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Volkswagen is gearing up for the 2010 Dakar Rally by launching a new free-of-charge iPhone application solely for the much-anticipated event. The new app, which Volkswagen is calling the “Volkswagen Rally mobile – 2010 Dakar”, allows users to keep updated on Volkswagens preparation for the event through news, videos, and background information on the company’s Race Touaregs , which will see action in the two-week rally event in South America, which will run from Argentina to Chile from January 2 to 16, 2010.

According to Volkswagen’s motorsport director Kris Nissen, the new Volkswagen Rally iPhone app will allow users with never-before-seen access to Volkswagen’s preparation and performance before and during the event. "The iPhone application for the Volkswagen’s involvement in the Dakar is unique in the world of rally racing to date as well and offers users of the cult mobile the chance to stay informed about current Dakar events around the clock."

The 2010 Dakar Rally will start in less than a month so you’ll have to forgive us for being a little more giddy than usual because, like most rally fans all over the world, we can’t wait for it to start. So in the meantime, we’re getting our juices on with anything and everything that’s Dakar-related – starting with downloading this new Volkswagen iPhone app.

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Although he didn’t expand on the subject, Chevrolet’s former Vice President Brent Dewar showed audiences this slide as part of the electrically propelled Volt ’s unveiling at the L.A. Auto Show last week. General Motors has touched on the topic of producing user friendly applications for both the Blackberry and iPhone for their new battery operated production car by the time it arrives in showrooms across the country, but they still aren’t saying exactly what the program will do. Our best guess is that the smartphone applications will be based around recharging the Volt’ s batteries, we have heard that Chevy’s BEV will come from the factory with features like programable recharging. A penny pinching move that allows owners to wit until rates go down after midnight to start charging their Volt.

What could the Chevy Volt do with a smartphone app?

So what could GM do with the world’s greatest key fob? Using a smartphone with an LCD screen as opposed to a palm full of plastic that is limited to only a few fixed buttons will allow the software engineers to go as far as their imaginations can take them. If you thought that the new Prius ’s remote activated ventilation system was cool, the Volt app should put the tiny gas sipping Toyota to shame. Although it probably won’t let you operate the car like James Bond drove the BMW 750 in Tomorrow Never Dies it will most certainly bring a bit of fun to owning a Volt. The ball is in your court GM.

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A new app for the iPhone and the iPod touch was recently made available, and it’s set to make BMW fans very happy.

The new BMW TV app will provide users with a unique brand experience of BMW, which will allow them to stream from their iPhone or iPod Touch the latest videos from BMW TV, as well as a video wall with an interactive interface that lets them keep track – and bookmark – interesting videos that you might end up liking. The new BMW TV app also works seamlessly and selected videos can be viewed without interruption. The app also allows you to recommend some of the video contributions to your friends through the use of social media or by emailing the links to your friends.

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New iPhone app lets you start your car from your phone

If somebody told you a few months ago that you can now start your car straight from your iPhone, you’d be probably think that dude was nuts. Well, crazier things have happened because, apparently, you can now in fact start your car from your iPhone, thanks to a new application called the Viper SmarStart.

Ok, the idea isn’t exactly revolutionary – electronic car ignitions have been around for a while – but never has the technology come from a mobile phone. The application, which you can get for free, connects to the SmartStart hardware that has been installed in your car and the really cool thing about this particular system is that it does more than just start your car. It can also turn on the car’s heater, unlock the doors, and systematically manages the car’s alarm, ensuring you that it’s up and about at all times.

Unfortunately, while the application itself is free, the hardware isn’t. Word has gone out that the Viper SmartStart will go for around $300 and after getting a first-year service free of charge, users will have to shell out $30 a year to avail of the service. It’s a lot more expensive than we initially thought, but then again, you have to pay to avail of good service so everything pretty much rounds up.

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There really aren’t a lot of F1 games available for the iPhone – actually, with the exception of this one, there’s none – so when one becomes available, you take them any way you can get them.

And for just $2, we think the new BMW Sauber F1 game for the iPhone is as good a two-dollar investment as you can find anywhere.

Video: BMW Sauber F1 game for the iPhone

Let’s face it, a lot of people in America aren’t very familiar with Formula One. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it, even if it comes to us as an iPhone game. The game, by all accounts, caters to a lot of different racing game nuts. Those who want instant gratification can choose to play the quick-race mode in the game while the championship-starved fellows can opt to give the championship mode a shot. There’s also a professional mode, which gives you control of the pit crew and once you’ve gotten deeper into the game, the engineering mode will become available, which, eventually makes you the principal of your team where you will be tasked to make all the decisions for your drivers and cars.

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