19,900 for the manual transmission model and $21,150 for the DCT model.

UPDATE 02/22/13: The Hyundai Veloster RE:MIX Edition has finally hit dealerships! Be sure to get your hands on one if you’re interested in the car!

Next to the ARK Performance’s Genesis unveiled at the 2012 SEMA Show, Cosworth also unveiled a pretty cool tuning package based on the Genesis Coupe .

Dubbed the "Cosworth Genesis Racing Series," Cosworth’s program for the Korean sports car sees plenty of upgrades, including custom satin and gloss blue bodywork that matches well with the carbon fiber components in the front bumper with integrated carbon fiber brake ducts, side skirt lip, front splitter, integrated trunk spoiler, and rear diffuser. There’s also a new set of custom Cosworth Edition wheels with logo and hood graphics that finish off the exterior modifications.

Moving on to the interior, Cosworth gave the Genesis Coupe with a two-tone interior treatment, two-tone sports seats, a new special steering wheel, a new shift knob, a shift boot, and pedals to the overall set-up.

Finally, there’s the engine modification, which includes a retuned ECU, an improved thermal management system, an optimization of the induction and exhaust systems, a new suspension set-up, enhanced engine control parameters, and new brakes. All told, the Cosworth Genesis Racing Series hits an increased output of 389 horsepower and 325 lb/ft of torque.

“The rear-drive Genesis Coupe is simply a great platform from which to build our ultimate Cosworth Genesis Racing Series street model,” Nicole Armbrustmacher, director of marketing, Cosworth Americas said.

UPDATE 10/31/2012: The Hyundai Genesis Coupe "Cosworth Genesis Racing Series" by Cosworth made its official debut at the 2012 SEMA Show. Check out the picture gallery to see a new set of high res images.

Hyundai is continuing to unveil their line-up for the 2012 SEMA Auto Show with the addition of an unbelievable Elantra GT developed in cooperation with Bisimoto Engineering. We say unbelievable because the tuning company has managed to scoff at the standard model’s modest 148 HP and juice up the engine to produce a mind-boggling 602 HP.

How did they achieve this amazing output? Bisimoto Engineering got to work adding Arias pistons, Bisimoto con-rods, a Turbonetics turbocharger, AEM water-methanol injection, and Bisimoto high-pressure injectors. As a result, the 1.8-liter “Nu” engine now delivers 602 galloping ponies for this little hatchback. In order to handle the extra power, the Elantra GT was also equipped with a new set of 18" wheels combined with a progress coilover suspension and sway bar.

Even though the engine upgrade is enough for any Elantra GT owner to drop significant cash on this investment, Bisimoto also added some exterior modifications to sweeten the pot. These mods include an ARK custom body kit and a Gatorwrap custom laminated body wrap. For the interior, the tuner added a JFN full roll cage, Bisimoto racing seats, and harnesses, all very much needed with the monstrous engine upgrade.

UPDATE 10/30/2012: The new Hyundai Elantra GT Concept by Bisimoto Engineering just made its official debut at the SEMA Show, so we have added a new set of images, a new video, and new details on this astonishing concept car.

Hit the jump for more details on the Hyundai Elantra GT Concept by Bisimoto Engineering.

In a not-so-surprising way, the Hyundai Veloster and its Turbo variant have both had a strong contingent at the 2012 SEMA Auto Show.

The Korean automaker’s sporty hatchback has become an aftermarket favorite since it was released and one performance parts manufacturer in particular, has set its sights on the Veloster for the second year in a row.

This year, ARK Performance came out to SEMA with a new take on the Veloster, called the "Alpine" Concept. It’s so named because ARK claims the car is catered for snow sports enthusiasts, in large part because of the focus to turn the Veloster into a winter-ready sports car.

The name itself says it all, but if there’s still any skepticism as to how this Veloster can be prepped as a snow-ready sports hatch, the addition of a Yakima Snowboard Rack and custom wind guard, OME SDS snowboard, bindings and boots, Reverb Rockers Snowboards, Gold Snowboards, Rally Armor mud flaps, Folsom boots, Memphis boots, Targa G3 bindings, and Strut G1 bindings are a pretty good indication. Finally, the car also received a new set of 18" Rays Gramlight 57Xtreme wheels painted in silver and wrapped in Nitto INVO 255/35/18 tires.

Meanwhile, the interior, with its JPM Coachworks “Alpine Edition” interior includes materials like leather, Alcantara, and WeatherTek breathable fabric also gives credence to the Alpine Concept name. Custom seats, a new steering wheel, a new instrument panel, an armrest, headliner, visors, and an NRG short hub and quick release were also added.

Most importantly, though, is the performance upgrade. ARK Performance installed a Nitrous Express Proton Kit to go with its very own ARK Veloster Turbo exhaust system, giving the Veloster Alpine a stout output of 232 horsepower and 240 lb/ft of torque, a significant increase from the production model’s 201-horsepower and 195 lb/ft of torque output.

UPDATE 10/31/2012: The new Hyundai Veloster "Alpine" Concept by ARK Performance made its official debut at the SEMA Show. Check out the new set of images in the picture gallery.

Last we checked, the SEMA Auto Show was in Las Vegas, right?

Apparently, a few cars slipped through the cracks and found themselves in other auto shows. Take this Hyundai Veloster Turbo for example.

Called the Veloster Street Concept, the car made its debut at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. Not exactly the first place you’d think of to see a debut like this. Having said that, the SEMA-like custom tuned car comes by way of Hyundai and local tuning company Concord Customs and to their credit, they modified the hilt out of this sports hatchback.

The first order of business was to dress up the body, and Hyundai and Concord Customs gave it a matte grey body finish to go with orange accents on the front spoiler, the side skirts, and rear diffuser. To give the car a little bit of added shine, the car also received a new set of 18" Tenso R V1 wheels wrapped in 215/40/18 tires. Other touches on the exterior include illuminated splitters on the front, side, and rear. There’s also a matte black roof spoiler and turbo-back twin exhausts to finish off the exterior mods.

Inside, the concept received the same color-matched details to go with new leather finishes all throughout the cabin. LED lighting is also prominently visible, as is a ridiculous high-end audio system with some serious digs in the form of fully integrated custom subwoofers and amplifiers providing an insane 8,650 watts of sound.

Beyond the cosmetics, the Veloster was also given a custom aluminum front-mounted intercooler, a Monza dual-port blow off valve, a sports air filter, and a new exhaust. There’s sure to be an improved output in there although Hyundai kept that number under wraps - for now.

Talking about the concept, Hyundai Australia Marketing Director Oliver Mann said: "Street Concept is an excellent example of the versatility of the brand and the potential for Hyundai to reach a broader audience."

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

When Hyundai and Kia strapped some boost to a 2.0-liter engine and bumped its output to over 270 horsepower , we took notice. Hyundai then released the all-new 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and we thought, “What’s going on here?” Now Hyundai and Kia are working on yet another turbocharged engine and it’s likely to turn heads and twist faces.

According to reports, at Hyundai-Kia’s International Powertrain Conference, the automakers confirmed that they are currently working on a turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine. The likely recipient of this new boosted V-6 engine is the next-generation Genesis .

This engine is expected to feature direct fuel injection and at least 350 ponies. With the combination of a turbocharger, direct fuel injection, and other creative engineering, Hyundai Hyundai -Kia expects this engine to get somewhere in the 33 mpg range. We’re not too sure which Genesis Hyundai is talking about, but we assume this would see use in the coupe model.

The existing Genesis 3.8 R-Spec uses a 3.8-liter V-6 that produces 348 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. With turbos being as effective as they are now, we would expect to see torque nearing 350 pound-feet at super-low rpm – maybe sub-2,000. That would make the Genesis quite the screamer. Given its existing 5.3-second sprint to 60 mph, we would anticipate that to drop near the 4.5-second range with the added horsepower and torque.

For now, this is all speculation and we don’t expect to see the next-gen Genesis Coupe until at least the 2016 model year, maybe even later. If Hyundai is planning on this engine going into the Genesis sedan , we could see it as early as 2014. That would be very upsetting to see this engine wasted in the sedan’s body…

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