Jaguar S-type

Jaguar S-type

In a post-apocalyptic English countryside the lone surviving British hero barrels down the winding road in his trusty mechanical steed…or a storyline to that extent may describe the state of mind Panzani was in while developing this radical S-Type R . Eccentric car design has been a staple of this company for over 50 years and their latest creation based off a discontinued Jaguar model is no different.

Tuning setups and body kits are nothing new to the automotive marketplace, but it’s a safe bet to say that you won’t see your neighbor driving anything like this down to work in the morning. Taking a quick glance at the car is not enough to understand the transformation that it has undergone. Through the use of dimly lit promotional photos, we believe this is exactly the reaction the company was hoping for. You take one look and think, “hmm that’s kind of odd.” Upon further inspection, the powerful design elements, luxury interior appointments, and color combination make you change your tune to something like, “that is badass.”’

The company describes the design as vintage, mainly due to the shape of the head and taillights in series with the bumpers. It truly is vintage Jaguar mixed with rally car and Audi RS6 all in one.

Hit the jump for more details on the Panzani S-Type R Vintage GT.

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What if you would buy yourself a Jaguar S-Type , or let’s say you already have it… In order to make it look better what would you do? Would you cover all the chrome parts in gold? Goldstriker, a well-known manufacturer specialised in covering auto parts in gold revealed its customized S-Type from Jaguar.

Looking at the photo you may want to reconsider that… Although you may pay a big price to transform your car the result is not quite what you would hope it will. If you are a fan of golden cars also check this customized Porsche 911 Turbo .

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Karl Rove top White House political strategist who recently announced his resignation had to go on a last business trip. As usual he left his Jaguar on the parking lot.

But this time all his fellow friends at the White House decided to give him a little good by gift. His beautifull Jaguar is now a giant gift wrap, fully covered of post it and gift wrapped with shipping plastic wrap.

We’ll have to wait his return to see if he is laughing. But Mr More is known to be a quite serious man and with a handful of good friends (his boss is G.W. Bush)...

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Jaguar revealed the specifications for the 2007 S-Type. The luxury saloon is offered with four different engines: including class-leading 2.7-litre twin-turbo diesel, 3.0-litre V6 petrol and renowned 4.2-litre naturally aspirated and supercharged V8s.

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Here is the concept that show us how the next S-type will look like.The car is the C-XF concept that will be sown at the Detroid Motor Show next month.This cconcept is very important for Jaguar because alongside the XK will trace the new looks of the British maker.

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The introduction of an all-new, state-of-the-art V6 Diesel engine marks yet another milestone in the evolution of Jaguar’s S-TYPE premium executive saloon. The arrival of the twin-turbo AJD-V6 engine means that, for the first time, S-TYPE buyers will be able to choose diesel power as an alternative to the existing four petrol engine options.

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Jaguar Cars is proud to unveil the new 2008 Model Year S-TYPE range, which comes with a host of exterior and interior design changes as well as a series of new standard and optional features.

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Lately, things have gone from bad to worse for Jaguar. As part of Ford’s Premiere Automotive Group, Jaguar has proven to be a financial disaster in the last few years, with less profit then the highly exclusive Aston Martin. All of their hope is in the new S-Type that will be launched late next year. This new model could be Jaguar’s car of comeback, or their way to perdition. All possible efforts were made in the development of the 2008-year model S-type, and Jaguar promises it is going to be spectacular.

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For 2006, Jaguar’s most powerful saloon yet, the redoubtable S-TYPE R comes packed with new features. This genuine sports-car’s performance is surpassed only by the traditional Jaguar luxury, comfort and style. Producing not less than 400 bhp from a new 4.2 liter supercharged V8 engine the S-TYPE R can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds and only stop accelerating when reaching the electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

The new Jaguar S-Type prototype it should be one of the most important British car ever developed. It is supposed to help Jaguar to get over the serious or maybe irreversible crisis that the car marker is confronting with. This prototype was photographed near Jaguar’s German engineering center, close to the Nurburgring circuit. The new S-Type will have a much more aggressive look than today’s oddly retro machine. The new S-type should arrive in mid-to-late 2007, as a 2008 (...)

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