Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF

  The Jaguar XF is a mid-size luxury car produced by British car manufacturer Jaguar. The XF replaced the Jaguar S-Type and was launched at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar revealed today the new XF Diesel S powered by the 3.0-litrer AJ-V6D Gen III diesel that delivers 240 hp or 275 hp for the S trim. This engine is currently not available in the U.S., nor have there been any announced plans for Jaguar to bring its diesel line to the U.S.

The new 3.0-liter engines meet the forthcoming EU5 regulations, due to come into force at the start of 2011. And these great performance leaps are achieved with combined average fuel consumption in both models of 42.0mpg – an improvement on the 2.7-litre engine of 12 percent.

The Diesel S accelerates from 0-60mph in just 5.9 seconds, 1.8 seconds quicker than the excellent 2.7-litre model. In-gear acceleration is equally impressive, with a 50-70mph time of just 3.2 seconds. Maximum speed is electronically limited to 155mph.

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Jaguar XFR spied again

Visually, it’s hard to get excited about the Jaguar XFR . In true British understatement, the car pretty much just gets larger air intakes and a couple small hood louvers. So why do we keep showing the spy shots? Because we get to talk about the engine.

The XFR is expected to be the debut of Jaguar’s biggest engine. The company took its 4.2-liter V8 unit and expanded it to 5.0-liters, pumping out 500 hp in supercharged form. This will land the XF line in BMW M5 territory. Expect the blown cat before the end of 2009.

Source: AutoExpress

As reported last week, Jaguar is planning an assault on the sports car market . It is going after new segments with coupes and convertibles. Cars like the Audi A5 will have new a competitor as one of the first new Jags will be a coupe version of the XF sedan .

The coupe version will be heavily based (of course) on the current XF sedan. It will keep the same look of a "menacing cat" as the sedan, but will is rumored to take on a sportier personality. It will likely get a revised suspension and headlamp shape. Engine choices will likely remain the same as the sedan, so the XF coupe will probably top out with the 4.2-liter 400 hp supercharged V8 (possibly an 500 hp "R" version will appear in the future.)

Jaguar already has its hands full with the XF sedan, so don’t expect to see the coupe before 2010. Jaguar still has to debut the 500 hp XF-R sedan in January at the Detroit Auto Show before focusing the coupe.

New ownership seems to be agreeing with Jaguar. Now that Jaguar is out from under Ford’s large shadow, its allowed to expand out into more sports cars. Although many would have like to have seen the very British brand go back into the hands of a British company, Tata seems to be using its deep economical resources to expand its crown jewel marque.

As reported earlier, Jaguar plans to expand its line-up with more two-door cars. First on the list seems to be the coupe and convertible versions of the XF sedan. The XF Roadster will feature a folding fabric roof, along with a slightly shortened wheelbase to improve structural rigidity. The Coupe XF is rumored to be utilizing Jaguar’s design strength to create a swoopy competitor to the Audi A5 . Both the coupe and roadster will look to the XF sedan for its powersource. This will likely mean a V6 available in Europe, and the 4.2-liter V8 as the base in North America. The cars are expected by around 2010 and should have a price point close to the XF (currently about $50K.)

Audi isn’t the only German brand Jaguar is taking aim at. The cat is also focusing on pouncing on the Porsche Boxster and Cayman . Possibly by 2012, a new small budget-minded roadster would appear under the name "F-Type". Its styling should come from the now almost nine-year-old concept design and the new XK/XF brand image. The new droptop would utilize a much-shortened XJ chassis. If this roadster does make it into production, the same rumors say that it is likely a hardtop would soon follow.

Jaguar isn’t completely abandoning sports sedans. The 500 hp XFR is set to be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January, and a new XJ should arrive by 2010.

Source: AutoExpress

Before its official unveiling at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, the Jaguar XF-R has been scoped in Sierra Nevada mountain range in southern Spain. While there’s no new info, and really not that much in this spy shot, it’s just a good excuse to show off a little from one of our favorite sports sedans .

Jaguar currently offers supercharged engine for the XF, but that is with the 4.2-liter V8. The XF-R will take advantage of the V8 enlarged to 5.0-liters with supercharging, which is expected to be the engine of choice across Jaguar’s "R" line of cars. Total power should be between 500 and 510 hp. The blown engine should give the XF-R a 0-60mph sprint in less than five seconds and a top speed of 155mph.

Like most "R" line cars from Jaguar, understatement will be the key word. The big visual difference between the the XF and the XF-R will be larger air intakes in the front bumper and the hood vents (same as the XKR). So although it may be hard to distinguish the XF-R from the regular XF sedan, it will be running with the cars like BMW M5 , Audi RS6 and Mercedes E63 AMG .

Source: CarMagazine

Jaguar is the company that won’t die, and the XF is the proof. The company has been on death’s door multiple times and at one time earned a reputation for cars that only started when they felt like it. Yet this cat has had its share of nine live for one reason: style.

The XF represents the first truly original sedan from Jaguar in quite some time. The old S-Type , which this car replaces, was the modern interpretation of a Mark 1 and 2 Jaguars of the 50s and 60s. When we had the XKR in our fleet , it was mentioned that the XK series was supposed to lead the way for Jaguar design, and that is shown in the XF. Which in some ways makes the XF the kind of sedan that is for sports car lovers who need a real back seat.

Jaguar will unveil the XF-R at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2009 and sales will begin in 2010. Latest spy shots caught the BMW M5 rival testing in California.

Power comes from a 500bhp 5.0-liter supercharged V8, which will become the Jaguar family’s shared supercharged engine. The blown engine should give the XF-R a 0-60mph sprint in less than five seconds and a top speed of 155mph. Like in the previous spy shots , the big visual difference between the the XF and the XF-R will be larger air intakes in the front bumper and the hood vents (same as the XKR).

Source: AutoExpress

Jaguar use Detroit to show off its big, new engines. The 2009 Detroit Auto Show will premiere Jaguar’s two high-performance flagships: the XFR and a revamped XKR. Both models will be powered by a supercharged V8 engine that will deliver 510-hp and 500-lb-ft of torque. This is 90 hp bump from the previous supercharged engine largely due to an increase in displacement from 4.2 liters to 5.0.

Both models will make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in the mid-four-second range. The new Jaguar models can easily compete with the AMG competitors from Mercedes, mainly because both models weigh considerably less. Sales of the blown XK and XF should begin in March 2009.

Jaguar is also developing projects further down the road. The company is currently working on the new XJ sedan (set to be launched in 2011), codenamed X351. The new XJ will take its cues from the XF sedan but will be lower, wider, and sleeker. It will also get new direct-injection drivetrain and may also get a diesel version for the U.S. market.

Source: Motor Trend
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After few months of waiting for someone to give Jaguar’s newest cat a meaner growl, Arden, the British tuning company specialized in Jaguar cars, finally unveiled its customized AJ 21 based on the Jaguar XF . As you can see from the photos the new vehicle features a new body kit consisting in a completely re-designed front bumper with integrated daytime running LED’s in the Audi style, new side sills, a trunk spoiler and a re-designed rear spoiler with integrated exhaust system and rear air diffuser.

Arden AJ 21 based on the Jaguar XF

Under the hood, the 4.2 liter supercharged V8 engine was replaced by a much stronger 4.5-liter engine capable to develop 550 hp. The 2.7-liter V6 engine offers now 250 hp, with 43 hp more than the standard version. Also a new suspension was added in order to improve the stability of the car, together with new 21-inch alloy wheels. No words about the price yet.

Jaguar presented this week-end at the Goodwood Festival of Speed the 2010 XF-R. The XF-R is powered by a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers 500 hp.

The sports sedan has had adjustments to the suspension and brakes to match the increased power and sportivity of the XF-R. Optically we see the new 20″ inch all-black wheels, black front grill and new hood with two double air vents.

We presume the XF-R will make its world debut this month at the British Auto Show, so stay tuned!

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