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BMW is no stranger to the more eccentric portion of living, but when you add BMW’s designers together with Patricia Urquiola and Giulioka Ridolfo, then what comes out is the birth of the downright bizarre. We are talking about a BMW 5 series Gran Turismo that has been disassembled and then reassembled with an onslaught of accessories. The most obvious are the 5 gigantic cones jutting out of the car providing an amplified look at the interior. This particular structure was displayed at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile this month.

Patricia Urquiola describes her inspiration for this dramatic transformation, “Usually we perceive cars from the outside, and then the inside follows. However, our direct interaction is with the inside: it is the core that protects and comforts us, the space in direct contact with our bodies and our functions and needs in the process of traveling. I investigated this interface and tried to understand the possible evolution as a softer, dwelling experience.” We assume this is where the name, “The Dwelling Lab” came from. The word dwelling means, “a house or other building or place in which somebody lives,” and so this concept brings a whole new meaning to “living out of your car.”

Hit the jump for the full story and to watch the video of the BMW ’s transformation.

Source: BMW

We’ve seen some pretty weird road signs during our time, but none of them have elicited as much confusion and as many baffled looks like this particular triangular road sign in Treviso, Italy.

Look at the photo of the sign and you can clearly see that it’s of a pretty well-endowed woman wearing high heels and clutching a purse. To make things more whacked out, the sign below it reads “Attenzione Prostitute”, which – even if our Italian is a little obscured– we can easily surmise as saying “Attention Prostitute”.

The sign is pretty straight-forward although we’re having a hard time figuring out what exactly it’s for. And apparently, we’re not alone.

The Daily Telegraph has also reported that local drivers who have passed by the area are equally as confused and baffled as the rest of us regarding the meaning of the signage.

A 34-year old local resident, Dino Vezino, was driving to work when he saw the sign. Ever the curious fellow that he is, he slowed his car down to get a good look at it. "I couldn’t believe it - the woman has a mini-skirt and high heels on and very big breasts,” he said. “I just couldn’t work out what it was for? Does it mean I have to look out for prostitutes crossing or that they are available around here?"

Unfortunately for Mr. Vezino, we’re as clueless as he is on this matter. We normally see some amusing road signs here and there, but nothing to the extent of having one entirely dedicated to the so-called Ladies of the Night.

The first Ferrari 458 Italia for the US market was auctioned off for an impressive $530,000 with all the proceeds going to relief efforts in Haiti.

In addition to the 458 Italia, Ferrari also auctioned off a myriad of exclusive items, including Fernando Alonso’s original racing suit - sold for $31,000 - and on two experiences as a Scuderia Ferrari team member at the Canadian Gran Prix in Montreal next June, which fetched for $20,000 and $21,000, respectively.

The 458 Italia is powered by a 4.5 Liter V8 engine equipped with the traditional Ferrari flat crankshaft that gives the mid-engine sports cars their signature top-end bark. The unit produces 570 HP at a rather high 9000 RPM, giving the future super car a power output of 127 HP/Liter. Weighing in at only 3,042 pounds, the new Ferrari will rocket from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.4 seconds and won’t stop until it hits a top speed of 202 MPH.

Press release after the jump.

BMW is no stranger to coming with quirky and oddball exhibits so you shouldn’t be surprised that BMW is responsible for this rather curious piece of art.

Called it the ‘Dwelling Lab’, BMW made this project in collaboration with Danish textile company Kvadrat. Now if you don’t know what in the world this is, then you’re not alone. It took us quite some time to figure it out and we only did so when we found a description for this eccentric work.

Turns out, the Dwelling Lab is “constructed from five geometric cones, which are impacted into a model of the car and explores the interior and exterior of this car – a car that turns out to be the new BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo . The Dwelling Lab is likewise covered in Kvadrat textiles with the five geometrical cones providing five different points of view inside the 5-Series GT. Helping BMW and Kvadrat set the whole thing up are designers Patricia Urquiola and Giulio Ridolfo.

We probably would have made a mess by describing it ourselves so we’ll take the word of the guys behind it. In any case, the Dwelling Lab will be on display at the Kvadrat showroom, Corso Monforte 15, Milan from April 14-19, which if you didn’t know coincides with the highly-anticipated Milan Design Week.

Source: Design Boom

There aren’t a lot of things in this world that’s more exciting for a car enthusiast than getting a police escort because it means that you can probably break whatever speeding limit it is in that area if you’re following a police escort. So if those guys want to push the pedal to the metal and run at speeds in excess of 100 mph, you wouldn’t want to get left behind now, would you?

In this video, we have Team Polizei, which is led by rally race car driver Alex Roy, being given a police escort during the 2005 Gumball 3000. While the police escort was rolling at break neck speeds, dodging other cars and a few bewildered pedestrians along the way, Team Polizei’s BMW M5 had absolutely no trouble keeping up.

If you could run at this speed and even have a police escort lead you the whole way, then you’d be ridiculously thrilled too.

Source: GT Spirit

No one does special edition vehicles quite like the British automaker Mini, this time the unique take on the Cooper is based upon the more spacious Clubman model. Named after London’s Soho district in the city’s West End, an area known for its vibrant and dynamic cosmopolitan lifestyle. The special edition Mini Cooper Soho will be available with any of the Mini’s power train packages ranging from the entry level Mini One , to the Cooper and diesel powered Cooper D all the way up to the top of the line turbocharged Cooper S version.

Mini Clubman Soho

The special edition Soho Mini is available in five distinct exterior colors including: Horizon Blue, Midnight Black, Pepper White, Dark Silver and White Silver. Unlike ordinary Minis, every Soho’s roof is always painted black. Further distinguishing the special edition Mini from ordinary Coopers by its blacked out bi-xenon headlamps, cleared out turn signals, chrome exhaust tips and Black Star Bullet alloys measuring 17 inches in diameter. On the inside the Soho comes standard with creature comforts like air conditioning as well as a few luxurious touches like a leather wrapped steering wheel and sports seats. Prices start at just €19,900 for the special edition Clumban One powered by a 95 HP engine, €26,600 for the Cooper D with a 1.6 Liter diesel making 110 HP and €28,900 for the Cooper S and its 1.6 Liter turbocharged four cylinder making 175 HP. So whatever your packaging requirements may be, Mini has a Soho for you.

Casual car fans are probably not familiar with the brand Tirrito Vajon, and for the most part, we can’t really blame them.

The Italian niche supercar maker is set to release its latest toy for the big boys, the Ayrton S, at the 21010 Top Marques Monaco but a lot of us are wishing that the company hold off their introductions just a little while longer.

Make no mistake, with a 627 horsepower output, the car is obviously fast – credit goes to the car’s BMW M5 V10-powered engine – but it’s the car’s appearance that leaves a lot to be desired. And that may even be an understatement.

Among the things that we find a little off for a supposed supercar are the Vajon’s headlights, which, at first glance, look a lot like halogen lights you’d find in a bathroom. The car also looks like a compressed – and stiff – version of a Lamborghini, making us question the aesthetic taste of these guys.

Forgive us for being brutally blunt, but how can you trust somebody that can’t even spell ‘revealed’ right. Check out the video to see exactly what we mean.

Source: Tirrito Cars

Back in January Portuguese soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo had a little incident with his Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and if you don’t understand what sarcasm is then you can skip to the bottom of this article to see what we are talking about. Since the accident, Cristano has been seen eyeing a few different Ferrari ’s to replace his smashed up 599. Now that the year is coming to a close and the Italian automaker is offering an all new mid engine sports car that promises to be as quick as the larger GTB there is little guesswork left in trying to figure out what he will be driving. Like any successful footballer and Ferrarista, the newly street legal Ferrari 458 Italia would be a perfect fit for Cristiano’s car collection.

Christiano Ronaldo seen with another Ferrari 599GTB

The soccer phenom is so interested in the new 458 Italia that he has scheduled a trip to Maranello where he will have the chance to get behind the wheel of the new car so that he can make a more informed decision. Now you can’t just write a letter to Luca di Montezemolo and ask for Ferrari to open up the Fiorano circuit so that you can go for a test drive. You either need to be someone very important in popular culture or a big benefactor for Ferrari, after all not many people can say that they have put rubber to the road on the same track where Ferrari’s F1 team practices.

Cristiano Ronaldo will test the Ferrari 458 Italia in Maranello

Cristiano will definitely have his hands full when he goes to test drive the 458 Italia. Under the rear deck lid Ferrari has placed a 4.5 Liter V8 engine equipped with the traditional Ferrari flat crankshaft that gives the mid-engine 458 sports cars their signature top end bark. The unit produces 570 HP at a rather high 9000 RPM and still get 18 MPG. Weighing in at only 3042 pounds, the new Ferrari will rocket from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.4 seconds and won’t stop until it hits a top speed of 202 MPH. We just hope that the 458 Italia won’t suffer the same fate as his previous 599.

Source: Le Blog Auto
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In a bit of cross promotions for both their Formula One team and road car program, Ferrari has just released this viral video letting all of the F1 fans around the world that Felipe Massa is doing all right by documenting his recent visit to the factory in Maranello where he met with the team and management, before getting to know the new 570 HP 458 Italia first hand. If you aren’t familiar with the recent news surrounding the Brazilian driver’s recent drama; back on July 25, 2009 a spring came off of the car in front of Massa’s Ferrari F60 and struck him in the head at around 150 MPH during the second round of qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Felipe was immediately air lifted to a nearby hospital and placed into an induced coma to allow the healing to begin. More recently Massa underwent successful reconstructive surgery in Miami on September 1st with the hopes of competing in the Italian Grand Prix a few weeks later. Unfortunately he was unable to make an appearance at the automaker’s home race, but from the looks of thing he is doing quite well considering the circumstances. After all, he’s sitting pretty inside of a 458 Italia .

Crash video after the jump.

We’ve seen a lot of accidents over the years and for the most part, we’ve been happy enough to say that despite those unfortunate circumstances, the people involved have been lucky enough to escape from the wrecks breathing and their limbs intact. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them.

Ferrari 360 Modena crashes in Italy

In an accident that happened about a week ago in Rome, a 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena crashed head-on with a Fiat Punto , resulting in a devastating accident that killed both drivers and seriously injured a couple more, including a motorcycle driver.

The wreckage doesn’t even paint the picture as to how destructive the accident is. It’s one thing to crash a car and live to tell stories about it, but it’s another thing to crash and lose your life in the process.

To those who were involved and lost their lives, rest in peace, buddies.

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