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A report indicates that there are some major shakeups coming in Volkswagen Automotive Group in 2018 and it appears as if those changes are already beginning. Audi North America’s CEO, Johan De Nysschen, a man who once reportedly called the Chevy Volt a “car for idiots,” has resigned from the company that he has worked at for the past 20 years, 7 of which were in the CEO role.

It is unknown as to whether this move was forced, mutual, or if De Nysschen resigned on his own accord, but a company spokesperson is quoted saying “He is moving to another job, we believe it’s in the industry.” By that statement, we would assume the move was initiated by De Nysschen. Also, given the growth that Audi has seen during his reign would lead us to believe that Volkswagen AG would have kept him on board as long as he wanted.

Then again, the automotive industry is a weird one where one minor difference in opinion can ultimately cost you a job. In the meantime, Audi’s COO, Mark Del Rosso, will be the interim CEO while the company searches for a replacement to help reach Audi’s goal of competing more closely with BMW and Mercedes-Benz .

Interestingly enough, Audi wasted absolutely no time taking De Nysschen’s CEO profile down from its site, leaving a “Page Not Found” message where his proud image once sat.

Audi’s statement that De Nysschen would be heading to another company in the industry was 100 percent accurate, as we received word that he has signed up with Nissan . His new title is Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Company in charge of the Infiniti division. His first task at hand is one he is rather familiar with, sharply increasing sales and guiding the luxury automaker deeper into developing markets, starting in China.

Best of luck to Mr. De Nysschen and we have a feeling that VW and Audi will be missing him in the coming years.

The luxury and large car market in China is supposed to be ready to grow even more in 2012 and in response, automakers are preparing to meet that demand with new, longer versions of their current models. Infiniti is ready to take on the market with the new M Long Wheelbase at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

The new Infiniti M Long Wheelbase will be offered in two versions: M35hL hybrid and M25L. The M35h L is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine mated to an electric motor for a total output of 359 HP, while the M25L features a 2.5-liter V6 with an output of 232 HP. Compared to a standard Infiniti M Infiniti M , the new Long Wheelbase version features a longer wheelbase that grows by 5.9 inches to a total of 120 inches.

"The Infiniti M long-wheel-base – available in M35hL hybrid and M25 normally aspirated versions – is the first high-end Infiniti luxury sedan tailor-made for Chinese customers," said Nissan Nissan ’s vice president Andy Palmer. "It strikes a perfect balance between outstanding performance and environmental sustainability and brings a new challenger to China’s premium car market."

The new Infiniti M Long Wheelbase will go on sale in China starting June 2012.

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It’s not every day that we bring news of a Formula One world champion starring in a new action film, but that’s not the case today. Sebastian Vettel, the reigning world champion who is still looking for his first win of the 2012 season, is set to take part in a short martial-arts based flick currently being filmed in China.

The film is being made as yet another promotional activity by Infiniti and Red Bull Racing to promote each other’s products. Additionally, Sebastian Vettel has very close ties to the Infiniti brand and you could consider Vettel’s acceptance to take part as a thankful gesture after Infiniti created a special Infiniti FX50 named after him , something unique in and of itself.

Vettel was given some pointers from Chinese actress and Kung Fu master, Celina Jade prior to filming before its release sometime in May 2012. It’s currently unclear just how long the short film will go for, but anything over 10 minutes would come as a big shock to us as we can’t see how this film would generate much, if any, revenue for anyone involved.

Entitled ‘Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon,’ the short film will likely be based around Vettel’s career in Formula One and how he continually has to fight off his opponents. Just a tad corny, we know. Vettel’s Red Bull Racing teammate, Mark Webber may also feature in the film, but only a small part is expected.

Vettel had the following to say about the experience, "Well that was the first time I’ve acted in a martial arts movie and it was great fun. It was something totally new for me which was good as I always like new challenges and experiences. I learned that just like with driving, you need balance, control and technique to be good at Kung Fu, but I think I’ll still stick to my usual kind of fighting on track on Sunday!"

Infiniti Q50

Alright folks, grab the salt shakers and put a great big grain of salt in your hand, `cause we’ve got rumors. Recently, our colleagues over at Motor Trend had a little powwow with someone in the know about the upcoming Infiniti G sedan . Some of the rumors are a little ho-hum and others are flat out awesome, we’ll stick to the latter ones for now.

First off, the next-gen Infiniti G is through its design phase and production is ready to begin. According to the mole in Infiniti, the new G sedan will be based on a slightly stretched version of the new Mercedes C-Class’ platform, with other modifications. The leaky informant also let it be known that the new Infiniti G sedan will be in showrooms by the end of the summer in 2014 and the coupe will come later.

According to the informer, the new G will look nothing like the current model. From the front end, in particular the headlights, it will have the appearance of the Etherea concept car that Infiniti teased us with at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show. The G will again come in a sedan or coupe, so no surprises there. However there are talks of a crossover model.

Now onto the good stuff: the Infiniti G’s engines. First, the rumors of a diesel engine are true, per Motor Trend’s source, but not for the G sedan. The 2.1-liter Mercedes diesel will only see use in the European and Korean Infiniti M. The only information he shared on the G’s engine was that the all-new IPL performance model will feature a 530-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.7-liter V-6. Last, the price of the Infiniti G IPL model was discussed and the informant says it will hover in the 10 million Yen range, which is about $123,000.

So there we have it. We can’t necessarily validate these rumors, but they certainly do add a little more excitement to the waiting game. We just have to wait and see if these rumors are true.

Source: Motor Trend

Infiniti unveiled the new LE Concept at the 2012 New York Auto Show. The concept was built as a luxury version of the already very successful Nissan Leaf and previews a production version that is expected to reach Infiniti showrooms in near-similar form within the next two years as Infiniti’s first zero emission luxury sedan.

The concept was designed as a luxury car rather than an electric vehicle. It features the usual Infiniti design cues, such as its double-arch grille and crescent-cut rear-pillar, and is about the same size as the Infiniti G Sedan . This was done to illustrate that just because it’s an electric car, doesn’t mean that it has to be small.

"In a future that holds an increasing consumption of natural resources, we will advance our sustainable mobility leadership and expand our EV market penetration with new electric vehicles such as the Infiniti LE Concept," said Nissan Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn. "Infiniti is well positioned to deliver the objectives for a sustainable future, relying on our capable, hard-working and motivated team members around the world. We are a challenger."

Hit the jump to read more about the Infiniti LE Concept.

There are a lot of new car scams in the world and most of them are initiated by the new car dealer, not the buyer. A group of buyers flipped the script on several Los Angeles dealerships, by using fake identities to purchase 20 cars and were shipping them to Hong Kong and Vietnam to sell them for two to three times their U.S. value.

It was a laundry list of luxury vehicles, such as a $280,000 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia , an Audi Quattro , 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 , along with several Mercedes , Lexus , Infiniti , and BMW SUVs among others. For some reason, the thieves even threw in a Toyota Tundra .

The one that got these fraudsters busted was the Ferrari 458 Italia , as Ferrari fitted the supercar with a GPS system as standard, which Ferrari used to track the car once they found out they were defrauded. This led U.S. Customs and the California highway Patrol to conduct a full investigation and find the cars on a ship that had already pulled away from the port.

Needless to say, that ship was forced to come back and all but four of the cars were recovered. The four non-recovered cars are due to be shipped back by Vietnamese Customs.

According to the report, had the fraudsters not gone after the Ferrari, chances are they would have gotten away with this scam and made a ton of money in the process. The total amount of the vehicles seized by U.S. customs is estimated at $1.5 million, which would have pulled in around $3 million in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

We are still trying to figure out what in the world a Toyota Tundra was doing in the mix with all of these high-end luxury cars. We also wonder which thief drew the short straw and was stuck going to the Toyota dealership to pick this thing up?

Infiniti EMERG-E

The New York Auto Show is quickly approaching and details are still rolling in on vehicle reveals and concept showings. One concept that will be making an appearance in New York is an all-electric Infiniti vehicle, not to be confused with the hybrid ENERG-E (pictured above). Nissan Motor Co., Infiniti’s parent company, is holding its cards very close with this one, so the details are a little sketchy.

This new EV concept it is reportedly going to borrow the Nissan Leaf’s powertrain – including its 80 kW engine – but the Infiniti will likely sport a larger battery. Experts are claiming that this EV will be a ‘performance’ focused vehicle, despite the use of the Leaf’s drivetrain. To help add to the confused look on your face as you attempt to view the Leaf’s motor as anything near ‘performance,’ a sub-nine-second 0-to-60 time has been rumored – at least two seconds faster than the Leaf. How Infiniti plans to do that baffles even us.

Also rumored is that the Infiniti is going to feature high-end luxury items, as expected of a typical Infiniti. According to Nissan Motor Co., this new EV will borrow styling cues from both the G sedan and the JX crossover , which certainly adds up to a very stylish vehicle.

One thing is certain; Infiniti has slated an electric vehicle to be released in 2014. Whether it’ll be this EV or another future concept is still uncertain. As of now, this is all there is to share about this upcoming electric vehicle, but if more details roll out between now and the April 4th New York Auto Show, we will pass them on.

Concept cars have always been an integral part of any major auto show. These events give automakers an opportunity to showcase some of the most outlandish and over-the-top vehicles we’ll ever see.

Now that doesn’t mean that these concepts will translate to production. Actually, very few do with most of them forgotten long after the auto show ends.

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show , we saw a lot of concept cars that piqued our curiosities one way or the other. Some were fancy, some were strange, and some just completely blew us away.

In the end, the concept cars at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show delivered on the promise of providing some edge and flavor to the proceedings. On the list below, we’ll show you all of the concepts that caught our eye, and if we do say so ourselves, some of those are just too awesome to not be sent to the production line.

Check out the concept cars from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show after the jump.

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Infiniti EMERG-E

Photos of the electric 2012 Infiniti EMERG-E Concept have finally been released, or should we say leaked? Most of us weren’t very impressed with the patent renderings of the car that were released earlier this month, but these new photos show just how sexy this car really is!

Not a whole lot is known about this mid-engine sports car, but we do know that it will be electric powered with a 1.2L internal combustion range extender. Infiniti says that their main goal is to create an "uncompromising" electric sports car that will offer "vivid performance" with zero emissions capability.

Infiniti Vice President, Andy Palmer, says that the car will be the first to highlight Infiniti’s new styling direction. They’re definitely headed in the right direction, because this car looks better than some super cars we’ve seen. Whether the EMERG-E will be rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive is, for now, only known by the engineers and executives at Infiniti.

The electric Infiniti EMERG-E concept will make it’s official debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in early March. Until then, leave your comments below and let us know what you think of it.

Is there an Infiniti GT-R in our future?

This isn’t the first time we hear about a possible Infiniti GT-R model. In fact, this rumor took root as soon as the Nissan GT-R was launched back in 2008, and has resurfaced numerous times since then. Now, it’s making another appearance. According to British magazine CAR, Infiniti may offer a GT-R version after all, hinted by Francois Bancon, Head of Advanced Planning for Infiniti in Tokyo. He stated that the GT-R platform is too good to use for only one model. In fact, he said that the company is taking under consideration ’three or four’ proposals and that an Infiniti GT-R is one of them.

If the decision does lie with the Infiniti GT-R, it would need to counteract the Nissan GT-R’s power with sophistication: "It would have to be softer than the GT-R. And that’s extremely difficult to do. You can’t easily tweak the GT-R to deliver the sophisticated, more refined performance we would need on an Infiniti."

A final decision on the Infiniti GT-R will be made in the next two or three years and, if chosen, a production version should arrive in the next five years.

Source: CAR

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