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Je Design

The German tuner Je Design have turned their attention to the Audi Q7 S-Line and are offering a tuning package that includes a muscular wide body kit, performance enhancement, new rims, and an electronically lowered suspension.

The exterior kit includes headlamp lens caps and a new tailgate skirt attachment which incorporates diamond-shaped openings on the right and left. Also featured is a wing spoiler tail fin including a C-pillar trim. The package is finished by 22" wheels offered in four color versions.

If this package sounds and looks a little familiar to anyone, it’s because Je Design has already applied these features on the Audi Q7 before. Back in 2007 , Je Design got their hands on the Q7 and added the widebody kit plus what looks to be the same exterior kit. This isn’t so much a different interpretation of the Audi Q7 so much as a reiteration of a kit they provided years ago.

The Je Design Q7 S-Line also gets an electronically lowered suspension. The tuner did not release any details on the SUV’s new specifications, but we can safely assume they will at least provide the same 500hp provided in the kit used in 2007.

No originality here.

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When Volkswagen revealed the design for the new Volkswagen Touareg, they claimed it to be more elegant and athletic compared to the previous model. Well, apparently the folks over at Je Design had a sportier look in mind. so they developed their new tuning package for the Touareg. All of the details have not been revealed yet, but it is safe to assume there will be more details when the package is completed.

One thing is for sure; this new package is based upon making the Volkswagen Touareg wider. To do this, Je Design have added a new front spoiler, rear apron, and roof edge spoiler. They have also added a tailgate attachment for the lower tailgate area to make the Touareg appear even sportier. Helping out with the widening of this SUV are the special wheel arch extension which can be coupled with the optional wheel spacers. The fattening look is completed with a set of 22" wheels.

Overall, we are not really impressed with this package, but we can only guess that there will be people out there looking for a sportier Touareg. We just hope they don’t mind the cluster of business at the front of the car as shown in this preview.

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JE Design is wasting little time tuning Seat Leon Cupras left and right. After already providing us with the finely-tuned Seat Leon Cupra , they’re at it again after turning their attention to the more Cupra’s more powerful version, the Cupra R . The new tuning package will focus on improving both cars’ aerodynamics and performance.

The standard version of the Cupra R allows a total of 265 hp, but JE Design tuned the engine to an impressive 330 hp and 420 NM. Unfortunately, they did not reveal how this will improve the car’s performance.

The tuning package also includes: a complete bodykit, lowered springs or coilovers, multispoke alloy-wheels, sport-exhaust systems, and exclusive leather interior.

The German tuner, Je Design, revealed the first details on their customization program for the new Volkswagen Golf VI today. The tuner says they will offer a complete bodykit, lowered springs or coilovers, multispoke alloy-wheels, sport-exhaust systems, exclusive leather interior, and a performance upgrade.

While there are no other details offered, you can see that the aerodynamic package will offer a new front spoiler, side skirts, and a rear diffuser.

The tuner gave no details on the engine’s upgrades, but we expect them to be impressive.

Stay tuned for more details!

The German tuning firm that specializes in all things VW, JE Design, has just unveiled a new body kit for the compact Volkswagen Polo. The exterior upgrades consist of a bolder front spoiler complete with a carbon fiber front lip and LED driving lights, lower hanging side skirts with vents in the back and a carbon fiber rear diffuser that frames the stainless steel twin tip exhaust on the outside. While the interior features a host of leather wrapped items like the steering wheel, gear shifter and emergency brake boot while adding creature comforts like two stage seat warmers and quilted suede inserts as well as color matching accent stitching.

As far as performance is concerned, JE starts out by dropping the Polo by 35 mm with a set of sport springs, but tuning enthusaists looking for more versatility will be happy to know that they also offer a set of KW coilovers for the little Polo which allow the chassis to go up to 65 mm lower than standard. The JE Design Polo rolls around on a set of either 17 inch rims that measure seven inches across or a set of 18x7.5 inch wheels finished in shadow silver or matte black with a color matched lip to create one very unique Polo.

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Je Design revealed a new tuning package for the 2010 Seat Leon FR. The package upgrades both performance and styling upgrades and is available for both petrol and diesel versions.

For the petrol version, the TFSI-engine has been upgraded to deliver a total of 270 hp and 355 NM. As a result, the 0 to 60 mph sprint is now made in 6.2 seconds. For the diesel version, the tuner has added a Can-Tronic boosts that updates the output to 204 hp and the torque to 380 NM. The 0 to 60 mph sprint went down to 7.6 seconds.

The aerodynamics package includes: bold headlight blends, LED daytime running lights, front spoiler with the double lip, side skirts, rear skirt attachment, center diffuser attachment, four-pipe exhaust system and 19inch wheels.

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The German tuning firm JE Design has a long history modifying every member of the Volkswagen Family, all the way from Audi to Skoda Skoda . Well the small design house has just released details on their latest customization package for the Spanish built Seat Leon Seat Leon Cupra, a car that won the FIA World Touring Car Championship outright in 2008 with a TDI power plant. The new package from JE Design adds a bit of that attitude from the race car to the ordinary lion’s performance and styling.

Seat leon Cupra by JE Design

On the outside JE keeps things simple with a straight forward ground effects package starting off with a front spoiler to close off the bottom of the Cupra’s wide mouth front bumper. This if followed by a pair of sculpted side skirts that bring the body closer to the ground visually and add some extra scoops to the Seat’s body. Out back JE Design incorporates a rear skirt attachment and diffuser inserts with a wild wing on top to transform the Cupra into a truly hot hatch.

Not wanting to leave the Leon all show and no go, so JE upgraded TSFI power plant to make a maximum out of 285 HP and 283 lb-ft of torque. This allows the Seat Seat Leon Cupra to go from 0 to 60 MPH in only 5.9 seconds, half a second faster then the factory version, while the car’s top speed is raised to a tested 162 MPH.

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The artisans from J.E. Design have unleashed their paintbrushes on another one of the European exclusive members of the Volkswagen Family. The SEAT Leon recently underwent some reconstructive surgery in order to give the Spanish sports car a facelift. J.E. takes the entire process a step further with a complete reworking of the Leon’s exterior.

The tuners started out with a ground effects kit consisting of a set of side skirts as well as new front and rear aprons that bring the body closer to the road. Out front the factory SEAT grill has been replaced by a badge less matte black mesh unit. Above the driver’s head sits a rally inspired roof scoop which is quite possibly more about form than function, and finishing off the bodywork, J.E. has added a very racy rear wing.

J.E. equips the Leon with their signature rim in sizes ranging from 17 inches to 19 inches in diameter. Wheel gap is decreased thanks to a set of sport lowering springs, but even more ride height adjustment is available with a set of J.E. Design coil-overs. Finishing off the tuning package is a free flowing stainless steel exhaust that gives off a distinguished roar to let people know that something special is approaching. As soon as the new Leon hits the market, J.E. will be waiting with their aero kit.

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Diesel cars are very successful in Europe, maybe it is because they have a great fuel range, maybe it is because they don’t pollute as much as they used to or maybe it is because in the European Union, the less refined crude product costs a lot less than standard unleaded gasoline. These are all good reasons why people here in the U.S. should think about test-driving a diesel. Especially if it has been modified by the Volkswagen specialists J.E. Design.

The tuners from Leingarten decided to have a go at a TDI powered version of the latest hot hatch from Wolfsburg, a TDI powered VW Scirocco . Starting out to reestablish diesel’s good name, the tuners came up with an engine program to raise the output of the 140 HP version to 180 HP and increase the thrust from 235 lb-ft to 295 lb-ft of torque. For the more hardcore tuning enthusiast, the 2.0 TDI CR program takes the 170 HP from factory and increases it to 205 HP and increases twisting power to 302 lb-ft of torque. This model can go from 0 to 60 MPH in around 7 seconds flat and hit a top speed of 142 MPH. The power units retail for around 1200 and 1500 Euro each.

The J.E. Design body kit can be yours for only 900 Euro, but the funky door hinges will set you back 1500 E.U. denominations. Sitting pretty under the wide rear end is a new sport inspired stainless steel muffler and the Sky Rocket sits about an inch and a half lower to the ground thanks to a new set of springs that work with the factory shocks in order to eliminate the wheel gap between the Scirocco’s wide fenders and 19 by 8 inch multi spoke rims and tires. In order to recreate what you see before you it would cost around 8000 Euro, that’s a pretty penny to pay for a whole lot of style. Maybe if VW decided to sell this car in the U.S. you could spend some of your tax incentive for going green on the kit.

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