2011 Infiniti Etherea

While we may have been unduly harsh towards the Infiniti Etherea leading up to its big unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, it wasn’t for a lack of opinion, as we most certainly are entitled to ours. But now that all the teaser images have come to pass and we finally get a good, long look at Infiniti’s new concept car, we’re going to stick to our guns and say that the Infiniti Etherea concept (and not Etheria as it was rumored) should get some more fine-tweaking.

As a compact luxury model that previews Infiniti’s future entry-level model geared towards the younger population, we understand the direction the company is looking into by offering an aggressive-looking car to cater to an aggressive and young market.

"ETHEREA is about a new type of luxury for younger buyers," said Toru Saito, Corporate Vice President and Leader of the Global Infiniti Business Unit. "It is not just a smaller version of a typically conservative and traditional luxury car."

Sure thing, boss. Let’s just hope that the production version of this wild child concept looks a lot tamer and more evenly proportioned.

UPDATE 03/01/11

: This review has been updated with the Etherea’s full specs, as well as new images.


Infiniti Etherea

In their press release, Infiniti pretty much described the Etherea in the following words: "ETHEREA can be summed up as a four-door coupe with five-door practicality – a hatchback that doesn’t look like a hatchback."

Paradoxes notwithstanding, we’re glad that we’re not the only ones confused by the Etherea’s overall design. Measuring 4.4 meters long, the Etherea somehow combines the elements of a coupe, a sedan, a hatchback, and even a crossover in one highly confused vehicle. Not that we don’t enjoy the car’s multiple personality problem, but if the Japanese luxury arm of Nissan has any hope of selling the car to the younger demographic, they might try and be a little less schizophrenic with the design.

Infiniti Etherea

To be fair, the Etherea does have some redeeming qualities to it, including high-tech interpretations of traditional Japanese materials and finishes, including the crescent-shaped C-pillar, which we first saw on the Infiniti Essence concept.

There are also a number of distinctive Infiniti styling cues on the concept, including those headlights that incorporate LED daytime running lights formed like a crescent to accentuate the brand’s so-called ’face’. These particular headlights are set to become a staple for future Infiniti models, for better or for worse.


Infiniti Etherea

Fortunately, the confusion of the Etherea’s exterior detail is mitigated by the concept’s lavish and upscale interior. Inside the Etherea is a spacious four-seat cabin that has been stamped with Infiniti’s expertise on luxury while at the same time featuring a futuristic control lay-out. Keeping up with its free-flowing, ease-of-access machinations, the Etherea comes with an H-point, which is expected to be higher than what other compact luxury cars offer, and four wide-opening doors that have been rear-hinged at the back and, together with the noticeable absence of a B-pillar, to offer spacious freedom that customers always enjoy.

Infiniti Etherea

While the concept’s control layout can best be described as "driver centric", the passengers aren’t left hanging and fighting for scraps. The center of the concept’s dashboard has two screens that can be used by both front seat occupants. The dashboard dials just in front of the driver appears to go by the name of "Hamon", which apparently refers to "the ripples on a pond that radiate outward when a pebble is thrown into the water". Looking closer at how the dials were designed, it appears that they come away with the same aesthetic feeling as the dials radiate outward from the central tachometer.

As for the brand’s attempt in keeping some of its Japanese heritage on the concept, Infiniti did a nice job using ’Kumihimo’, a kimono-inspired piping on the seats, and ’Inuyarai’, the illuminating vertical strips found on the inside of the doors. The concept vehicle also has a new trim, which Infiniti is calling the ’Kasane-Washi’, which is based on the parchment paper-style finish known as ’Washi’.


Infiniti Etherea

A redeeming factor for the Etherea Concept is the supercharged 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine it has under its hood. The said powertrain translates to an output of 245 horsepower and is mated to a hybrid drive system and piped through a continuously variable (CVT) transmission.


Infiniti Etherea

Infiniti didn’t release any prices for the Etherea Concept because it’s, well, a concept. There might even be a possibility that the Etherea Concept is nothing more than just an "exploration" concept and will only be used as a basis for future entry-level Infiniti production models. But in the event that, somehow, it does end up in production, you can expect it to hit a range of somewhere in the $35,000 range.


Infiniti Etherea

For the sake of competition, we’re going to pair the Etherea up with its ’oddly-configured’ crossover brethren, the Nissan Juke . Sure, they might be a disparity in target segments between the two, not to mention a powertrain advantage for the Etherea, but then again, both these models come from the same world, so by default, a comparison is warranted.

For all of the Juke’s aesthetic quirkiness, the crossover does come with an impressive line-up of engines, with the most potent being Nissan’s new turbocharged MR16DDT engine - complete with technologies like direct injection - that delivers a total output of 190 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque. It’s not as powerful as the 245 ponies under the Etherea’s bonnet, but to the Juke’s advantage, it’s already being sold in markets all over the world whereas the Etherea, despite having a pretty spectacular interior detail to compensate for the highly-confusing exterior look, may not even see the lights of the production line.

Advantage: Juke.

Infiniti Etherea
  • Spacious Interior
  • Technologically sufficient
  • Powerful engine
  • Pupu platter-style design doesn’t work
  • Fascia looks like a tired, old cat
  • Might not be translated into a production car


I find the interior of this, etherea is so classy. The headlights are so snob for me, don’t waste this concept Infiniti. When will you bring this pretty car on production? I can’t wait for that.

I just only love the spacious interior and the design of the headlamps of this car. The other specs is not really impressive at all. 

The angst of this 2010 Infiniti Etherea was in the front and how the doors open. I love how the door of this car will open. It’s cool plus it has a spacious interior that would surely give you comfortable.

I’ll accept the powerful engine, especially the spacious interior, I think it’s like driving in luxury. CHAMP_A_TRADUIRE_D

Etherea is making its bossy in its way on the road, Aside from its well proportioned body works out capable also in its high performance ability.

Is it only me, or does the Etherea’s headlights look like an eagle’s eyes? But I do like the look of of the instrument panel, which is quite elegant.

Yup, there needs to be a lot more work to be done on the Etherea. While it does have its nice point, there is still something missing to tie these up into a neat package.

This is rather kind of dull looking when compared to other large cars. And what’s with those cat eye looking headlights? Good thing that this one has a great engine under the hood.

Another one of those executive cars. But this one actually has lots of nice touches to it. Love the way the doors are configured, which allows for easier access. And the fact that it is spacious is a good bonus.

This would win hands down (or actually up) as the ugliest car ever produced!

This is so ugly....and it looks allot like the orks from "The lord of the rings"!!! I bet they would get one!

WHAT??????????????? is Infiniti serious??? I see the stocks plummeting..............this is garbage

positively Hooruibleeeeeee

this is a joke, looks like a fish...out of the water !

I hope they put this one back in the drawer and don’t even think to apply any of the design cues anywhere on their lineup.

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