2010 Infiniti G37 Anniversary Edition

If there’s anything the auto industry has taught us – or in any other aspect of life, for that matter – it’s that time flies faster than you think. That’s especially true now because Infiniti is celebrating its 20th anniversary in US soil this year. That’s right; 20 years.

To celebrate this milestone achievement, the Nissan-owned brand is releasing three special edition models of the G37 – a coupe version, a sedan, and a convertible. This special edition models will be limited to 350 units for the sedans and 200 units for the coupe and convertible. Prices range from $43,350 to $54,900.

The special edition comes with a 3.7-liter V6 engine and 7-speed automatic transmission, Premium and Navigation Packages, Sport Package and 4-Wheel Active Steer.

The cars also come painted in a new Graphite Shadow exterior color and is distinguished by special aluminum-alloy wheels, W-rated summer performance tires, Midnight Black grille, unique front chin spoiler or front fascia, sport side sills (Coupe and Convertible) and rear spoiler (except Convertible).

We didn’t really know that Infiniti was celebrating the big 2-0 in the US until we did some checking. But now that we do, we’d like to toast them for this special milestone. Cheers to you Infiniti!

Press release after the jump.

Press release

While every 2010 Infiniti G Sedan, Coupe or Convertible seems special to those who design, engineer, manufacture or market them – and also to their owners – Infiniti has just released four new G Anniversary Editions that stand apart from every other Infiniti G Infiniti G ever created. These uniquely equipped Anniversary G37s, built in commemoration of Infiniti’s 20th anniversary, will be available in very limited numbers – 350 G Sedans and 200 each for the G Coupe and G Convertible. They are scheduled to go on sale at Infiniti retailers nationwide in mid-April.

Infiniti G37 Anniversary Edition

“These unique and very limited editions represent what Infiniti is all about – Inspired Performance,” said Ben Poore, vice president, Infiniti Business Unit. “Building on the popularity of the Monaco Red Leather and special Red-toned Maple interior that helped launch the G Convertible, the Anniversary Editions add a number of new styling touches that will make them instantly recognizable on the showroom floor and on the road.”

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP)* for the four available 2010 Infiniti G Anniversary Editions are:

  • G37 Sedan Anniversary Edition $43,350 USD
  • G37 Sedan AWD Anniversary Edition $43,550 USD
  • G37 Coupe Anniversary Edition $50,550 USD
  • G37 Convertible Anniversary Edition $54,900 USD
Infiniti G37 Anniversary Edition

The Anniversary Editions are based on the G Sedan Journey and AWD, G Coupe Journey and G Convertible and come standard with a 3.7-liter V6 engine and 7-speed automatic transmission. Premium and Navigation Packages are included on all of the Anniversary Editions.

The Anniversary Edition Sedans and Coupe also receive the Sport Package and 4-Wheel Active Steer (not available on Sedan AWD). The Convertible is offered with the highly desirable climate-controlled seats.

Each Anniversary Edition comes in a new Graphite Shadow exterior color that was just added for 2010, with the interiors appointed with Monaco Red Leather. The Coupe and Convertible interiors are accented with special Red-toned Maple and the two Sedans have the new Shodo-finish aluminum trim.

Other Anniversary Edition equipment includes special aluminum-alloy wheels, W-rated summer performance tires, Midnight Black grille, unique front chin spoiler or front fascia, sport side sills (Coupe and Convertible) and rear spoiler (except Convertible). The Coupe also receives an updated rear fascia.

Infiniti G37 Anniversary Edition

“We wanted to ensure that the G Anniversary Editions are the sportiest and most distinctive Infinitis offered,” added Poore. “Though they won’t arrive until April, we wanted to release pricing early to allow interested buyers to reserve the Anniversary Sedan, Coupe or Convertible of their choice before they are all gone.”


Well, Infiniti a luxury car that offers a great deal. Their styling seems to be sporty and luxurious though the technology is kind of outdated. I prefer they will used a av8 technology.

Infiniti is one of those company that released car after one another. However, when got to debut a car, for sure it would be an instant hit just like the G37. I’m glad to know that its celebrating its anniversary its just a proof on how popular is this car.

I love this car. Its better looking than the 3 series but just as athletic.

It cost too much considering it’s not in the level of a Benz or Porsche. Better check other models with low price but totally cool in exterior and interior.

Sheesh, I have a 10th Anniversary Q45 and that was reasonably priced (Hell, you got REAL Wood!) Even though I’m a Nissan-head, this is overpriced.

That will be a pretty good car then specially if it is on limited edition. I wonder how those 3 cars are different editions though anyhow, the price range of 40 to 55 grand seems a little bit steep but since they are limited editions, I hope that its worth it in other terms too like performance and durability.

Oh yea, Infiniti is celebrating by charging more for something that is not exclusive at all. Yes its a nice car for 35k but 40s forget it.

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