2003 Jaguar XF 10 Concept by Fuore Design

Be it in the animal kingdom or in the urban jungle: the jaguar stands for elegance, matched with power and intelligence. Characteristics that add to the sovereignty with which these automotive felines command respect on all roads.

Jaguar XF 10 Concept by Fuore Design

The Fuore Design team, above all Erwin Himmel, have developed a racy sports car: driven by the sporting spectacle of the Grand Prix world, and the great English make’s traditional values. The XF 10’s presence leaves no room for doubt: Surrounded by the scent of Formula One. A two-seater, given, but unmistakably demanding nonetheless. Pure power, dynamism added, exclusively clothed: a creation that is perfect for the exclusive followers of fast and beautiful legends.

Jaguar XF 10 Concept by Fuore Design

The X is a tribute to the legendary two-seaters that made their way from Coventry to the most beautiful boulevards of the world in the 50’s. The F points to the idea’s origins–Formula One, and the concluding 10 is a reference to the car’s 10 cylinders – the configuration of the engine common to Formula One.


one sweet car......too bad it was never made for production

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