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Seeing an update package for an Infiniti FX models does not happen very often, especially if its based on a diesel version of the SUV. But, the Infiniti Center in Hamburg in colaboration to its tuner AHG Sports have unveiled the FX 30dS "AHG Sports", a model that features a shifted body, a new set of wheels and new suspension springs that will improve the car’s aerodynamics.

The car sits on a new set of wheels from the CC line of Schmidt Revolution from Bad Segeberg in the appropriate size of 11x21 inches with appropriate tires in 295/40R21. The new wheels were combined with a new set of spring suspensions that will lower the car’s ride by 25 milimters.

And to make a car worthy of its "Sports" name, the Hamburg team has increased a performance of the FX 30dS, which makes 280 hp (up from a standard of 238 hp) and to a peak torque of 442 lbs-ft.

Infiniti Essence

Auto Express has reported that Infiniti is readying a new entry level sports car for Geneva next year. The compact two-seater sports car is expected to slot in just below the Infiniti G-line and will come with sporty engines, a rear-wheel drive set-up, and a Lotus-tuned suspension system.

For now, information regarding this car is still thin, but you can definitely expect more news regarding what appears to be Infiniti’s answer to the Mazda MX-5 Miata in the coming months leading up to next March’s Geneva Motor Show.

Nissan’s upper-echelon brand has released some interesting concepts over the past few years and we wouldn’t be surprised if this new sports coupe takes some of the design language of say, the Essence or the new G37 Coupe , and translates it into a production version.

Whatever the case may be, we’re getting excited thinking about what Infiniti has in store for us with this car, even if it isn’t scheduled to be unveiled for another 10 months.

How odd would it be for rally fans to see a Nissan , let alone an Infiniti , getting its tires dirty in the world of rallying? The Japanese automaker isn’t exactly a name synonymous with rally racing, so you might need to excuse us for being a little apprehensive when word broke out that an Infiniti G37 S Coupe would be part of the Spanish Rally Championship.

Turns out, though, the G37 S Coupe will not be doing any rally racing of its own. Instead, it has been tapped as the official rally-spec safety car of the SRC. Color us surprised with this bit of news.

To cope with the rigors of the rally world, the G37 S Coupe’s chassis and suspension were strengthened. Among the new additions to the car’s make-up include new Bilstein dampers, upgraded brake pads, its very own light bar and siren, a roll cage, a new set of Sparco race seats and harnesses, a fire suppression system, and high-performance Michelin tires.

Other important features added to the rally safety car include a GPS navigation system and a plethora of communications equipment developed to assist the car in case of an emergency.

In terms of powertrain, the G37 S Coupe safety car will have the same output coming out of the standard 3,696cc 24-valve V6 engine – 320 horsepower – and will be mated to the standard six-speed manual transmission.

Infiniti may not be all that known in the world of rally racing, but if the company ever needed to get its feet wet in the often dusty and muddy world of rallying, this could be the first step in doing so.

When it comes to getting a little "bling-bling," some people go way out of their way to make their cars look extreme. Take this Infiniti G37 Convertible , for example. This golden G37 Convertible was presented in a jewelry store in the city of Nanjing in Jiangsu Province. The whole exterior was draped in 24K gold adding crazy amounts of weight and undoubtedly slowing down the Infiniti’s performance time drastically.

We don’t know what it is about covering your vehicle in gold or diamonds, but it simply does not make sense. The owners are literally putting a big sparkling sign on their car that says, "Steal me!" Remember that older Porsche 996 Turbo covered in gold that was stolen, recovered, then stolen again? It’s not the owner’s fault, but there is a thing called being cautious and these owners need a lesson or two in it.

Hit the jump to check out some more golden models ready to blind you the first chance they get.

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While we may have been unduly harsh towards the Infiniti Etherea leading up to its big unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show, it wasn’t for a lack of opinion, as we most certainly are entitled to ours. But now that all the teaser images have come to pass and we finally get a good, long look at Infiniti’s new concept car, we’re going to stick to our guns and say that the Infiniti Etherea concept (and not Etheria as it was rumored) should get some more fine-tweaking.

As a compact luxury model that previews Infiniti’s future entry-level model geared towards the younger population, we understand the direction the company is looking into by offering an aggressive-looking car to cater to an aggressive and young market.

"ETHEREA is about a new type of luxury for younger buyers," said Toru Saito, Corporate Vice President and Leader of the Global Infiniti Business Unit. "It is not just a smaller version of a typically conservative and traditional luxury car."

Sure thing, boss. Let’s just hope that the production version of this wild child concept looks a lot tamer and more evenly proportioned.

UPDATE 03/01/11

: This review has been updated with the Etherea’s full specs, as well as new images.

Infiniti is one of those brands that tuning firms just skim past while deciding on their next project, so finding a decent package for Nissan Nissan ’s luxury division is not something we come across on a daily - or even monthly - basis. And today isn’t going to be any different as this custom M30d comes to us from a dealer in Hamburg, Germany, and not a tuning professional.

"Infiniti Zentrum Hamburg" is offering two different stages for their M30d S. The package for Stage 1 includes painted door handles, red brake calipers with Infiniti lettering, a black radiator grille, and a black, foil covered roof. The dealer has also added an H+R suspension which lowers the vehicle by 25mm, as well as performance optimization for the V6 diesel engine. This engine now delivers a total of 280hp and 450 lb-ft of torque, up from the standard 235 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. Total price for the Stage 1 package is 5775 euros ($7,947 at the current rates).

For Stage 2, the dealer takes the modifications from the first package and adds a new set of 22" wheels with 265/30R22 Pirelli tires in the front and 295/25R22 in the rear. The wheels add an additional 6800 euros ($9,358 at the current rates).

The dealer also announced that the same packages can be applied to any other Infiniti model in the line-up upon request.

The biggest international auto show of the 2011 calendar year is getting closer and closer to opening its doors when the event kicks off on March 1st, 2011. Unlike recently concluded auto shows we’ve had since the calendar turned to 2011, the Geneva Motor Show is always the one that gets our juices flowing. Not that those other events weren’t any good, but Geneva brings out all the goods. All the big boys come out to play at this event, so much so that making this preview took more days than we expected because everyday, a new model was being announced as attending the event.

Now that the Geneva Motor Show is less than two weeks away, we feel like it’s time to give you a sneak peek on what cars to expect at the event. A lot of brands that routinely skip other auto shows will all be in attendance at the Geneva Motor Show, proving that without a shadow of a doubt, this Swiss spectacle is one of the most important - if not the most important - events in the automotive calendar.

Hit the jump to check out just who will be in attendance when the show opens its doors on March 1st, 2011.

We don’t talk about Infiniti all too often here on TopSpeed, but lately they have been part of our news due to their new Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) and the fact that they will be debuting two new M-based models at the Pebble Beach Concours. Now we get to talk about them for a different reason. Infiniti is now ready to introduce the technological advancements in the M35h that they have been discussing for quite some time: world-first steering and braking technologies. These technologies will be ready to roll when the car goes on sale in the USA and Europe in 2011.

The Infiniti M35H will be powered by a hybrid drive system that combines a naturally-aspirated 3.5-liter V6 engine with a 68 HP electric motor mated to a 7-speed Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) automatic transmission. The motor directly operates the brakes using a system called the Electric Driven Intelligent Brake. This system works by allowing the motor to charge the battery when the driver applies the brake. The steering is also unique in the M35h because it is part hydraulic and part electric. The electric portion kicks in when the wheel is turned which boosts efficiency. Both of these technologies may be found in all future Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid vehicles due to their simplicity and effectiveness.

Update 02/07/2011: Infiniti has announced today the official official EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) fuel economy figures for the M35h. The V6 hybrid sedan has a fuel economy is 27 mpg City, 32 mpg Highway, with Combined fuel economy rated at 29 mpg.

UPDATE 01/24/2012: Nissan’s luxury division has released a video of their new M35h sedan taking on the equally irrepressible 2012 Porsche Panamera S Hybrid.

Not one to back down from a German challenge for full-on hybrid supremacy, the M35h and the Panamera S Hybrid engaged in a quarter-mile drag race - with surprising results.

Not only did the 360-horsepower M35h complete its time in just 13.4 seconds - impressive for a hybrid! - but it also managed to spank the Panamera S Hybrid by a good second. On top of that, the time is also a marked improvement from their previous record time of 13.9031 seconds , eclipsing the Guinness World Record by a tidy half-a-second. Check out the video to watch the Infiniti M35h show up the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid.

UPDATE 02/13/12: Infiniti has released a behind-the-scenes look at all the preparation work, setup, and equipment involved in filming the video showing the M35h’s record-breaking acceleration time. It sure looked like it took a lot of complicated equipment just to shoot a video on how the M35h became the fastest accelerating hybrid in the world.

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Now that we’re already counting down the days leading up to the 81st Geneva Motor Show in March, automakers are already gearing up with their preparations for one of the biggest auto shows of the entire calendar year.

Japanese automaker Infiniti will be in attendance in Geneva next month where they recently announced through a press release and accompanied by two teaser images the unveiling of a new concept car called the ‘Etheria Concept’.

While Infiniti did not officially divulge the name of the concept, our wandering eyes saw the name on one of the image files. Unless it’s a genius way of redirection, we’re pretty sure that the name was left by accident.

In any case, Infiniti did say that the Etheria concept will be unlike any car we’ve seen from the company – to see is to believe, we say – and that if it does end up on the production block, it’s going to be slotted just below the brand’s existing G-Line.

The two teaser images didn’t divulge any helpful details on the car except for a few swooping lines that suggest that this concept may be come as a hatchback. Then again, that’s just our best educated guess.

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Fresh off of the 2011 North American International Auto Show, the next major auto event is ready to kick off in a little over a week’s time at the Windy City in Chicago. From February 9th-20th, the Chicago Auto Show will be the center of the automotive universe - in the US, at least - and is expected to draw a sizable number of manufacturers from all over the world.

Here at Topspeed, we make sure that you’re on top of everything as it pertains to these type of shows and just like Detroit, we’re here to give you a low-down on what cars to expect at the Chicago Auto Show.

We’ve compiled a list of cars that are scheduled to make their production debuts in Chicago, and to give you a better idea of what models to expect, we have the full low-down on all attending brands and the respective models that they’re expected to unveil next week.

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