2010 Jaguar XF Coupe

As reported last week, Jaguar is planning an assault on the sports car market . It is going after new segments with coupes and convertibles. Cars like the Audi A5 will have new a competitor as one of the first new Jags will be a coupe version of the XF sedan .

The coupe version will be heavily based (of course) on the current XF sedan. It will keep the same look of a "menacing cat" as the sedan, but will is rumored to take on a sportier personality. It will likely get a revised suspension and headlamp shape. Engine choices will likely remain the same as the sedan, so the XF coupe will probably top out with the 4.2-liter 400 hp supercharged V8 (possibly an 500 hp "R" version will appear in the future.)

Jaguar already has its hands full with the XF sedan, so don’t expect to see the coupe before 2010. Jaguar still has to debut the 500 hp XF-R sedan in January at the Detroit Auto Show before focusing the coupe.


interesting look but i like it is hot

Thats only a photoshop image, the actual car will probably look different then that. I love the XF, best new Jag in a while - My engineering tutor at Uni is working on the XF-R but he won’t tell us anything about it!

Well, not exactly a car on my taste,but it’s a big luxury coupe, and it looks better then a continental GT or a merc CL, it should be a good car, hope the indians won’t stick up there nose in jag’s cars

looks more like a facelifted conti GT

humm interesting look but the rear windows are a little too big, especially considering the XF is already a 4 door coupe...

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