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Nitrous is a slang term for nitrous oxide (N2O), commonly used by drag racing classes like Pro Street, Top Sportsman, and Pro Mod. Nitrous oxide is an oxidizing agent used to increase an engine’s power output by allowing for faster burning of a fuel (usually gasoline). Nitrous can be used with alcohol in the mud racing categories.

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The camshaft is an apparatus used in piston engines to operate poppet valves. It consists of a cylindrical rod running the length of the cylinder bank with a number of oblong lobes or cams protruding from it, one for each valve. The cams force the valves open by pressing on the valve, or on some intermediate mechanism, as they rotate.

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The carburetor, carburettor, or carburetter also called carb (in North America) or carbie (chiefly in Australia) for short, is a device that mixes air and fuel for an internal combustion engine. It was invented by Hungarian scientists Donát Bánki and János Csonka in 1893. Carburetors are still found in small engines and in older or specialized automobiles such as those designed for stock car racing. However, fuel injection, first introduced in the late 1950s and first successfully commercialized in the early 1970s, is now the preferred method of automotive fuel delivery. The majority of motorcycles still are carburated due to lower weight and cost, but as of 2005 many new models are now being introduced with fuel injection.

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The Direct-Shift Gearbox (Direktschaltgetriebe) is a dual-clutch gearbox designed by BorgWarner and initially licenced to Volkswagen Volkswagen Group (which owns the Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Bentley Bentley , Bugatti Bugatti , Lamborghini Lamborghini , and Škoda brands). By using two clutches, fast shifts can be achieved, and the torque converter of a regular automatic transmission is eliminated.

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We’ve all heard of the ABS, but I don’t know how many know how it works and what is it’s purpose. In this article, I will try to explain as clearly as I can how the ABS concept works, what are its components and what are the ups and downs.

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The airbag is a relatively new accessory implemented in cars. Originally designed and conceived for airplanes the inflating system was adopted by automakers also. It’s role is to generate more safety for the driver and other occupants of a car in case of a collision.

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If you are a future first car owner on a limited student budget, if you search for a bargain- present-vehicle for your mother-in-law’s birthday or if you just don’t want to spend more than $20,000 on a car you can find a quick answer to your quest in our special <$20,000 buyer’s guide. Here you can find a “Top 3” for every vehicle class, showing you, which are the best and most popular vehicles for this price range along with detailed information to sustain your choice.

V-type engines, In-line engine, Flat-engines, rotary or electrical engines... You know them all, you know how they look, that they do, what’s their power, which maker what use. But do you know how it all started? When it all started?

Summer has just begin, you may stil not know where do you want to go. And probably you think that America has not enough beauty so you can spend an unforgetable vacation. Well you are not right. First we told you about Blue Ridge Parkway. Now we will try to talk a little bit about Hana Highway.

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