Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF

  The Jaguar XF is a mid-size luxury car produced by British car manufacturer Jaguar. The XF replaced the Jaguar S-Type and was launched at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar is known for a lot of things with the words "luxurious," "classy," "elegant," and powerful being thrown around most often.

Not it appears they’ve added "playful" to their vocabulary.

The British automaker has released a new ad featuring all three of its newest models - the XJ , the XF , and XK - participating in a nice little romp around their natural habitat: the concrete road.

Whether it’s on an isolated and forested area or in an urban warehouse setting, the three models are all at ease with their surroundings, something the company is emphasizing for in their new line.

Cleverly crafted with a fitting tagline - "Welcome to the Jungle" - the new Jaguar ad speaks to the consumer in ways it has never spoken to before. Sure, the cars still fit the words that we have long described them, but now, they’re opening themselves up to a new kind of fun. This is the kind that speaks to the character of these cars as more than just the conservative brand we previously thought they were.

This is the new face of Jaguar. And might we add, it’s something that a lot of us have long waited to see.

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Jaguar came at this year’s New York Auto Show with the facelift version of their XF luxury sedan. But the most impressive thing for the 2012 model year is the addition of a new 2.2 Diesel version, which will even be available on the US market.

The new 2.2-liter diesel unit will deliver a total of 190 HP and 332 lbs ft of torque, while returning 52.3 mpg on the combined cycle and only 149 g/km of CO2. It will feature a water-cooled turbocharger with low-friction pistons, new injectors, and a new crankshaft. The new configuration allowed Jaguar engineers to add a new oil pan and new electronic systems which affect the crankshaft to allow the new intelligent Stop-Start system to operate more efficiently. The new engine will be mated to an advanced eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox, with the seventh and eight ratios effectively acting as overdrive gears.

With this type of setup, the diesel XF will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 8.5 seconds and will hit a maximum speed of 140 mph.

UPDATE 11/22/2011: Jaguar has released a short film that shows the progress of the XF 2.2 as it crossed 11 states, 2,884-miles, and three time zones, achieving an average economy figure of 62.9 mpg! We have also added a new set of images for the XF 2.2 Diesel. Enjoy!

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Our spy photographers were hanging around Jaguar’s test center near the Nurburgring when in the midst of all the XFR models driving around, they came across the vehicle seen in these spy shots. This may look like a standard XFR, but upon closer inspection, we think this is actually a test mule for the XFR-S model previously confirmed by Jaguar’s Global Brand Director, Adrian Hallmark.

This test mule may be missing some special body parts to distinguish it as the XFR-S, but its track looks a bit wider and it is already sporting the wheels found on the XKR-S . Our proof, however, is in the pudding and that’s the sound escaping from the exhaust. The test mule is currently being tested with the XKR-S Convertible prototype and the sounds the car is emitting are nowhere near the standard XFR’s at the same test center. The throttle response on this test mule is also very quick when the driver floors it, which can only be explained by the presence of the future XFR-S model’s 550 HP engine borrowed from the XKR-S.

Jaguar is getting ready to play in the family sports car segment and we’d love to be there when the Audi RS6 , BMW M5 , and Mercedes E63 AMG experience the competition firsthand.

It’s been about three years since Tata bought Jaguar and Land Rover from one of America’s big top three - Ford - and now the company is thinking of taking the last few necessary steps to completely cut ties with the former owner. A new Tata annual report has been released stating that the company is considering a joint engine-development program with its Jaguar Land Rover unit. If pushed through, the new engine could cement the two brands’ independence from Ford.

"To optimize the synergistic strengths between JLR and Tata Motors in India, an examination is also under way on a joint engine development program which would have manufacturing facilities both in the U.K. and India," Ratan Tata said in a recent interview.

These new engines will be a big step for the Indian company, who are beginning to pick up speed with models like the Range Rover Evoque and the new Jaguar XK and XF . Our concern will be for future models which will need adequate engines to obtain proper performance numbers matching that of the Ford-built engines. Whether or not Tata has the ability to pull something like this off is still up in the air.

Jaguar brought out the XF back in 2008 as a replacement model for the old S-Type in 2008. Three years later and it’s time for the luxury sedan to get a little refreshing in the form of a facelift. The revised XF made its debut today at the New York Auto Show and will be followed by diesel and station wagon versions at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The facelift XF will come with revised front and rear end styling inspired by the XJ sedan. It will also get new engines, including a diesel. The new Ford/PSA-developed 2,200 cc engine is the same one that will be used for the Range Rover Evoque and will deliver a total of 187 HP. The engine will come with a ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox that will send the power to the rear wheels. And since it is equipped with start-stop technology, the new engine will emit less than 130 g/km of CO2.

UPDATE 07/03/2012: Jaguar is joining the likes of many other automakers as it focuses more on turbocharged V6 engines, rather than standard V8s. That’s right, in 2012, Jaguar is axing the standard V-8 in the XF sedan .

Taking its place at the base of the XF lineup is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, which is a Ford design, that pumps out 240 horsepower and 251 pound-feet of torque. The changes don’t stop there on the 2013 XF, as Jaguar is also adding in an optional 3.0-liter V-6 with a supercharger that punches out 340 ponies and 332 pound-feet of torque. The XF will still have its trio of V-8 engines available as options, so if you are looking for a little more oomph you can opt for one of the V-8s, which crank out between 385 and 510 horsepower.

More details on the Jaguar XF after the jump.

The 2011 New York Auto Show provided the perfect setting for Jaguar’s release of the facelift version of the XF sedan, but Jaguar seemed to already be back at work even before that reveal. New rumors are circulating that suggest the company is planning to build a new plant in the UK for the construction of a brand-new six-cylinder engine that will be used in the XF, and possibly in the XJ as well. This new engine will even be offered on the US market.

So far, the Jaguar XF is offered with a 5.0 liter V8 engine in the U.S. market, while the European market can also take advantage of a 2.2 liter diesel four-engine, a 3.0 liter diesel six-cylinder, and a 3.0 liter V6. The new engine will replace the current V6 and may be able to deliver around 300 Hp, up from the current 240 HP, with the use of an eight-speed automatic. This seems to be the final step before jumping on the hybrid wagon with everyone else. Gas prices aren’t slowing down on their consistent northward climb, so a more efficient engine is definitely a move on the right direction.

The new V6 should appear in the XF or XJ sometime in early 2013 or 2014.

After what seemed to be a flop of an auto show in 2009, the AutoRai is said to come back this year chock full of automakers ready to show off the best of their work. One luxury automaker making its presence known will be Jaguar with two special editions designed by Jaguar’s chief designer, Ian Callum. The two models are called the XF and XJ Designer Editions and will be limited to only 20 units each.

The XF Designer Edition is based on the 3.0 liter V6 version and will feature Bi-Xenon headlights, 19 inch alloy wheels in Artura Stratus Grey metallic paint or Ultimate Black, a heated leather steering wheel, standard sports seats, and a heated windshield.

The XJ Designer Edition is based on the same 3.0 liter V6 version and will be distinguished by a leather headliner, a Bowers & Wilkins 1200W audio system, a TV tuner, and a Dual View display on the Touch HD Screen.

Both models have been painted in Stratus Grey London and combined with tan leather upholstery and a Piano Black dash finish. Sales will begin in May 2011 with the XF Designer getting a price tag of € 77,790 ($110,000 at the current exchange rates), while the XJ Designer will sell for € 121,290 ($171,000 at the current exchange rates).

It seems that Jaguar is bringing its own little treat to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in the form of a special edition XF-R . Various internet sources are reporting that the new edition will be called the S-C Exclusive Package, but not many details are accompanying the title. The only thing we have so far is this first image placed on the official Geneva Motor Show website. We’re expecting to see a few exterior and interior updates when the S-C Exclusive Package is unveiled at the show, but we don’t think Jaguar will touch the 5.0 Liter supercharged V8 engine underneath the hood. Jaguar lovers will have to make do with the 510 HP found in the current model.

Speaking of the current model, we think it’s a bit strange that Jaguar has decided to offer a new special edition XF-R when the company is already testing a facelift version. This leads us to believe that the S-C Exclusive Package will be the current XF-R’s final hoorah before the new model settles in.

All that aside, we’re looking forward to seeing what Jaguar has done with the sports car so check back with us on March 1st, 2011 when we get all of the official details.

Owning a Jaguar carries with it an exclusivity all by itself, but when you own a special limited edition Jaguar, then the exclusivity mark jumps up another 100 notches. Well, Jaguar enthusiasts, get ready to claw your way to that type of distinctiveness. Jaguar teamed up with UK’s leading luxury automotive retailer, Stratstone, to unveil the special edition XFR Stratstone Le Mans, limited to only 50 units. Pricing for the luxury vehicle has yet to be announced, but what we do know is that Jaguar will be supporting the Royal British Legion with a donation of £5,000 from the sales of the Stratstone Le Mans model.

The XFR Stratstone Le Mans special edition is distinguished by a black front grille with a color-coded grille surround, chrome finish twin bonnet louvers with supercharged script, and 20" gloss black wheels with Jaguar R brakes and red center caps. The interior gets personalized sill plaques, embossed leather headrests, a gear selector carrying the Stratstone Le Mans emblem, as well as piano black veneer with a dark mesh aluminum dash and soft grain leather.

Under the hood there will be a 5.0 liter supercharged V8 engine that delivers 510 HP and sprints the car from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and up to a top speed limited to 155 mph.

Not only will owners of the Jaguar XFR Stratstone Le Mans own a bit of Jaguar exclusivity, but they will also get a chance to watch the 79th annual Le Mans 24 hour race live in June 2011.

Full details in the press release after the jump.

The current generation Jaguar XF was unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and went on sale in March 2008. It turned out to be quite a successful model, but times have changed, and so shall the XF. Jaguar has already announced that they will be offering a facelifted version of the XF in 2011, but it’s the model that will be presented after that, in 2015, that has caught our attention.

The 2015 Jaguar XF will come with some radical changes. First, it will switch to an entirely new platform, then it will get a new exterior design. But the change that is the most trendy will be the new hybrid drive system that will be found under the hood.

Tata Motors confirmed a while ago that all the Jaguar models will feature light weight aluminum bodies: "Jaguar and Land Rover is planning to have all its future cars constructed with light weight aluminum bodies resulting in considerable savings in weight, and reduction in CO2 emissions." The first model that saw this change was the Jaguar XJ , and the XF will follow.

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