Volkswagen Touareg Facelift by Je Design

Volkswagen has just unveiled the facelift Touareg and Je Design is the first tunner to offer a complete bodykit. A front spoiler with twin headlight insert, side skirts with air intakes, rear valance (fits also on a cars with take off trailer coupling) and a new LED Illumination under the side skirts or rear valance beautifies the silhouette of the Touareg.

Je Design has given a performance boost, which increases the basic power of the 2.5 l TDI engine from 174 bhp to 206 bhp. Following this performance enhancement, the maximum torque goes up to 339 lbs-ft.

Volkswagen Touareg Facelift by Je Design

Je Design also supplies a performance enhancement package for the Touareg V 10 5.0 TDI, which gives the brawny VW 352 bhp, equating to an increase of 39 bhp. Following this enhancement, the maximum torque is increased from 553 to 630 lbs-ft. Placed between R 5 and V 10, the 3.0 V6 TDI completes the available engine offering. 225 bhp and 368 lbs-ft are the standard values of this engine. A power plus of 60 hp and a torque increased by 36 lbs-ft propel the Touareg in 8,7 seconds from zero to 60 mph (standard: 9,7 sec) and enable a top speed of 128 mph (plus 3 mph).

The Facelift Touareg features: a front spoiler, a set of side sills with an air inlet, which makes the car look lower, and a rear apron attachment. The rear apron attachment is also available for models with Park Distance Control. Moreover, JE DESIGN offers cartridges for double headlights consisting of fog lamps and upper beam headlights for its front spoiler. The self-adhesive roof fin "Shark Attack" rounds off the overall image of the JE DESIGN Touareg.

Volkswagen Touareg Facelift by Je Design

Additionally JE DESIGN offers their customers LED lights for the entrance area integrated into the side skirts and the rear apron.

Striking to the eye are also the stainless steel twin tailpipes, each with two 84 mm tailpipes on the left and right, which help to create that chunky look. To lower the suspension in vehicles with air suspension, JE DESIGN offers an electronic suspension lowering module, which allows the vehicle to be lowered by approx. 35 mm. For vehicles with conventional suspension, JE DESIGN also supplies a height-adjustable Variant 3 KW coilover suspension from stainless steel with adjustable rebound and pressure damping, which allows the suspension to be lowered by approx. 30 to 75 mm. Alternatively, a set of springs for the original shock absorbers for lowering the suspension by approx. 30 mm.

Volkswagen Touareg Facelift by Je Design

By way of tyres, JE DESIGN offers the AZEV wheel rim R in the size 10 x 22" ET 50 for or as a complete set of wheels equipped with 295/30 R 22 tyres.


In the configuration of ideal car, one important aesthetic part of it that we looked unto is the appearance that bound to be a marketable brand. It composed of wheels, exterior, interior, engine, roof including accessories.

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