Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ

  Jaguar has been making the current XJ since 2003, but the design is an evolution from the first series of the XJ from over 40 years ago.

No one can be a fan of Formula One without knowing the name Flavio Briatore. This multi-millionaire has managed two different Formula One racing teams, most recently Renault F1, and has made a fortune in the fashion industry with the Billionaire fashion and sportswear brand. With a net worth of about $200 million, a man like this certainly has a few elaborate vehicles parked somewhere along his mansion, and a Jaguar XJ220 is one of them.

For whatever reason, Briatore has decided to place his Jaguar up for sale on making this the perfect opportunity for a fan to pick up one of the 350 units produced of the vehicle. Up until 1994, the Jaguar XJ220 was the fastest production vehicle, hitting a top speed of 217mph. It is powered by a 3,498cc 24-valve twin turbo V6 engine with 542 HP and is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.8 seconds.

No specific price has been given for this exquisite ride, but back in 1990, it was priced at $600,000 so expect a tag somewhere in that area.

The 2011 New York Auto Show provided the perfect setting for Jaguar’s release of the facelift version of the XF sedan, but Jaguar seemed to already be back at work even before that reveal. New rumors are circulating that suggest the company is planning to build a new plant in the UK for the construction of a brand-new six-cylinder engine that will be used in the XF, and possibly in the XJ as well. This new engine will even be offered on the US market.

So far, the Jaguar XF is offered with a 5.0 liter V8 engine in the U.S. market, while the European market can also take advantage of a 2.2 liter diesel four-engine, a 3.0 liter diesel six-cylinder, and a 3.0 liter V6. The new engine will replace the current V6 and may be able to deliver around 300 Hp, up from the current 240 HP, with the use of an eight-speed automatic. This seems to be the final step before jumping on the hybrid wagon with everyone else. Gas prices aren’t slowing down on their consistent northward climb, so a more efficient engine is definitely a move on the right direction.

The new V6 should appear in the XF or XJ sometime in early 2013 or 2014.

After what seemed to be a flop of an auto show in 2009, the AutoRai is said to come back this year chock full of automakers ready to show off the best of their work. One luxury automaker making its presence known will be Jaguar with two special editions designed by Jaguar’s chief designer, Ian Callum. The two models are called the XF and XJ Designer Editions and will be limited to only 20 units each.

The XF Designer Edition is based on the 3.0 liter V6 version and will feature Bi-Xenon headlights, 19 inch alloy wheels in Artura Stratus Grey metallic paint or Ultimate Black, a heated leather steering wheel, standard sports seats, and a heated windshield.

The XJ Designer Edition is based on the same 3.0 liter V6 version and will be distinguished by a leather headliner, a Bowers & Wilkins 1200W audio system, a TV tuner, and a Dual View display on the Touch HD Screen.

Both models have been painted in Stratus Grey London and combined with tan leather upholstery and a Piano Black dash finish. Sales will begin in May 2011 with the XF Designer getting a price tag of € 77,790 ($110,000 at the current exchange rates), while the XJ Designer will sell for € 121,290 ($171,000 at the current exchange rates).

Jaguar unveiled the C-X75 Concept car at the 2010 Paris Auto Show to show everyone that they had plenty of potential left to uncover as an automaker. And, although the concept was a huge success and served its purpose, Jaguar still needed to prove that this potential prevailed in more than just a design study. Now, under Tata Tata ’s influential arm, Jaguar is looking into building "a more accessible variation of the C-X75 concept." Turns out the translation of this statement is a sports car with the C-X75 look and a more conventional engine. There are no details for this model just yet, nor is there any official confirmation of its production, but we’re adding it to our list of models likely to be built within the next few years.

Tata’s influence over Jaguar is further illustrated in their future lineup, which includes a lightweight XKR R-type Spyder, a high-performance diesel, and, yes, a crossover that will take on models like the Audi Q5. The British luxury automaker is also working on a coupe version of the current XJ luxury sedan featuring a shortened wheelbase and described as "much more dynamic and emotional than a Mercedes CL."

Out of the all year-end lists we compiled, picking the top sedan of the year was quite honestly the most difficult of them all.

First of all, the choices are limitless compared to the other segments. Second of all, 2010 has been characterized as a year when sedans - be it entry level ones or luxury types - have become as popular as ever. And lastly, picking one over another has become a matter of preference - and to a certain extent, budget constraints.

For our list, we’ve narrowed it down to five models, all of which are worthy of being hailed as 2010’s top sedan. In this list, three are of German descent, one is of Japanese origin, while the other is British-born. From our hints, you can probably surmise which models made it, but for the sake of suspense, we’re not going to spoil anything.

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The Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond may be all fun and jokes in front of the camera, but despite their cunning wit and silly banter, these three all share a unique similarity: they know everything and anything there is to know about cars.

When they say a car is good or bad, their opinions carry more clout than the standard human because they’ve done their homework through countless hours of testing, free drives, and taped segments on the show. And now that we’re nearing the end of an amazingly eventful year, the trio have decided to finally release their choice of vehicles that will be included in the 11th Top Gear Awards.

With categories ranging from Hypercar of the Year, Grand Tourer of the Year, Coupe of the Year, and even Engine of the Year, the three hosts took everything they’ve seen, heard, and driven in 2010 to come up with a winner for each respective category.

In addition to these categories, Clarkson, May, and Hammond also picked their favorite cars of the year regardless of make, model, and type. Care to find out the award winners?

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It appears that the recall bug has bitten a piece off of the big cat’s chink, prompting said big cat to issue a safety recall of their new XJ sedan.

After discovering a problem with the front wipers, Jaguar is set to recall 6,475 US-spec units of XJ models built from July 28, 2009 to November 3, 2010. The problem, it seems, stems from a malfunction where the front wiper arms weren’t torqued sufficiently during the car’s assembly. What this does is when the front wipers are being used, the securing nuts holding them in place could come loose and, as a result, lead to the wipers hitting each other, or worse, completely detach themselves from the car leaving the driver in a very precarious situation of driving without wipers when it’s raining.

The recall is set to start on or before December 13. Owners are encouraged to contact their dealers, who are instructed to check whether the wiper arms have been fitted correctly and should there be a problem the dealership will fix the problem at no cost to the owner. For more information on the matter, Jaguar XJ owners can ring up Jaguar at 800-637-6837.

Source: NHTSA

As with every other aftermarket tuning company, there are those that specialize in one brand above all others and become synonymous for their work on that particular auto brand.

For Arden , that brand is Jaguar .

As the premier specialists in Jaguar tuning, Arden has released a number of packages especially devoted to the British marquee and has always received great acclaim for their work. Arden has continued that approach after releasing their latest modification kit for one of Jaguar’s new vehicles, the 2010 XJ saloon.

The mod kit, which covers, the exterior, interior, and powertrain of the XJ is yet another testament to the brand’s unique expertise in tuning Jaguars. For this particular time, the aftermarket-tuning firm worked on a discreet styling kit, giving it a rather unique bespoke appearance yet doesn’t do so in an overly exaggerated manner. The company changed the XJ’s front appearance by putting in a stainless steel mesh grille, installing a set of LED fog lights, 21-inch lightweight alloy wheels with a two-tone finish and a multi-spoke design, and, in a fit of nostalgia, brought back the old ‘leaping cat’ emblem that Jaguar dropped from their vehicles a few years ago.

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Source: Arden
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At one time, this was the fastest vehicle in the world, but those days are behind the Jaguar XJ220. Despite it losing the crown, the supercar can still remain one of the coolest machines ever to be built and that point was driven home at the SEMA motor show.

The matte-grayJaguar is actually for sale, as the previous owner decided to trade up, if that was possible. As you know, the XJ220 features a 500+ horsepower twin-turbo V6, but reports indicated that the owner has tuned and modified it to well over 700 horsepower.

That color is a bit of oddity, as it’s a unique color and could hamper the resale value of the vehicle. Perhaps a better way to go would have been to use Meguiar’s paint wraps that can come off, unlike this which is now permanent.

The car was worked on and brought to the show by Specialty Car Craft, a company that has worked on many different exotic vehicles of the years. At the SEMA show, the company had a Rolls-Royce Phantom , a matte-green Lamborghini Murcielago and a matte-orangeLotus Exige on display.

You can keep your tuned Honda CR-Zs , we’ll have one of these.

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One look at the new Jaguar XJ for 2011 and you’ll be staring at it for weeks on end. At least, that’s what we did because this vehicle is simply stunning in every way possible. It’s not bland, boring, or unrecognizable in any way. It’s unique and possibly, one of the most beautiful things ever to come out of the Jaguar factory.

There has been a trend in the luxury car segment recently and it hasn’t been for the better. Where as automakers once attempted to create unique products that would separate them from the herd, today’s luxury sedans seem to blend together in the automotive parking lot. Sure, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7-Series look good in their own way, but ask a normal person which one was which and they might not even know.

This is part of the reason why we love the XJ and why it won our luxury car top ten comparison.

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