2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon King

An amplification of Jeep’s most capable off-road machine. Taking full advantage of the 4:1 ratio Rock-Trac transfer case and Tru-Lok equipped Dana 44 axles, the Rubicon King utilizes massive BF Goodrich 37 x 12.50-17 TA Krawler tires mounted on Mopar/Hutchinson beadlock wheels.

Superlift Suspension provided its new 4-inch lift for extra ground clearance and Warn-supplied new 9.0 RC Rock Crawling Winch.

Custom features include relocation of the spare tire where the back seat used to reside, fender flares and grille trimmed for extreme clearance, trick lighting, military spec tow shackles and radio delete plate. Other features include American Expedition vehicle’s new heat-reduction hood and rear corner guards.

Not destined to be a show queen, it’ll be put to the test in Moab Utah during Easter Jeep Safari.


I forgot to mention this looks great! The biggest modification this needs now is a cross over steering to place those vulnerable tie rods up and out of harms way.

This isn’t that radical! I would research what aftermarket suspension company adds the most suspension travel! My guess would be the RUBICON EXPRESS with long arms for more wheel travel.Now that is extreme!As far as the axles are concerned Just get the Rubicon with the two selectable lockers (they are dana 44s).No traction control or limited slip ... comes close to a selectable locker!Take note Warfus! Buy the Jeep Rubicon and add the long arm Rubicon express suspension 4to 6inch and 35-37 inch tires with lower gears.Any reputable off road shop will do the math and tell you the best ratio, my guess would be high fours to 5-1?Then you will be almost unstopable!And don’t buy those low profile rims if you intend on going off road!This vehicle really doesn’t need to be modified other than a skid plate on the oil pan.All the mods are a delightful overkill.

Buy the base (X) model. choose a color. No options except the 4:10 ratio. You get the D44 rear with the 6 speed.

Buy Teraflex 2.5" budget boost.
Someone will come out with a 1" body lift.

That’s enough to mount 33" - 35" tires.

Then gut the truck and cut the flares. That’s all they did.

you guys always come up with some really cool off road modified jeeps but they are never OBTAINABLE from anywhere at any price!! so what is the point ?? i dont have the time or know how to build my own. so how do we get one???

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