Jaguar X-type

Jaguar X-type

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The entry-level sedan market is a crowded area. There are more vehicles on sale in this segment than there are Walmarts in small towns. Well, maybe not that many, but you get the idea. In order to break through the segment barrier, you need a special vehicle, and not just moderately special either. To find success, an automaker needs something brilliant.

TheBMW 3-Series has long been the staple of the segment, as if offered up good looks, amazing build quality, and a drive that is second to none. Now, Audi and Mercedes are responding with their own sedans, so that should make life even more difficult for Britain’s newcomer.

Jaguar has built entry-level luxury cars before, but that never worked out that well. With the X-Type in the history books, Jaguar will be breaking through in a few years with a new small car, codenamed the X760.

Updated 03/17/2011: According to, the upcoming Jaguar 3-Series competitor might be called XS, an evolution of the X-Type name.

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Source: AutoExpress

Jaguar has already confirmed three new models for the next four years, and a new generation X-Type is one of them. The X-type will be offered in both sedan and station wagon versions, and will attempt to take on models like theBMW 3-Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class .

Okay, so that’s all old news, but we do have some new details to report. The latest reports surrounding the sedan suggest that the nextX-Type will be built on the next-generation XK platform. The decision for the use of this platform comes down to money - as these things usually do. Jaguar’s goal is to keep the price of the X-type in the $40K area.

The exterior design will follow the same language as the new XJ sedan, but the interior will most likely offer lower quality materials and less technology. Under the hood, the future RWD sedan will offer small-displacement turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines to continue Jaguar’s focus on improving fuel economy, especially in the European market.

Expect the new X-Type to go on sale in 2014.

Jaguar has already announced plans to unveila successor for the X-Type that will be unveiled in 2012 and will serve as a main competitor for the BMW 3-Series . Built to be placed under the current XF , the 2012 X-Type will feature a cutting-edge design, the same as seen on the XF and XJ , but with much smoother curves.

The car’s front will be distinguished by the XF’s rectangular mesh grille and swept-back headlights, while at the rear it will get boomerang tail-lamps and pronounced curves over the wheel arches. Rumors say that the next X-Type will be built on an all-new aluminum rear-wheel-drive platform, that will significantly improve fuel economy.

Under the hood Jaguar will place a pair of downsized four-cylinder engines – diesel and petrol turbo units. They will also be turning up a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel and a hybrid version that will combine a V6 diesel with a 47 HP electric motor integrated into an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

Source: AutoExpress

In a recent statement, Tata Motors CEO Carl-Peter Forster confirmed that Jaguar is indeed working on a replacement for the X-Type and the long-awaited "F-Type" roadster. Production version of the F-Type will be called XE and, as previously reported , will be unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Both models will be offered in several variations. Forster also announced that Jaguar is currently testing an estate version for the XF luxury sedan.

All he said about the X-Type replacement is that it will be built on a new generation medium-size rear-drive aluminum platform, that will also be used for the XE and the replacement for today’s XF.

The XE will be built on an all-new aluminum platform and will be powered by a V8 petrol engine with 385hp in a naturally aspired version and 510 hp in the supercharged version. Reports also suggest that the upcoming XE will be made as a hybrid variant. The gas/electric vehicle will use a much more efficient lithium ion battery pack, as opposed to today’s nickel based energy storage devices.

Source: Autocar

Just because a model is cancelled from an automaker’s lineup doesn’t mean that the vehicle was a complete failure. There are other factors that weigh in on whether or not an automaker will continue to carry extra models in their lineup, sometimes there is just not enough room to give the consumer extra options.

This was the case with the Jaguar X-Type ; when the entry level four wheel drive Jaguar sedan was introduced almost 10 years ago, the new car was met with loads of praise from automotive enthusiasts around the world. However with the introduction of the new XF sport sedan and XJ luxury limousine, there just isn’t any more room for the lovable little X-Type. So starting in 2010, the now Indian owned automaker has decided to cease the vehicle’s production worldwide after more than 350,000 examples have found their way into the automotive marketplace.

David Smith, the Jaguar and Land Rover CEO said that "We have taken unprecedented actions to cut costs, including reduced production volumes, significant cuts to investment plans and some 2200 job losses. Ceasing production of the X-Type early, with further redundancies and temporary shutdowns at Halewood, is necessary to protect our other investment plans." So long, X-Type, but with a revitalization of the sporty E-Type on its way it looks like Jaguar will have their sports car category covered.

Source: AutoCar

The Jaguar X-TYPE gets a fresh look for 2008, along with a host of new features inside and outside the vehicle and a new automatic transmission in the acclaimed 2.2 diesel. With significant revisions including nearly 500 new components, the new generation X-TYPE retains all the original car’s strengths, and adds some new ones of its own.

The Jaguar X-Type received top honors in the 2007 Aspirational Luxury Car category of AutoPacific’s annual Vehicle Satisfaction Award (VSA) – a study that measures satisfaction among vehicle owners. The X-Type MSRP starting at $34,995. According to the sutdy the Jaguar X-Type offers all the luxury, performance and prestige associated with the marque at a fraction of the price. The entry-level luxury sedan combines athletic performance with a smooth ride and is the only compact sedan in its (...)

Jaguar unveiled the all new 2008 X-Type today at the Canary Wharf Motorexpo. The new model is offering customers outstanding value-for-money across the range. By consolidating the current line-up, the new model now benefits from a breadth of feature additions and changes to exterior styling without generating a price increase.

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