Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE

Now that the gorgeous F-Type is out burning tires and spitting flames from its throaty exhaust, Jaguar has two things on its mind: launch the C-X17 crossover and give the BMW 3 Series a run for its money with the XE sedan .

The Brits are elbows deep in the two project and they’ve been spotted getting busy at the Nurburgring track quite often lately. The XE sedan , for instance, showed up on the Nordschleife just a couple of days ago , wearing enough camouflage to keep all the details out of sight.

While our recent spy shots haven’t been as revealing as we’d hoped, the folks over at TouriClips have managed to capture some video footage of the sedan . Of course, that nasty camouflage is still in the way, but we can now see the vehicle in action on the ’Ring and more importantly, hear its 3.0-liter, V-6 engine roar.

There’s no hint as to how many horses are teaming up for that noise, but we’re prepared for at least 340 ponies, the same amount powering the base F-Type , the vehicle donating the unit. But we wouldn’t surprised to see the XE launch with more than 400 horsepower in higher trim levels, which would put it above the BMW M3.

The new sedan will break cover sometime next year, so make sure you stay tuned to TopSpeed for more details.

If you want a smaller, affordable Jaguar sedan , your dream is one step closer to reality. Our spy photographers have just captured the upcoming 2016 Jaguar XE getting a workout around the "Green Hell."

The new shots don’t really give us any more information about the car, but they do give us a pretty strong indication that the car is nearing the end of its development cycle. Usually, by the time cars hit the Nurburgring , they are undergoing final suspension tuning.

Seeing the Jag on the ’Ring reiterates their desire to beat the Audi’s , Mercs and BMWs that currently dominate this segment.

That said, the XE is still wearing a surprisingly large amount of camouflage, and it makes me wonder if Jaguar might be hiding a little something we are not yet aware of. If you don’t like the camo look, we have a stunning exclusive render of what the new XE might look like after the break.

Whatever the case, expect the Jaguar XE to be unveiled late this year with an on-sale date sometime next spring as a 2016 model. Engines will include a collection of V-6 and V-8s mirroring Jag’s other offerings. Expect AWD to available as well.

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Jaguar XE

Well what do we have here? Just a few days after Jaguar officially announced its upcoming 3 Series competitor, the Jaguar XE, we have photos of its blasting around in the snow. With an aluminum-intensive construction, we expect the XE to be very quick and agile.

There are very few confirmed details, but we do know that the car will debut as a sedan with a wagon version coming later. There are also rumors of coupe and convertible versions in the works. If Jaguar hopes to truly compete with BMW , Audi and Mercedes , it makes sense it would expand the XE’s body styles.

Engine choices will start with four-cylinder mills, but it should expand to include high-performance models later. The supercharged V-6 from the F-Type is a likely choice for a performance model that will have about 380 horsepower. That is not quite enough power to really compete with the M3 or C63 AMG , so it’s not a stretch to imagine Jaguar would try to stuff its 5.0-liter V-8 under the hood as well.

Styling is also a bit of a mystery, but considering Ian Callum’s past, we expect the XE to be the prettiest car in the segment. Don’t worry about the odd hunchback shape in these photos, its a disguise. If you look carefully at the head-on shot, you can see a small shelf on the roof. This would be where the huge rear buttress pieces are mounted to the car. This is used to hide the true shape of the rear end. Expect a low, swooping rear window that is closer to the larger XF’s design.

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Jaguar C-XE
Jaguar C-XE

Before the C-X16 Concept ever made it to the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show with an aim "to set new class benchmarks in design, vehicle dynamics and technology," there were already rumors circulating that Jaguar was working on a new XE model. Recently, an XE prototype was caught testing with a design language similar to that of the C-X16, cementing the idea that the concept was just a starting off point to gauge interest in the new sports car.

The XE prototype was seen with a soft top, as opposed to the retractable hard top that was first thought to be featured. This, as well as the rest of the design language, falls in line with all of the latest Jaguar models, but advances with the look of the C-X16. The XE will be available in Coupe and Roadster models. They will be built on the same platform as the XK , so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the same package from the XKR-S in the upcoming model. As for the engine lineup, the XE will feature a range of V6 engines, and a V8 for the top R version.

Expect the new XE model to be launched sometime next year as a direct competitor for models like the Porsche 911 .

Jaguar C-XE

The Jaguar C-X16 Concept may be catching the eyes of many at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but over in the European Alps, Jaguar engineers are working the kinks out of the production version of this concept: the Jaguar XE . The XE will be debuting sometime next year and will be offered in both coupe and roadster versions, with the roadster debuting ahead of the coupe. After both of those models come out, a GT3 version for the coupe will also show its face. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get R and R-S versions as well.

Either way, the new Jaguar XE will be built on the same platform as the current XK sports car and will be powered by a 3.0 liter V6 made entirely of aluminum and delivering some 380 HP. Jaguar has promised that the XE will be a true two-seater sportscar with plans to hunt down models like the Porsche 911 .

Lofty goals aside, the new Jaguar XE will fit in nicely with the Porsche clan by offering a price tag that falls somewhere between the Boxster , the Cayman , and the 911 .

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Jaguar C-XE

The 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show is still over a month away, but automakers are beginning to feed information to the press to draw in visitors. One such semi-confirmed rumor is this: Jaguar Jaguar is expected to show a new sports car concept in Frankfurt, and that car is said to form the highlight of Jaguar’s exhibit at the show. While Jaguar steadfastly refused to either confirm or deny rumors, it’s likely that the new car will be a smaller, less expensive alternative to the current Jaguar XK.

To grow sales, Jaguar has long wanted a car that could compete with the likes of the Porsche Boxster or the Infiniti G37 Convertible . If British auto magazine Autocar is correct, the car that Jaguar is showing at Frankfurt has been in development for quite some time, and “will blow the rest of the industry away” when it is revealed.

Rumored to be called the Jaguar XE , the car will likely use a V-6 engine with twin sequential turbochargers. Horsepower or performance numbers are anyone’s guess, but to make a big enough wave in the industry, the XE would need to cost less than the Porsche Boxster while providing noticeably better acceleration, braking and handling. That’s a tall order, especially when you’re comparing a front-engine, rear drive car to a mid-engine, rear drive car that’s known to be among the world’s best-handling.

Jaguar’s own official statement on the matter is typically British, with a company spokesman saying simply, “Jaguar has bold plans for the future, the next stage of which will be revealed at the Frankfurt show. We are likely to have a concept car to announce there.”

In other words, look for the revolutionary new Jaguar XE to debut in concept form at next month’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

Jaguar ’s long rumored XE model is finally making its way towards production as confirmed with the newest spy shots of the small roadster. First thought to be dropped due to struggling sales, the XE project has been seen spot testing with almost zero camouflage, and we like what we see.

The retractable hard top that was first thought to featured on the XE is obviously vacant, and a soft top can be found in its place. This, as well as the rest of the design language, falls in line with all of the latest Jaguar models. The Roadster will be built on the same platform as the XK , so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the same package from the XKR-S in the upcoming model. As for the engine lineup, the XE will feature a range of V6 engines, and a V8 for the top R version.

Expect the new XE model to be launched sometime next year as a direct competitor for models like the Porsche 911 .

UPDATE 09/19/2011: The production version of the Jaguar C-X16 concept has been caught testing in the European Alps. The production version, rumored to be called XE will be offered in both roadster and coupe versions, with the coupe also getting a GT3 version.

UPDATE 10/24/2011 : Jaguar has recently filled a patent at the U.S. Patent Office for the "C-XE" moniker which is leading people to believe that the next sports car will use that name instead. It is also believed that the roadster version will be called the R-XE. The only problem is that the "R" letter in the Jaguar world usually refers to a high performance sports car.

Source: Straightline

While talking about the company’s future plans, Karl-Peter Forster and Ralph Speth confirmed that the XE sports roadster will make its world debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show . This is exactly 50 years after the debut of the XKE which it is reputed to be the spiritual successor. Jaguar will unveil it as a roadster first, but a coupe version will follow.

The 2013 Jaguar XE will be built on an all-new aluminum platform and will be powered by a V8 petrol engine with 385hp in a naturally aspired version and 510 hp in the supercharged version. Reports also suggest that the upcoming XE will be made as a hybrid variant. The gas/electric vehicle will use a much more efficient lithium ion battery pack, as opposed to today’s nickel based energy storage devices. Fans of high performance don’t fret, because Jaguar is also preparing an R version of the XE.

Source: Inside Line

As announced previously Jaguar is preparing to reveal a successor for the E-Type. Called XE, the new model will be a competitor for models like Mercedes SLK and Porsche Boxster and will make its official debut in 2010 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

2011 Jaguar XE Roadster - will it look like this?

The German magazine AutoBild reports that the 2011 XE Roadster will "continue the new design line with a fierce look and a distinctive front grille."

The XE will be built on an all-new aluminum platform and will be powered by a V8 petrol engine with 385hp in naturally aspired version and 510 hp in the supercharged version.

Source: Autobild

At any point in the future where you see yourself in front of a 2013 Jaguar XE , you should know that it was well worth the wait.

Despite the fact that it’s still a few years from now, the new Jaguar compact sports car is poised to take the XE line to new and unprecedented heights. With a lightweight, 3.5-liter V6 engine that’s capable of churning out as much as 450 horsepower, Jaguar is wasting no time in preparing the world for the new two-plus seater 2013 XE.

Together with the new XK, Jaguar is set to release a canvas top roadster of the XE, which will then be followed by a coupe version, allowing for prospective buyers to choose what style of the XE they prefer.

As it stands, the company is expected to release 60,000 units of both the
2013 XE and the XK, an optimistic number for a company that struggled to make any kind of dent on car sales this year.

After struggling with sales for the better part of the 2009, Jaguar is pegging 2013 as a big year for them and releasing a preview of what’s in store for customers is a sign that the Tata-owned luxury brand is hell bent on returning to its rightful place on top of any car enthusiast’s wish list.

Judging from the way the car looks – and the rumored engine it’s
supposed to come in – the 2013 XE just may be the car Jaguar is looking for to jumpstart its fledgling brand.

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