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Can we start calling for an investigation on the water Porsche Exclusive designers and engineers are drinking over there in Stuttgart? Are we sure that it’s not spiked with powers that make those who drink it impervious to fatigue? I only ask because Porsche Exclusive has released another personalized creation, this time for the Cayenne S E-Hybrid SUV. I’m kidding about the performance-enhancing water (PEW, as I’d like to call it), because I really am extraordinarily impressed by the quality and efficiency by which these vehicles are made.

The Cayenne S E-Hybrid is a particularly difficult model to personalize, mainly because it’s bigger than the Cayman and Boxster programs we’ve seen in the past month. But Porsche Exclusive designers apparently didn’t have any trouble working on the Cayenne. The proof, after all, is in the pictures. The numerous Porsche options added to the Cayenne emphasizes its sporty and muscular appearance.

Porsche has made no indication on whether this Porsche Exclusive program for the Cayenne S E-Hybrid is reserved for a single buyer, just an example piece or about to go on sale.

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Toyota is releasing its own special-edition truck aimed at hunters, campers, fishers, and marine enthusiast who live in the Gulf States region of the U.S. Toyota and Bass Pro Shops have teamed up to build the 2015 Tundra Bas Pro Shops Off-Road Edition.

The truck includes some special features that set it apart from other Tundras. The crew-cab Tundra sits on 20-inch, matte-black wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires. Pocketed fender flares keep mud off the bespoke Silver paint, while a spray-in bed liner does the same for the cargo box. A stainless-steel exhaust tip and oval side steps, and custom Bass Pro Shops decals finish off the look. Bass Pro Shops-branded carpeted floor mats help protect the interior.

The Tundra is otherwise stock, still sporting that 5.7-liter, i-Force V-8 making 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission does the shifting, and an electronically controlled transfer case sends power to the front axle when traction becomes an issue.

The Bass Pro Shops Off-Road Edition Tundra will only be available in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas starting in October 2014. The truck will retail for $43,975.

Perhaps the most interesting incentive the truck carries is a “lifestyle package” from Bass Pro Shops worth approximately $1,000. Customers get to choose between fishing, hunting, camping, or marine gear to throw in their Tundra’s bed.

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Chevrolet has released yet another concept truck, only this time most of it will be available for purchase at a Chevy dealership. This is the Colorado Sport Concept and it showcases all the factory-available options for those with active lifestyles.

Since the Colorado’s cargo bed is on the shorter side, GM engineers devised this cargo management rack called the GearOn Accessory System. It gives the ability to haul larger items like mountain bikes, kayaks, or skis above the bed. In turn, that allows for open storage under the GearOn rack.

Chevrolet also included other items, such as a cargo divider, cargo tie-downs, side assist steps, mud flaps, and fender flares. Helping make the concept truck stand out is a set of black wheels currently being tested and evaluated for future production. Matte-black stripes give extra character to the Colorado’s hood.

The otherwise stock truck is outfitted with nearly all the options Chevy will offer on the Colorado, including MyLink with 4G LTE WiFi hotspot, Lane Departure Warning, and Forward Collision Alert.

Best of all, since Chevy is offering these add-on options from the dealer, they are included in the truck’s final price and can be included in financing. The accessories are even included in the truck’s warranty.

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The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show holds a very special place in our hearts, largely because it’s a different take on what an auto show traditionally is. Instead of debuting production cars or unveiling concept cars, SEMA is the place where automakers show off customized versions of their respective production models. This year, Scion was one of the first to unveil its SEMA plans when it released the first details on its SEMA-bound models, including the Slayer-inspired "Mobile Amp" tC sports coupe .

The Slayer Mobile Amp tC is far from a sheep wearing wolf’s clothing. It’s an all-out assault to your senses, a living (albeit on four wheels) embodiment of Slayer’s aggressive and style of music. The exterior and interior of the tC sports coupe received equal amounts of details attributed to Slayer. The car is currently being built by Mike Vu of MV DESIGNZ.

No official pictures have also been released, but I can already tell you that this program isn’t for the weak of heart. If I know Scion like I think I do, the company’s not going to settle for anything less than to make Tom Araya and the rest of the band proud to have their names attached to it.

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The Volkswagen Beetle holds a special place in the auto industry as one of the most recognizable cars in the world. The Beetle has evolved over the years and it’s even adopted a new design language that’s fit to the times. All of that is good but you’d be surprised that a lot of people still yearn for the Beetle of yesteryear. Well, Volkswagen heard your calls loud and clear because it’s unveiling a limited-edition Beetle Classic model that not only comes with plenty of retro touches, but also has a retro price tag! No, you can’t buy one for $500, which I assume the Beetle cost at one point in time, but you can get a Beetle Classic model for a price lower than the standard 1.8T automatic model.

The Beetle Classic will come in both coupe and convertible models. The Beetle Coupe Classic will go on sale in September 2014 with a price of just $20,195. The Beetle Convertible Classic isn’t expected to go on sale until the early part of 2015, but VW did say that it’s going to start at a price of $25,995.

Both models will also carry a 1.8-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine that produces 170 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. That’s good enough to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a speck under nine seconds to go with a top speed of about 115 mph.

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The Rolls-Royce Ghost usually isn’t the type of vehicle Novitec turns its attention to. It’s not a Ferrari; it’s not a Maserati; and last I checked, it’s not a Lamborghini either. But the Novitec Group now has a new tuning arm devoted exclusively to Rolls-Royce models. This new tuning arm is called Novitec Sporfec, which shouldn’t be confused with Novitec Rosso (Ferrari Ferrari ), Novitec Trident Trident e (Maserati Maserati ), and Novitec Torado (Lamborghini). It’s relatively new compared to the others, so it’s easy to see why some people were surprised to see this Rolls-Royce Ghost program.

Admittedly, I was one of those people but once my own surprise wore off, I looked a little closer at the new Ghost program and realized that Novitec Sporfec isn’t all that different from its brothers. For one, it goes to great lengths to develop in-house technology for its programs. It also uses these advancements to develop unique programs that provides across-the-board improvements on the vehicles it works on.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a perfect example of that. The list of upgrades are comprehensive with new components for every element of the British luxury sedan. This meticulous attention-to-detail has earned Novitec our praise in the past. With this new Sporfec division for Rolls-Royce models, I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

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The Chevrolet Tahoe is receiving a new round of special upgrades, thanks to the launch of the Z71 package. Fans of the Tahoe will immediately recognize the "Z71" designation as Chevrolet’s long-used order code for off-road goodies earmarked for its lineup of SUVs and trucks.

The Z71 has actually been around longer than most people expect. It first appeared in 1988 and has since become a staple for the company’s big-boy models in much the same way the Z/28 package has become synonymous with the Chevrolet Camaro.

This year, Chevrolet’s bringing back the Z71 for its all-new Tahoe and Suburban models. It’s actually been a while since we last saw a Tahoe Z71, but with an all-new Tahoe now available, it seemed like the perfect time to dust off the Z71 package to help introduce the new Tahoe to the world.

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I used to have a lot of love for the Subaru Outback. I owned one for a while, and it was one of the best cars I have ever possessed. All Subaru’s have a very special feel about them, like they are built for a purpose. They are a bit rough, a little uncouth, but that is what makes them special. There is this feeling that they will really take you over any terrain, and that they will never cease to function. Nothing quite drives or feels like a Subaru. But then my Outback died, and I have since moved on.

Now, despite this great drive, Subaru has long been lambasted for creating cars that are too poorly built, too uncomfortable and too unrefined. Now with the introduction of the all-new 2015 Outback, Subaru is promising that all those woes have been corrected and it is promising more power and fuel economy to boot. Is this new machine good enough to make me get rid of my Volkswagen go back to Subaru? Has Subaru managed to fix all its issues while maintaining that special feel and attitude that has defined the brand for decades? My Outback was a 2000 model; what has Subaru managed in 15 years over three more generations?

I spent seven days and more than 500 miles beating the new Outback on-road and off to see if it still had that special magic.

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Mercedes will likely not run out of models to give "Edition 1" labels to. The German automaker continues to build new models, so naturally, more Edition 1 models are expected to come out of the woodwork, too. Now, Autocar is reporting that Mercedes is actually bringing a new Edition 1 model to the 2014 Paris Motor Show. But this isn’t your usual Edition 1 model; this is the Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1. Business is about to pick up, ladies and gentlemen.

Mercedes has yet to reveal details surrounding the Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1. Fortunately, Autocar was able to get its hands on some photos of what looks like the AMG Edition 1. One thing I can tell you is that this model looks a little different from the GT and GT S models we all saw earlier this in September. Take a closer look and you’ll notice a lot of carbon-fiber additions, particularly on the front air ducts, and the lower outer edges of the front bumper.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1 also reportedly comes with a prominent fixed rear wing and a set of 10-spoke alloy wheels. I counted myself and yes, those wheels have 10 spokes on them.

I’m not expecting the GT Edition 1 to come with an engine upgrade because none of the Edition 1 models before it came with one. That’s okay, because the AMG GT still packs a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo, V-8 engine that produces an impressive 510 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough to propel the sports car from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.9 seconds to go with a top speed of 189 mph.

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Launched at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the McLaren 650S replaced the four-year-old MP4-12C, the company’s first production car since the F1 supercar. Available in both coupe and roadster guises, the sports car gets its oomph from McLaren’s award-winning, twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V-8. Although it lacks the P1’s tuning and electric motor, the mill cranks out 640 horses and 500 pound-feet of torque, making the 650S quicker than its Ferrari - and Lamborghini -badged competitors. Going into the 2015 model year, the Brits are rolling out more versions of the 650S. Now that the GT3 and the Sprint have completed the manufacturer’s motorsport-purposed lineup, Woking is introducing a road-legal iteration specifically tailored for the Asian market.

Dubbed 625C, with "C" standing for "Club", this "new" 650S-based rig represents McLaren’s idea of a sports car that focuses on day-to-day usability and comfort without compromising the performance and race-bred feel of the original car. The 625C also marks McLaren’s first effort toward growing its presence globally. Read on for the full details.

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