2007 Isuzu i-290 Sport Truck

Two exciting and aggressive Isuzu Pickup project vehicles, both developed by Street Scene Equipment of Costa Mesa, California, will be displayed at this week’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas.

The project vehicles — a 2007 i-290 Extended Cab Sport Truck and a 2007 i-370 4x4 Crew Cab Off-Road Truck — are designed to show consumers how they can customize an Isuzu Pickup with readily available aftermarket equipment.

"These trucks may look like concept vehicles," said Rick Stipa, executive manager, accessory and product planning for Isuzu Motors America, Inc. "But any customer, with a little bit of effort and imagination, can own a new Isuzu truck virtually identical to either of these showstoppers."

It began as a stock Pacific Blue 2007 Isuzu i-290 4x2 Extended Cab. But the i-290 Sport Truck — now featuring bright gold stripes from Ape Graphics and a Snugtop tonneau cover — is anything but ordinary. A Ground Force lowering kit drops the vehicle two to three inches for an aggressive stance, while wide 255/45R20 Toyo Proxes S/T tires on 20-inch American Racing wheels provide a street-ready look while enhancing grip and overall performance on-road.

On the outside, Street Scene Equipment contributed Cal-Vu signal mirrors, front bumper cover, wiper cowl, roll pan and side skirts, all painted body color by L&G Enterprises. Street Scene upper and lower chrome Speed Grille inserts, custom hidden hitch and valance driving lights complete the look.

Underneath and inside, the i-290 Sport Truck offers up a Kinetik battery supplied by Stir Marketing, a Gibson exhaust system, and black leather seats with body-color-keyed Pacific Blue inserts from Roadwire and Classic Soft Trim.

The whole package, according to Mike Spagnola, president of Street Scene Equipment, is expected to appeal to young males up to 30 years of age — and the young at heart.

This vehicle embodies street-truck performance for those that like to be seen cruising in style. Both looks and handling are improved on the asphalt where this concept is most likely to be found.


This Sport Truck was spacious and the designs and paint used adds well to achieve a sporty look. It looks it can pass anything on its path.

I never thought that it is possible to make a pick-up but is sporty but admittedly, it is some kind of long and wide. @YamahaBikes. I’m sorry, but it does not look horrible. IMO, it is a pick-up with modern styling.

Yeah, I have faith on Japanese engine. I bet this car has an impressive performance on the road! IMO, trucks are the best option for off-road adventure!

 hmm. I really don’t like a long wheel base pick up..for it looks like a hearse! However, I think the truck would be reliable since it was made by Isuzu!

haha. What was this? a long wheel base pick up? Although, this car have an awesome performance i don’t want to see myself driving around this car.

 hmm. I think it would be better of the Isuzu will focused in making great motorcycle for I think they are good at it. And leave making a hideous looking pick up!

This 4WD trucks also looks good even on the roads and with custom paint job and body kits.

I think I saw something like this on “Pimp My Ride” even a truck can be a good tuned up sports car.

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