The Apple iPad was released in April 2010 and is a tablet computer used for Internet browsing, media consumption, gaming, and light content creation. Internet connection is provided by the use of WiFi or 3G and is, basically, a larger iPad Touch or iPhone. It runs on a modified iPhone OS and has a multi-touch LCD sensitive to fingertips for easy navigation.

One of the most important vehicles to come out of the Paris Motor Show is Bentley’s newly released 2011 Continental GT .

While not everybody was afforded with the opportunity to see the launch of the 2011 Continental GT in Paris, Bentley’s giving you the opportunity to do it from the comforts of your own couch, provided you have an iPad, of course.

The British luxury car maker is launching a new iPad app dedicated solely to the 2011 Continental GT. In it, you can get access to a slew of features including an extensive and exclusive selection of ‘on location’ photography, a range of zoomable super-high quality studio shots, a variety of Continental GT driving footage, behind-the-scenes multimedia movies from Bentley’s styling studios, and test track and special ‘insider’ views straight from the factory floor.

The app also gives you access to a run around the history of Bentley, complete with the brand’s long and illustrious history in Le Mans, an introduction to the men and women behind the brand, and classic photos from Bentley’s treasure chest of archives.

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Source: Bentley
BMW to introduce re-tooled ConnectedDrive System

Here’s something all iPad-owning, BMW -driving folks out there will come to enjoy.

BMW has finally given you tech-savvy fellas another reason to buy a BMW with a retooled ConnectedDrive system. The new technology is going to be introduced at the Paris Motor Show.

The new ConnectedDrive system comes with a basketful of new features including enhanced Bluetooth capabilities that will not only work for Blackberry smart phones, but will now also function with theiPhone 4 . In addition to that, BMW is also including a docking system for the iPad in the backseats where users can choose the swiveling holder’s orientation – portrait or landscape – and access the Internet through the car’s in-car wifi ConnectedDrive system.

Last, but not least, there’s also going to be a new trinket that they’re calling the iPod Out. It’s supposed to take full advantage of an Apple music player experience for all BMWs integrated with the new ConnectedDrive system.

Isn’t technology grand?

Source: BMW

By way of an Apple iPad – who knew – you can now have the unique opportunity to learn more about the 2011 Ford Fiesta after the Blue Oval recently launched a new interactive sales brochure app for their all-new hatchback. Clearly, we didn’t see this one coming.

Sarcasm aside, the new app allows iPad users to learn more about the Fiesta in a more detailed light compared to what you usually find when visiting a local Ford dealership. Among other things, the app allows you to read up on every pertinent feature of the 2011 Fiesta, including technical specifications, color options, add-ons, connectivity, and even the car’s safety.

Regrettably, the 2011 Ford Fiesta app is only available for the iPad, which means that if you don’t have one, then you’re just out of luck. Then again, you can always just use a computer and look up product information and reviews of the 2011 Fiesta, although where’s the fun in that, right?

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Source: Ford

As if we haven’t had enough of Top Gear already, it looks like our favorite car show is in the process of invading our iPhones and iPads in the coming future.

While we’re not surprised that this is happening – after all, we’ve seen these guys in t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, and even lunch boxes – we’re a little anxious to know what kind of game it’s going to be or how it’s going to be presented. Is it going to be a full-on racing game? Is it going to be something along the lines of car trivia? Or is it going to have elements of both and a whole lot more? Heck, will the Stig make an appearance on the game and if so, which Stig will it be ?

The good news is that we won’t have to wait long – unlike that Sony-produced racing game that had more delays than Jeremy Clarkson has hair strands – as it is expected to be made available sometime in the next few months.

Brabus has gone to the extremes. First they tuned Mercedes’ most powerful sports car: the SLS AMG , and now they have turned to one of the most luxurious models in the line-up: the SL600 . The new Brabus "iBusiness" SV12 R model is not only about high performance, but also about innovative multimedia technology.

We won’t talk too much about the engine, as it is one that you should be familiar with by now: an SV12 R Biturbo 750 12-cylinder engine with an output of 750 hp. This provides the luxury sedan with a top speed of 211 mph.

What we will focus on is the car’s technology. Apple seems to have given away the cow as this luxury sedan is completely outfitted with Apple components. The brains of the operation is a 15.2-inch TFT display with 16:9 aspect ratio and internet connection via UMTS and HSDPA. To that, an ultra-small Mac minicomputer is added under the rear shelf. This minicomputer is hidden by an electronic door that looks like the computer itself. Controlling these computers is made easy with the use of twoiPads located in the front passenger seat as well as in the backseat. These iPads not only control the computers, put can also navigate through the entire multimedia center including the radio, navigation system, and telephone. And, of course, there is Alcantara and leather all over the interior.

Check out all of the exact specifications in the press release after the jump.

About a week ago, we shared with you something that Volkswagen had cooking on its backburner . With the growing popularity of the iPad, VW saw it fit to jump into the bandwagon and launch it’s very own iPad-exclusive digital magazine. Calling it "DAS", which is short for Digital Automotive Space, the new virtual magazine allows the user to enjoy a multitude of functions, including a total of five chapters that show different aspects of what goes on behind the scenes in and around Volkswagen.

Luca de Meo, Volkswagen’s head of marketing, had this to say about their new brainchild: "DAS is an important building block in Volkswagen’s digital marketing strategy and gives us the opportunity for an interactive dialog with our customers."

If you’re interested to know how the DAS works on the iPad , you can check out this demo video prepared by Volkswagen.

Source: Volkswagen

Do you have that obsessive desire to keep track of anything and everything that goes on at the 24 Hours of Le Mans? If the answer is yes, you should send a fruit basket to the folks over at EVO for creating a free iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app that chronicles everything you need to know about the legendary endurance race.

With the help of Audi , all of the pertinent information you need will be featured in the app, including driver bios, team profiles, and the ever-so-important trackside and behind-the-scene news. Granted, Audi made sure that they have a section all to themselves, but still, the whole app was created especially for the most obsessive fans of the 24 Hours of Le Mans .

So, before you start jumping and screaming in delight, you better head over to the iTunes App Store and start downloading the program. Oh, did we mention it was free? Get to it, then.

Source: iTunes

Count Volkswagen in on the Apple iPad’s official bandwagon, proving that just about anybody will jump into the slightest opportunity of being featured in today’s latest fad.

The German auto giant will be developing a digital customer magazine exclusively for the iPad, which will then be published on a quarterly basis and will be available in five different languages to cater to the European and US markets. VW is calling their latest marketing brainchild ’DAS’, which is short for ’Digital Automotive Space’, with the goal of using a new medium or tool to transmit interest in Volkswagen from the brand to the consumer in a new digital environment that will be accessible all over the world.

According to Luca de Meo, Volkswagen’s head of marketing, "DAS is an important building block in Volkswagen’s digital marketing strategy and gives us the opportunity for an interactive dialog with our customers."

Now, if you don’t own an iPad, you won’t need to worry about accessing the DAS because Volkswagen has already announced that it will publish an Internet version of the quarterly digital magazine at the end of June, making it accessible to just about anyone who has a working Internet connection from every corner of the world.

Source: Volkswagen

For those of you who already own an iPad, we have a few things to say. First of all, we hate you. Second of all, we hate you again. Lastly, did we say that we hated you?

Okay, jealous fits of rage aside, we couldn’t help, but bring forth a pretty cool new feature on the iPad. If you’re the type that enjoys drawing cars, then you should have - no, you need to have - the Hot Rod Art Book for the iPad. Seriously. Not only is it replete with pretty much everything you need to know to get you started as a car designer, but it also comes with tips from 13 of the best hot rod artists in the world.

Check out the video and see a sample of what you can find in the e-Book and let us know how much fun you have with it so we can have more ammunition to hate you some more.

Source: Apple iTunes

We didn’t know that Chevrolet liked baseball so much that they made a new baseball app for the the iPhone, the iTouch, and the iPad. Now, you won’t mistake it for something along the lines of what you would normally play on the Xbox or Playstation, but for sheer entertainment value, the game’s got a little juice on its swing.

Teams are predictably named after Chevy vehicles, two of which are the "Sil", as in Silverado , and the "Cam", as in the Camaro with game settings varying from a regular baseball game to spring training sessions. If you want to put your bat down for a second, you can head over to the Chevy dugout to check the latest four-wheeled machinery to carry the Bowtie badge.

As with most apps to come out lately, Chevy Baseball does come with a catch of its own: someone’s going to win a trip to the 2010 MLB All-Star Game. How’s that for a little incentive? And if you’re already itching to swing some cork on those seam-lined balls, you can now download the app for free over at the App Store.

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Source: Chevrolet

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