Infiniti GT-R

Infiniti GT-R

The world of high-end prototype endurance racers has gotten a lot more interesting in the last year. While Audi has dominated the podium for the last few years at Le Mans, Toyota and Porsche have now returned to challenge the reign of the four rings.

Well Nissan has also announced that starting with the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans , it will also be looking to dethrone the king, and they are using the GT-R badge to lead the charge.

Now one quick look at the photo above will reveal that this is not a GT-R in the traditional sense. That profile looks a lot like every other LMP1 car, but I would expect the car to use a modified version of the GT-R powertrain and AWD system. Remember that 800 horsepower hybrid GT-R rumor ? This may be what sparked it.

As it stands, we have absolutely zero information on what the car looks like, sounds like or any specifications, but needless to say it will be fast.

Keep your eyes here. We will have all the details as soon as we can get them. In the mean time we have included the video of the announcement and some information about Nissan’s other current GT-R cars after the break.

Watch announcement video after the break.

Is there an Infiniti GT-R in our future?

This isn’t the first time we hear about a possible Infiniti GT-R model. In fact, this rumor took root as soon as the Nissan GT-R was launched back in 2008, and has resurfaced numerous times since then. Now, it’s making another appearance. According to British magazine CAR, Infiniti may offer a GT-R version after all, hinted by Francois Bancon, Head of Advanced Planning for Infiniti in Tokyo. He stated that the GT-R platform is too good to use for only one model. In fact, he said that the company is taking under consideration ’three or four’ proposals and that an Infiniti GT-R is one of them.

If the decision does lie with the Infiniti GT-R, it would need to counteract the Nissan GT-R’s power with sophistication: "It would have to be softer than the GT-R. And that’s extremely difficult to do. You can’t easily tweak the GT-R to deliver the sophisticated, more refined performance we would need on an Infiniti."

A final decision on the Infiniti GT-R will be made in the next two or three years and, if chosen, a production version should arrive in the next five years.

Source: CAR

We’ve heard this rumor for a few years now, but nothing seemed to get any traction apart from the cursory whispers here and there. Well, if you take Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn’s recent word for more than just a grain of salt, it does open the door a little in seeing a GT-R version for Infiniti down the road.

Now, like we said, this isn’t the first merry-go-round we’ve ridden with regards to a proposed Infiniti GT-R and Ghosn stopped short of saying that there will be, in fact, a car that’s going to be built. But as the glass-half-full optimists that we are, the words that came out of the mouth Nissan’s CEO during a recent interview with Car Magazine were like music to our ears.

During the interview, Ghosn told Car that it would be easy to build an Infiniti GT-R because the "technologies developed for Nissan are all in place and is at the disposal of its sister company, Infiniti."

"The idea makes sense," he said. "The technology is here; the platform is here. It’s a great car, the GT-R. Is it a project now? No. But I don’t want to give you the impression we’ll never do that. But I don’t want you to think that it’s coming in the next two to three years either."

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Source: Car Magazine

Last week we reported that Infiniti will bring a four-door model based on the Nissan GT-R and today we bring you the first rendering created by our designer especially for TopSpeed. Set to compete with models like Porsche Panamera and BMW M5, the Infiniti Gt-R will be launched in 2010 and will be priced aground $100,000.

The Infiniti GT-R will drop the current twin-turbo V6 engine and will use the less exclusive 5.0-liter V8 from the Infiniti FX50 SUV. This will provide an output of 420hp and will help the car to make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in about five seconds.

The GT-R sedan will also feature TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system with four-corner readout), ABS with EBD (electronic brake-force distribution), TCS (traction control system) with VDC (vehicle dynamic control), LDW (lane departure warning that beeps); LDP (lane departure prevention through selective brake application); and ICC (intelligent cruise control) with DCA (distance control assist) that maintains following distances at speed, plus IBA (intelligent brake assist).

When it was first announced that the Nissan GT-R would come to the U.S., it was expected to be a part of Nissan’s higher-priced Infiniti brand. Now as rumors about a four-door GT-R are heating up again, AutoExpress is reporting that the family GT-R will be launched in 2011 and will come flying the Infiniti flag.

The future four-door Infiniti GT-R is expected to compete with models like Porsche Panamera and BMW M5 , and it uses the same four-wheel-drive chassis and twin-clutch gearbox as the GT-R coupe.

This is not going to just be a GT-R with a few extra doors. The car will feature a longer wheelbase and will be more oriented on luxury than performance. Gone is the custom built twin-turbo V6. Instead it’s rumored the GT-R sedan will get the less exclusive 5.0-liter V8 from the Infiniti FX50 SUV . It should still be good for 420hp and a 0 to 60 time of about five seconds.

Source: AutoExpress
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For those folks who don’t know, Seibon is a manufacturer specialized in producing carbon-fiber accessories, such as hoods, trunk lids, fenders and lip spoilers. It seems that the guys from Seibon liked the new Nissan GT-R and due to this they decided to create few carbon-fiber accessories for it.

Seibon releases carbon-fiber accesories for the Nissan GT-R

The manufacturer released today a new hood and a new trunk, both made out of dry carbon-fiber. In our opinion the parts would really look awesome if they had the “glossy” look of the carbon-fiber not the “dry” look! What’s your opinion?

We’ve already brought you plenty of information on the possibility of an Infinity version of the new Nissan GT-R Nissan GT-R , also the possibility of a four-door version, but now the rumors are being combined. Stories about a two-door version Infiniti GT-R started to circulate long time ago, and it seems a four-door version may also be in the works.

The four-door Infiniti GT-R will be powered by the same 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 "VR38" engine found in the Nissan GT-R, but the output will be raised to 500 hp. This could be a very serious competitor for the Cadillac CTS-V and even possibly the Aston Martin Rapide.

Source: GT-R Blog

Is not the first time you hear about this: Nissan is working on a four-door version of the 2009 GT-R. It will be sold under the Infiniti badge starting 2010.

A source told AutoExpress, "Launching new cars these days is all about recouping investment costs. Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn wouldn’t have approved the GT-R if its hi-tech chassis and transmission were not going to be used in some way in other models – including products from Infiniti and [sister firm] Renault. It’s the only way of making it pay. So building a performance Infi-niti saloon is perfect business sense."

The 4-doors GT-R is internally known as the R50. It will be powered by a choice of two powerplants. Most obvious is the GT-R’s 473bhp twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 – although they may be forced to use the 5.0-litre V8 unit recently unveiled in Infiniti’s all-new FX50 SUV. That’s because Nissan Nissan produces the GT-R’s engine by hand – output is only 50 a day, which would be nowhere near enough to supply Infiniti, too.

Source: AutoExpress

There were first rumors saying that the GT-R will be badged Infiniti. Now after it was launched, and turned out to be a Nissan after all, the company confirmed there will also be a Infiniti version of the GT-R.

The decision was made in an effort to consolidate Infiniti’s place on the sports-car market.

The 2010 Infiniti GT-R will be powered by the same 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 "VR38" engine found in the Nissan GT-R, but the output will be raised to 500 hp.

Stay tuned, more details will follow. At the moment, the company only confirmed the existence of the model.

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