2011 Infiniti JX Concept

Infiniti is preparing to enter a new market segment with the launch of the JX crossover, a 7-seater luxury model. The vehicle officially made its official debut at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance with the production version scheduled to be revealed in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show. That being said, the vehicle won’t be going on sale until Spring 2012 as a 2013 model.

Like we said before, Infiniti hasn’t dished out any extravagant details for their new SUV model, but they have confirmed that the JX will have three rows of seats with room for seven passengers. The crossover’s exterior design will follow along the lines of the Infiniti Essence Concept revealed at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and the interior will feature the next generation of Infiniti’s telematics and infotainment technology.

"There aren’t a lot of choices for luxury families today. The all-new Infiniti JX is the 7-passenger antidote to the ho-hum luxury crossovers that are out there right now," said Ben Poore, vice president of Infiniti Americas.

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Official Unveiling at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2011


Infiniti JX Concept

The hype surrounding the Infiniti JX Concept centered on the assertion that it would bring some much-needed spice to an otherwise bland 7-passenger, luxury crossover market.

After seeing what all the fuss was about, it’s safe to say that Infiniti just might have something special on their hands.

The first thing that gets your attention when it comes to the JX Concept is the similarities it shares with the design language of the Infiniti Essence Infiniti Essence Concept while also carrying some hints of original styling. The new front grille is large and wide, exuding an imposing presence on the vehicle’s front profile. The ’angry’ headlight design also doesn’t do anything to sway the JX Concept as a timid crossover with no flavor while the crescent-cut D-pillar is a fresh design take on an otherwise forgotten part of the crossover.

"The three-row luxury crossover segment is one of the fastest growing among all luxury vehicle segments, providing a huge opportunity for Infiniti," explained Infiniti Americas Vice President Ben Poore.

"And like every segment Infiniti enters, we plan to shake up the status quo – with a vehicle that is guaranteed to instantly become the new benchmark for style, hospitality, roominess, advanced telematics and safety technologies."


Infiniti JX Concept

The true calling card for the Infiniti JX Concept lies in the interior, where it more than lives up to its promise of providing class-leading space for all of its passengers.

The crossover comes with three rows of seats with the 2nd row seat designed to tilt and slide forward providing exceptionally easy 3rd row access. Even the 3rd row of seats, usually cramped spaces that don’t do a whole lot for comfort, has been been given "adult-sized room for all occupants and five-and-a-half inches of 2nd row forward-back adjustability."

The JX also carries some new technology, including the Blind Spot Intervention and the just-launched Back-Up Collision Intervention. The latter provides computer assistance to the driver by detecting crossing objects behind the car and in the event of imminent collision, the system acts and automatically engages the brakes even without the driver doing anything about it.

Other technological features added to the JX Concept include a 14-speaker Bose Studio Surround sound system with Waveguide bass technology, an advanced Infiniti Connection Telematics system that automatically syncs the owner’s calendar with GPS responsibilities, and the new Infiniti Personal Assistant.


Infiniti JX Concept

Despite breaking cover at Monterey, Infiniti has yet to reveal production details of the crossover, opting to spill all the beans at the LA Auto Show in November. Nevertheless, the word is that the JX will carry a powerful V6 engine that can either be customized for front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The JX will also carry some firsts for Infiniti, most notably the use of a sport-tuned, fuel-efficient continuously variable transmission.


Infiniti JX Concept

No word on the pricing either, but rest assured, everything will come out at the LA Auto Show this November. Patience is a virtue, dear friends.


Infiniti JX Concept

Infiniti is banking on the JX Crossover entering a market that has plenty of notable vehicles, including the Hyundai Santa Fe , the Kia Sorento and the Ford Explorer .

We’ll have a better grasp on where the JX stands against its rivals when all of its details are unveiled. From what we’ve seen of the vehicle so far, the new design language of the JX, combined with the interior configuration and all the new technologies, has instantly made it a formidable rival to the existing crop of holdovers in the 7-seater market.

Infiniti JX Concept
  • High expectations met
  • New design is fantastic
  • Spacious interior
  • No powertrain figures yet
  • Entering a tough market
  • No pricing yet


Yeah. They zoom-in the images to make it more interesting. I think we need to watch now the Pebble Auto Show for us to know the details of the car. That will be few days hereafter right?

The image of the vehicle is not clear so I can’t criticize its exterior. It is like an SUV when I first look at this one. By the way, I think we need more information of this one, but it looks interesting, so I’d stay tuned up.

For me, if they say that it will be debuted, the next thing to happen is surely be its production, and they said that it will be released on November so let’s just wait for its releasing.

Well, they are just debuting this car in the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance but it doesn’t mentioned that it will be available in the market. The detailing of the car is extravagant as well as the its platform.

Its been a long time since they have announced the concept of the Infiniti JX. And I’ glad to hear that they are currently working on its production version. I’m still puzzled with the figure performance of the car but I bet it would be powerful.

A luxury car indeed! Still it was just a concept of Infiniti. I just hope that when they bring it in production, they will not disappoint us. I also hoped that the specs of this luxury car, really suits for it.

Wow! A seven seater luxury car? Well that is really an impressive car. But how about its power and performance? Does it really a good one?

As i see this Infiniti JX Concept, it reminds me the luxurious car I’ve seen in a car commercial! Ha ha.. However, I think it would just a dream for me to have a car like this!..

I don’t know on what to expect about this car for Infiniti seems want us to get us more excited about this car. Well, I do hope that I will not got disappointed.

It really great to know that even the Infiniti have offered a crossover version for this concept. It debut is near and I’m excited to know on what will be its specs offered.

I’m glad that I was able to catch up with the current development of Infiniti JX. I remembered that I’ve already commended its luxurious and stylish seven seater design.

A future SUV and a leading concept to its design and features. I think this concept of Infiniti JX is one of the most anticipated type of design.

I am expecting a luxury pathfinder, with somther lines. nothing more.

A lot of people have been waiting for this one for sometime now and they just gave us another teaser image. I wish they could have given more to make the wait worthwhile.

Since they are planning to debut this car in the coming Pebble Beach Concours then it means that they are currently working on this concept. I wonder of they are coming up with camouflage version or what. However, I think this one is pretty interesting concept.

Base from the styling of the exterior of the Essence and this teaser image, I would say that its quite different they have made some modification on the design. And I think this car would look more aggressive among their luxury model.

SUV model cars has its latest version of vehicle technology for the next future. And
maintain a very flexibility seating access.

It seems that Infiniti is still alive. Why do I say so? Well, they haven’t released any car this past few months. However, it seems that they have plan of this time. Well, I will reserve my comment for future updates.

Recently, a lot of sportscar has been released and it’s glad to hear that a luxury family car would released soon. And I think this is just the beginning for the Infiniti. For the long time that they have been out in the lime light I bet they have a lot of plan for this year.

From the initial look of this one, I can pretty much say that this one would be a rather impressive crossover. Though I would want to see the complete details first to really give a final assessment.

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