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All those high-powered HD cameras that are being used to shoot commercials won’t be looking particularly rosy after this pretty cool short film was shot at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with just aniPhone 4.

Okay, they used more than one iPhone, but honestly, we can’t tell the difference. Using only the iPhone 4’s built-in HD camera, the short film, which has been christened with the title “156 Turns”, takes us on a three-minute documentary on the challenges the Ducati team faced at Pikes Peak, complete with interviews, preparation highlights, and, of course, the race itself. It’s as good as any three-minute short film we’ve seen in a while and the fact that it was shot using an iPhone 4 is beyond remarkable to us.

Heck, if you can use something as little as an iPhone 4 and rely simply on post-production wizardry to create a commercial, then what’s the purpose of buying a hi-tech video camera that probably costs ten times as much as Apple’s new technological marvel?

So what if it’s only three minutes? The final product certainly speaks for itself.

Source: You Tube
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iPhone users beware! Apparently, Apple did not fix all of the bugs in the iOS4 update before releasing the jacked up modification to iPhone users. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the iOS4 is causing users to lose their iPhone-To-Car stereo connection causing one user to listen to "only 3 songs all day because they keep starting over when i (sic) get calls!!!!"

Complaints are simply flooding Apple support forums with iPhone users pleading and demanding for this problem to be fixed as soon as possible.

"Upgraded to iOS4 a few hours ago. Went to my car and plugged it into the USB port of my pioneer stereo and it says ’Not compatible.’ My stereo has always worked with my iphone. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP, APPLE."

"Hi Had the same problem this morning on my way to work. I have a JVC KD-R601 and as most of you are saying it has worked flawlessly with OS3. Tried a hard reset and nothing is curing it. Will there be a further OS update to fix this?"

Apparently, the update isn’t the only thing that has caused a fumble. The new iPhone 4 is said to lose signal when held at certain angles or by its sides and the screen is susceptible to a yellow discoloration.

Did Apple jump the gun in releasing the iPhone4 and the iOS4 update? Should they have delayed sales until all of the bugs were worked out? We know how sensitive iPhone users can be when it comes to their phones (we have a slight obsession with our own iPhones) so we would have to agree that this problem is one that should be dealt with immediately. Drop a comment to let us know what you think.

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‘CamerAlert' supports taking eyes off the road

There’s nothing like providing drivers with even more reason to take their eyes off the road and on their iPhone . In a “useful” attempt to aid drivers in the area of speed and red light cameras to slow down and be careful, PocketGPSworld.com has come up with an iPhone app that will surely cause more harm than good. ‘CamerAlert’ is a new app that will alert drivers of the location of speed cameras and red light cameras when the driver gets close to the vicinity of these devices. As an added “safety” feature CamerAlert will also display the driver’s average speed when they are in the area of a speed camera. And drivers of the world can get buy this “helpful” app for only $0.59.

Okay, does this sound completely ridiculous and irrelevant to anyone else? Yes, this app will allow the driver to be aware of these devices, but it will also cause them to look away from the road! Hey, PocketGPSworld, catch the news lately? We are all trying to keep drivers’ eyes on the road, not on their cell phones.

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Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally revealed the newiPhone 4 today and while the rest of the world is already fawning over the new Apple gizmo, we in the auto industry had our curiousities picqued when in the middle of his presentation, Jobs also revealed a new ad for the 2011 Nissan Leaf .

Regrettably, the ad can only be viewed using the new iPhone 4, which, of course, we still don’t have. In the event that you’re picking one up in the near future - and by near future, we mean, like, next week - it might be in your best interest to watch the ad and enter the contest to win a 2011 Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf . Seeing as the field would probably be thin at best, the chances of you going home with Nissan’s electric car increases. And oh, you’re going to be going up against Jobs himself, who saw fit to enter the contest. As if he needs to win one.

Source: Engadget

Do you have that obsessive desire to keep track of anything and everything that goes on at the 24 Hours of Le Mans? If the answer is yes, you should send a fruit basket to the folks over at EVO for creating a free iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app that chronicles everything you need to know about the legendary endurance race.

With the help of Audi , all of the pertinent information you need will be featured in the app, including driver bios, team profiles, and the ever-so-important trackside and behind-the-scene news. Granted, Audi made sure that they have a section all to themselves, but still, the whole app was created especially for the most obsessive fans of the 24 Hours of Le Mans .

So, before you start jumping and screaming in delight, you better head over to the iTunes App Store and start downloading the program. Oh, did we mention it was free? Get to it, then.

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We didn’t know that Chevrolet liked baseball so much that they made a new baseball app for the the iPhone, the iTouch, and the iPad. Now, you won’t mistake it for something along the lines of what you would normally play on the Xbox or Playstation, but for sheer entertainment value, the game’s got a little juice on its swing.

Teams are predictably named after Chevy vehicles, two of which are the "Sil", as in Silverado , and the "Cam", as in the Camaro with game settings varying from a regular baseball game to spring training sessions. If you want to put your bat down for a second, you can head over to the Chevy dugout to check the latest four-wheeled machinery to carry the Bowtie badge.

As with most apps to come out lately, Chevy Baseball does come with a catch of its own: someone’s going to win a trip to the 2010 MLB All-Star Game. How’s that for a little incentive? And if you’re already itching to swing some cork on those seam-lined balls, you can now download the app for free over at the App Store.

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Any car enthusiast with an iPhone in his/her pocket should definitely, under any circumstances, avail to the new StreetVid app from StreetFire. With just about every vehicular - from the two-wheeled to the four-wheeled variety - video you can possibly imagine, StreetVid is a definite must-have.

Not only does it provide a video overload of everything related to cars, StreetVid also comes with its own weekly shows and caption contests, in addition, of course, to a steady diet of drag racing, dyno pulls, burnouts, off-road carnage, and unbelievable car crashes to whet whatever vehicular appetite you must have for cars.

The app is now available for download at iTunes.

Source: StreetFire

For the most part, useful iPhone apps are pretty hard to come by, especially when you consider that most of the ones that have been released are more of the entertainment variety.

But every so often, a useful app becomes available and those that are privy to its release usually don’t hesitate on downloading it. As for those looking to purchase a new - or used - car, that ’useful’ app has finally arrived thanks to Kelley Blue Book.

The new app allows the user to link directly to the KBB database where he/she can download any and all relevant information on any car that is part of the KBB database.

On the other end of the see-saw, car owners interested in selling their rides can also make good use of the KBB Seller’s Toolkit, which pretty much presents everything you need to know on how to unload your car to folks interested in buying it.

It takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the new KBB app becomes useful to anyone with so much as a passing question on what kind of car to buy in the foreseeable future.

Source: KBB

Playing racing games on your iPhone can be a tedious experience, especially when you have to tilt and twist your iPhone in all sorts of directions. This rather ingenious fellow was able to drive around the problem by building an iPhone holder using Lego blocks. Even better than that, he also added a steering wheel and gear to his contraption so that he only needs to move the wheel – just like real driving – to play his favorite racing games on the iPhone.

It’s a pretty cool thing to build with Lego blocks and it would have been even more amazing if he found a way to keep his iPhone from screen-saving from time to time.

Source: Automotto

BMW ’s recent foray into the world of software applications has resulted in the offspring of yet another app for its M Series. Calling it the M Power Meter, the new iPhone app allows users the opportunity to gauge a number of unique features from their car including 0-60 times, distances, and g-forces experienced. Unlike other apps that charge you for the experience, the M Power Meter app is entirely free-of-charge and can downloaded straight from the App Store on Apple’s website. Apart from being free, it’s also painstakingly easy to use. All you have to do is download the software, accept the terms and conditions of the app, put it in your car in an upright position and you’re ready to go. The M Power Meter has a default 0-50km/h time that can be easily adjusted to as much as 200 km/h. Users can also opt to adjust the distance covered by the run from 100 meters, which is the standard, all the way up to 2,000 meters.

But quite arguably the most interesting part of the M Power Meter is that it can capture the amount of g-force – whether forward or lateral – a run can determine. Quite a nifty experience, if you ask us. We don’t know about you, but we’re the type of people that can’t seem to turn down something that’s being given for free – even if we don’t find the product necessarily appealing. Fortunately, the M Power Meter is something that we’ve been waiting a long time to come out so you can imagine our giddiness when it finally did.

Source: BMW

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