Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK

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We have seen Jaguar’s modern day interpretation of the classic E-type sports car before , and although it looked a lot like our latest member of the Top Speed test fleet it was a cat of a completely different nature. That is because our Liquid Silver Jaguar XK convertible is powered by the automaker’s all new 5.0 Liter V8 that makes a total of 385 HP and 380 lb-ft of torque that propels the drop top sports coupe from 0 to 60 MPH in only 5.2 seconds and gets as much as 22 MPG on the highway.

Initial thoughts: 2010 Jaguar XK

Whereas last year’s model felt a bit tame; the new XK, even in naturally aspirated form, is packing enough power under the hood to satisfy a few desperate housewives. Much of the 2010 XK’s exterior remains the same, the only update for the new year are a pair of thin slits that serve as air intakes as opposed to the previous model’s round fog lights and the lower air dam has been squared off with a few 90 degree angles. Starting up front the Jaguar’s familiar fish eye headlights frame the E-Type inspired retro round opening in the front bumper. The XK’s blistered wheel arches house a set of multi spoke Caravela alloys measuring 19 inches in diameter. While out back our feline retains its familiar wide rear end.

Initial thoughts: 2010 Jaguar XK

On the inside the Jaguar XK is finished like a fine English sports car. Pieced together with high quality materials ranging from Burl Walnut veneer to the polished aluminum cup holders and seat controls, suede on the A pillar and soft Ivory/Oyster leather that covers the seats, dash and door panels. Every item that you can touch takes the XK one step beyond what you would expect from ordinary automobiles. One fun touch for driving enthusiasts is that the perforated leather wrapped front seats have multiple power adjustments, allowing the driver to inflate a pair of adjustable hip bolsters that inflate to keep them in place during spirited driving. On the other hand our XK came with the same complicated touch screen navigation system that controls everything from climate control to the satellite radio. At an even $89,000 our 2010 XK is a perfect example of just how luxurious a base model Jaguar can be.

The high end tuning house, Arden , has just revealed the very exclusive Arden A-Type. This stylish feline is based on the previous generation of the Jaguar XK and one of the many things that make it so special is that only 5 kits will be made before the craftsmen at Arden break the molds.

What’s interesting is that hose molds held a composite body that was perfected in the wind tunnel, adding to the finished product’s purpose built look that is a prerequisite for any speed machine . The overall appearance is a car that looks like it is going 200 MPH standing still. The look is achieved by a wider set of fenders that house the 20 inch Arden Sportline wheels that are covering up the oversized brake kit consisting of 6 piston fixed calipers to slow the car down so that the sport tuned Bilstein suspension can do what it is that they do in the turns.

The rest of the body is upgraded with racing inspired hand crafted touches like the fuel filler, mirrors and bare carbon front splitter. This kit from Arden is for the Jaguar XK owner who wants to take their car’s appearance, handling and braking to the next level, one that suitably matches the power of blown V8 or even a slightly modified Jaguar for track day fun. Either way, the only place where finding one of these five kits on another road going Jaguar is in Dubai, so if you are anywhere else in the world, you can feel safe knowing that you will have the only A-Type around.

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When Jaguar first started showing off its 2010 XKR and XFR earlier this year, we were pretty excited. After all, both cars would now get 90 extra horsepower stuffed into bodies we already liked for their the handsome British looks.

First Drive: 2010 Jaguar XKR and XFR

We weren’t the only ones. Most of the press seemed to latch on to the new 5.0-liter V8 engine and didn’t pick up on the other improvements that make these two R-cars all-around performers. Jaguar has picked up on this and is going across the country to give the XKR and XFR a proper introduction.

It’s a seven-city journey called the Jaguar Legendary Performance Tour. This invite-only occasion allows Jag owners as well as owners of competitor cars to come out to local raceways across the country and put the R-cars through the ringer. Didn’t get your invite in the mail? Don’t worry Jaguar let us smoke the tires on the 510 hp XKR and XFR at Palm Beach International Raceway before the guests had a chance to flog them.

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The Jaguar XK is a modern day interpretation of the classic Jaguar E-type . It is also the most expensive of Jaguar model being sold today. Our XK was a drop top 4 seater, propelled by a 300 HP V8, packaged in a lightweight aluminum monocoque that produced an exhilarating driving experience. It is nice to see that the XK has not lost any of the fine touches associated with English craftsmanship, since the company was sold to the Indian automaker, Tata Motors , on June 2 of last year.

Jaguar seems to be clearing out the last of the 2009 XKs in Australia with a special edition. It’s called the XK-S, and its nothing like the XKR-S of last summer. Where the Europe-only XKR-S was a supercharged Jag with a great handling package, the XK-S for Australia is basically an appearance package.

This Jag comes with 20-inch Senta alloy wheels, luxury sports interior, brushed aluminum gear knob, bright finish pedals, as well as a few more exterior enhancements. It also gets the standard 2009 XK engine, which is the 4.2-liter V8 that makes about 300 hp. Not a bad engine, but we’ll probably wait for the upgraded 385 hp 5.0-liter V8 that is already announced for the 2010 model .

The production will only be limited to nine units, which means this car will at least be exclusive. This is a good thing considering eachexample has an asking price of about $138,000 U.S. ($209,400 in Aussie cash).

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We just saw the updates to Jaguar’s XF and XK lines last month in Detroit, and now they are about ready to hit the streets. Jaguar had just announced 2010 pricing for the U.S. on both lines.

The XF will now start at $52,000 (up about $2,025 from 2009) and top out with the fastest Jaguar ever, the 510 hp XFR at $80,000. For the XK line, the coupe will start at $83,000 and convertible goes for $89,000. Change the engine to the 510 hp supercharged XKR and pricing goes up to $96,000 for the coupe and $102,000 for the convertible.

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2009 Jaguar XK spied undisguised

Jaguar is preparing to celebrate its upgraded engine in the XK in true English fashion: very mildly. The Xk is receiving more of a updating than a facelift for the 2009 model year. The biggest visual changes to the outside of the car are two new vertical slats just below the headlights and XF-inspired LED rear lights. Inside the car, the J-Gate shifter has finished its slow death, and is replaced with the rising knob from the XF .

What’s really exciting about the car is the engine. The V8 engine the Jaguar uses across its entire family line has been enlarged from 4.2 liters to 5.0. This means that the naturally aspired cars now match the 2008 XKR ’s 400 hp, and the 2009 supercharged XKR will get upgraded to 500 hp. Internationally Jaguar will also offer a 271 hp 3.0-liter diesel in the XK, but don’t bother looking for it in U.S. dealerships.

At the Detroit Auto Show, next to the XF-R, Jaguar will also present the new XKR.

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Is Jaguar working on its new hybrid platform technology? According to spy photographers who caught this new XK , the car was not nearly making the same amount of noise usually heard from the throaty V8 sports car. Also, Jaguar is rumored to be hard at work on green technology.

When the car pictured here was researched at the U.K.’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing agency, it was listed as having CO2 emissions of 0 g/km. But that more likely just confirms that this is a prototype and may not necessarily point to a hybrid. Either way, the car’s front and rear bumpers are both different from those of the current XK.

So, is this a hybrid? Or just a facelift version?

Source: AutoCar

According to AutoCar, jaguar is planning to unveil a diesel-powered XK. The XK diesel version will be powered by a win-turbo 3.0-litre version of the 2.7 V6 TD currently used in the company’s saloons.

Output will be over 250 hp and and should ensure that the XK is easily capable of over 30mpg in normal driving conditions.

Source: AutoCar

Jaguar revealed at the British Motor Show the new XK60 special edition, a model created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of that iconic car. The car will be priced at £60,995 for the Coupe version and £66,995 for the Convertible.

Jaguar XK60

The XK60 is powered by a 4.2-litre naturally aspirated AJ-V8 engine with continuously variable valve timing that delivers 298PS at 6000rpm and 303lb ft (411Nm) at 4100rpm. It makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 5,9 seconds (coupe) and 6.0 seconds (convertible). Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph.

The XK60 customer will benefit from dramatic 20-inch Senta alloy wheels, a sporty alloy gear knob and selector-gate surround, plus distinctive body enhancements: a new front spoiler and rear valance panel, chrome-finished side vents and bright upper and lower front grille meshes, special tailpipe finishers and appliqués on both sides of the car.

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