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  Jaguar is a British luxury car manufacturer and is part of the Jaguar Land Rover business which is a subsidiary of the Indian company Tata Motors. Before being a part of Tata Motors, Jaguar was owned by Ford from 1999 to 2008. Founded originally in 1922, Jaguar has an illustrious racing history and today it manufacturers’ luxury sedans and coupes.

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Jaguar XKR-S GT

Earlier this year at the 2013 New York Auto Show , Jaguar unveiled the 2014 XKR-S GT - a special edition initially intended to be limited to only 30 units, but due to high demand, increased to 50 units. Now, in an interview with Edmunds, Jaguar’s design studio director Wayne Burgess confirmed that the company plans to offer more R-S GT models.

Burgess said that the R-S GT line will become something similar to the Black Series models offered by Mercedes. He said that starting at this point, all the future models will get an "R" version, while the "R-S" version will be offered for more extreme enthusiast-focused variants. He added that the "R-S GT" badge will be used for for limited-run, hand-built special editions.

While Burgess offered no details on the next model to get the GT treatment, we expect to see it applied to either the XFR-S or the new F-Type roadster .

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Rendering: 2015 Jaguar SUV

In the past few years, we have heard lots of rumors about a possible Jaguar crossover , but up to this point we had no official confirmation.

Today is a new day and with this new day comes a very soft confirmation of this crossover. In Europe, Jaguar has trademarked two nameplates — Q-Type and XQ — following the same tradition as the current models, like the F-Type and XF . We have no idea on what models the new nameplates will be used for, but the "Q" in the nomenclature has surely something to do with an SUV.

Previous rumors suggested that the Jaguar SUV could be based on a the Range Rover Sport platform, but it is quite unlikely. Instead the model could use the same platform as the smaller Evoque . As for the engine lineup, Jaguar will likely offer a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and a 2.0-liter diesel engine. A 3.0-liter V-6 diesel is another possibility.

Apparently China will play a big part in Jaguar’s decision on offering an SUV or not.

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Jaguar announced its intentions to release a coupe version of the F-Type once the roadster version hit the market. Until now, however, the car has never been spotted testing anywhere around the world, so we had to just trust Jaguar’s word.

Today, we can add some substance to Jag’s claim, as leaked patent drawings of the F-Type Coupe have made their way onto the Internet and they reveal the final design of the sports coupe. Not that it’s very hard to imagine how an F-Type Coupe would look like, since you are essentially slapping a fixed roof on top of the F-Type Roadster . Reports point toward everything else being borrowed from the roadster version, including the exterior look and the engine lineup.

The F-Type Coupe will arrive on the market sometime in 2014 and will be followed by a more powerful R version. A Sport Brake version has also been rumored, but we doubt we are ever going to see it.

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In the latest episode of his show, Jay Leno got behind the wheel of one of his personal cars: an original 1963 Jaguar E-Type (XKE to be more precise). This is the second classic E-Type owned by Leno; the other one is a Roadster model that is heavily modified.

However, as Jay Leno is a big fan of the original cars, he bought this 1963 XKE from a lady which owned it for 50 years.

The 1963 XKE is powered by a 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine that delivers a total of 265 horsepower. The model could sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.1 seconds and could go up to a top speed of 149 mph – all respectable numbers for an older car.

Check this video to see what Jay Leno has to say about this amazing sports car and if he is pleased or not about his acquisition.

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As promised today, April 24th, Jaguar has dropped its long awaited "Desire" - a movie that tells the story of Clark, played by actor Damian Lewis, and features the all-new F-Type .

Clark is a man who delivers cars for a living and gets into trouble after encountering a mysterious, young woman (Shannyn Sossamon) in the middle of the desert. But could it be that simple? Apparently not because in the desert nothing is simple!

The stars of this short movie are: Golden Globe winner Damian Lewis, Shannyn Sossamon and Jordi Mollà. The music is played by BRIT award winner Lana Del Rey. In fact, the F-Type also stared in one of Del Rey’s previously launched clips: "Burning Desire."

The highly anticipated short film was shown for the first time at London’s The O2, after the festival’s opening press conference, which attracted media from all over the world. You can enjoy the video above.

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Tiff Needell has put face to face two models that have kept themselves in headlines in the past few months: theJaguar F-Type and the new-generation Porsche 911 Cabrio . To keep the battle fair, Needell had to opt for the F-Type V6 S version; a model that delivers a total of 380 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque.

Even so, the 911 Cabrio has quite a disadvantage, as it only delivers 345 horsepower - 35 horsepower less than the F-Type. But the F-Type is about 353 pounds heavier, so it looks like we are in for quite a fair fight, or are we? Check out the above video to see which of the two roadsters is the fastest!

Regardless of which one wins, we wouldn’t mind having either one at our disposal, despite the fact that we definitely prefer the looks of the F-Type. Enjoy!

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The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show was home to Jaguar ’s debut of the C-X16 Concept and since the market’s reaction was so positive, the company has decided to offer a production version. After a long period of teasing, the new Jaguar F-Type has officially been unveiled at the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

The model will be offered in three different trim levels: F-Type, F-Type S, and F-Type V8 S. It will also come with a choice of two engines: a 3-liter supercharged V6 and a 5.0 liter V8 engine. The V6 version delivers 340 or 380 HP, depending on the trim level, while the V8 is only being offered in a 495 HP version. The F-Type was built on the most advanced rigid and lightweight aluminum architecture and with a total weight of just 3,521 lbs, it can hit speeds of up to 186 mph.

"Jaguar is a founding member of the sports car segment with a rich sporting bloodline stretching over 75 years, and in the F-TYPE we’ve reignited that flame. The F-TYPE isn’t designed to be like anyone else’s sports car. It’s a Jaguar sports car – ultra-precise, powerful, sensual and, most of all, it feels alive," said Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar.

UPDATE 04/18/2013: Jaguar has dropped five new videos explaining the technology behind the new F-Type Roadster. The videos explain everything from the chassis and suspensions and up to the driving experience. Enjoy!

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Jaguar F-Type Roadster

The recently announced Jaguar XKR-S GT has been a real success and, as no surprise, the company had to look into possibly increasing production numbers from the initially planned 30 units up to 50 units. According to AutoCar, Jaguar boss Adrian Hallmark admitted that the company could develop more limited-edition models in the same spirit of the new XKR-S GT.

These upcoming limited-edition models could also include an F-Type GT. This version will most likely be powered by the same 5.0-liter supercharged V-8 found in models like Jaguar XJR and XKR-S . Unlike the XJR and XKR-S, which pump out 542 horsepower, the F-Type it could see 600 horsepower, making it the most powerful most powerful Jaguar on sale.

A production version for this 600-horsepower F-Type isn’t expected until late in 2016, but a concept version could be unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Jaguar will be celebrating R performance brand’s 25th anniversary with the unveiling of the special-edition XKR-S GT at the 2013 New York Auto Show. The model has been designed as a track-focused, street-legal version of the XKR-S and will be limited to only 30 units: 25 for the U.S. and five for Canada.

The new GT special edition will feature a bespoke aerodynamic package made in carbon-fiber and including: a new front splitter, extended wheel arch spats, a rear diffuser and a large fixed rear wing. It will also feature Polaris Polaris White exterior paint with unique graphics and a Jaguar “R-S GT” logo on the hood. For the interior, the new XKR-S GT will combine Warm Charcoal paint with red accents.

The XKR-S GT will also add improved suspension and high-performance brakes with carbon-ceramic discs.

Updated 04/08/2013: When Jaguar unveiled the XKR-S GT at the New York Auto Show, it announced the model will be limited to only 30 units. However, Jaguar boss, Adrian Hallmark, announced that the production could be increased to 50 units. Of course, this increase will only happen if the market bears demand for it. Stay tuned for more information. (AutoCar)

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Jaguar F-Type Roadster

After Jaguar unveiled the new F-Type Roadster , rumors suggested new derivatives would soon arrive on the market. The first alternative version to arrive will be the coupe version , but now Jaguar is reporting that a new derivative will arrive every 12 to 18 months.

The announcement was made by Jaguar global brand director, Adrian Hallmark, who said the company plans to apply the same strategy Porsche applied to the 911 lineup. The new lineup will include everything from a targa-top version to an ultra-high-performance all-wheel-drive flagship. All new models will arrive between now and 2020.

Hallmark said that the new F-Type has a huge potential and developing a coupe or a targa is very simple. Even more, elements from the XKR-S GT track special editions can be easily applied to the F-Type, so this model will be offered to blaze a trail for the high-performance version, the F-Type R , or maybe something even more powerful.

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