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Honda Civic GX

The natural gas-powered Civic GX , stood first in the list of American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) ’Greenest Vehicles of 2008’. The Civic GX wins this award for the fifth consecutive year making it the most eco-friendly car available to the public. Three other Honda vehicles that featured in the list were the gasoline powered Civic , Fit and Civic Hybrid , which made up one-third of the cars.

Introduced in 1998, the Civic GX, is the cleanest internal combustion vehicle certified by the EPA, and is 90% cleaner than the average gasoline-powered car on the road today. Equipped standard with a 5-speed automatic transmission, its 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine delivers 113 horsepower and 109 ft-lbs of torque while meeting federal Tier 2-Bin 2 and ILEV zero evaporative emission certification standards and carries the "Cleanest on Earth" title.

"Honda continues to set the standard for socially and environmentally-responsible automotive products and our commitment to alternative fuels will further expand with the zero emissions FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle coming to market this summer," stated John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda.

The entire list of eco-friendly winners for 2008:













Source: Green cars
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VW Touareg in army costumes

It could pull a Boeing 747 weighing 190 tonnes with ridiculous ease(almost) . It got a lot of praise from all of those who went off-roading in it for the first time. The V10 comes with a 5.0-liter diesel engine producing 310 hp and 533 ft-lbs of torque(enough to restart a dead planet?!)

So its rugged, its fuel efficient, its powerful and reliable. All these characteristics belong to a Hummer or a Jeep used in military applications. VW has taken some time to realize that and have come out with their new, rugged and not-so-marvelous-looking Touareg Military Edition. Its mean and its green.

The green paint has sunk the chrome and premium communications systems, recovery hooks and a machine gun has been thrown in. The idea here is to give the military officials a look at VW’s potential when it comes down to preparing vehicles which will help soldiers do their routine job. The military presently uses Merc’s G class cars which are aging and need replacements or companions. There are plenty of fitments in the exterior, and who here knows what they are for?

Source: VW Vortex
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ICSI and Diamler to manufacture turbochargers

Germany’s automotive spearhead Diamler, have inked a pact with Japanese components maker IHI Charging Systems International (ICSI). The companies will come together and manufacture turbochargers for petrol and diesel engines.

The plant will be set up at Arnstadt in eastern Germany which will provide employment for 400 people. IHI Charging Systems International (ICSI) holds the majority stake in the deal.

Turbochargers are air pumps which force air into the inlet manifold at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. They capitalize on the wasted energy of the exhaust gases for their functioning and in turn increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine. This partnership will turn out to be very useful for Mercedes-Benz as their future turbos might be developed and manufactured in this facility at a lower cost.

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The wait is over! Bugatti spokesperson Julius Kruta confirmed their interests in making the next Veyron. Speaking to Emirates Business 24/7, Kruta said the next Veyron will be more expensive and better in all aspects compared to the existing one.

“Even though it is not economically viable for us, we will do it again. We have bigger plans for the future and the next one from our stables will be even more expensive than the Veyron,”
added Kruta, expressing the company’s hardships in creating a supercar.

This is not the first time Bugatti has shown interests in making another supercar. Project Lydia made news earlier this month, a concept that was intentionally planned to bring back the ’fastest car manufacturer’ title to Bugatti. Last year, there was news about the Veyron Targa , which is a convertible version of the Veyron, and prototypes were already into the testing stage then.

With other supercar makers willing to take the diesel plunge, its only a matter of time before we see a spy shot or a news bit on a Bugatti diesel. What say?

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Tata developing Electric Vehicle with Chrysler for U.S

Tata Motors earned International attention when it unveiled its small car Nano , earlier this month in New Delhi. Tata Motors is credited for continuously creating new market segments in India and all its attempts have been fruitful so far.

The Tata Ace project was one such low-cost exercise by them to give the nation a tiny truck, a concept only a company like Tata Tata Motors could come up with. It was a run away success and the truck sells like hot cakes for its incomparable strengths which are reliability, running costs and the immense loads that it can haul effortlessly.

The popular workhorse from India could well be on its way to serve people in the United States. According to Reuters, Tata has struck a deal with Chrysler LLC to make an electric version of the mini truck for the United States. Tata will work in partnership with Chrysler’s Global Electric Motorcars Division to develop this vehicle.

Reuters also quotes an unnamed Tata spokesman saying: "We are indeed exploring the feasibility of a vehicle on the Ace platform with an electric engine suitable for the U.S., in collaboration with a U.S. company. But it is premature at this stage to give any details."

In India, the Ace comes with a 700 cc indirect-injection diesel engine which gives out 16 horsepower and 38 Nm torque. The specifications of the vehicle can be seen here


Source: Wired
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When drifting stormed into America’s race tracks and parking lots a few short years ago, enthusiasts on both sides of our border took notice. It was September 2003 when Japanese sanctioning body, the D1 Grand Prix, held the first stateside drifting event in Irwindale, California in front of a frenzied packed house. Formula Drift (a.k.a. Formula D) soon joined the party with a competing series of its own – this one featuring more homegrown talent than the D1 – that’s fast growing into an (...)

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