2011 Jeep Cherokee Overland

The 45th Moab Jeep Easter Safari is set to open on April 19, 2011 and as has been the case in recent years, Jeep and Mopar will be on hand to present a number of new customized vehicles for the attending public to swoon over.

This year, a total of six vehicles will be displayed, one of which is a tuned-up Jeep Cherokee - Liberty here in the US - that has been christened as the Overland. Based on the 2011 Cherokee, the Overland has been set up with a 2.8-liter CRD 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a Selec-Trac II 4x4 system. In addition to the imposing powertrain, the Overland was also dressed up in a zebra safari paint pattern and fitted with an ARB 3-inch suspension lift and Old Man Emu shocks, as well as a set of Mickey Thompson 265/75-R16 MTZ tires that have been mounted on steel wheels. Mopar also added an ARB air locker in the rear differential and on-board air compressor to ensure increased traction for the hulking SUV.

Likewise, Chrysler’s aftermarket company also gave the Overland a number of underbody protection equipment, including skid plates for the SUV’s front suspension, transmission, and transfer case. You’ll also find a host of other items like front and rear tow hooks, slush mats, cargo tray liner, sill guards and a new sport pedal kit.


It looks cool on its graphics! Moreover, even though it is an outdoor vehicle, I still find it very decent and ideal for everyday transportation. smiley That’s why I’m so impressed on this.

I love the abstract design of this Cherokee, and it really looks so attractive on that. Moreover, I’m glad that it was on a turbo diesel engine which is absolutely good enough on it.

I love the simple graphic design on this outdoor vehicle, and it looks more very appealing on that. However, I wonder if it can also offer an impressive interior feature?

Very customized design, I like the safari styled on the white painted body nice with its black lining near front. In fact it does look very precise and perfect Jeep creation.

The simplest but very muscular outdoor car that I saw. I love the simplicity of the detailing on this Cherokee overland. I just hope that TopSpeed update the article about this one.

Good thing that they have also beefed up this car’s protection. It will really help a lot since you can pretty much expect that anyone driving this would put it into a real workout.

I like the fact this car seems bouncing to its appearance,Aside from that its actually caught my attention to the new set of wheels that gives a firm value of this type of model.

But in some cases, I would actually prefer to go to third party tuners. For one, they have more options for you to choose from for your car’s setup.

Yeah, and it’s a thing that Chrysler does have its own aftermarket company for the Jeep. It beats having to go to third party shops to find the correct parts to add on the car.

I would have to agree with you on that one. One thing that I love about the jeep is that even the standard version is reliable. So this one is especially good because of all the upgr

Regardless of the exterior looks on this one, I still like the fact that it is a jeep. It definitely showed how reliable the brand is and how capable it is.

You know what, I think they should have called this one Overload instead of Overland. Just check out those specs, they have really tricked out the car this time around.

They have pretty much designed the whole thing as a rock crawler’s machine. Just look at those parts that they have added, those will definitely get you over rough terrain.

I would say that this vehicle is the best thing to have when seeking for an adventure off-road. I thought they are going to kill this production, well, thanks that it didn’t.

It seems that every other day ,there are new version of Jeep that comes out. Well, I’m not really fan of off-road vehicle so I’m not interested on this one!

What a nice way to go uphill on a rough terrain with this 4x4 jeep. Since I was a kid I love the simplicity but very nice appeal of Cherokee, specially the old models.

Nope, those aren’t zebra stripes, they’re tiger stripes. Nah, just kidding. Anyway, they really did a great work on this one, from the exterior to the engine.

Ha, I really love those zebra stripes, gives the car a sort of safari feel to it. And the way that they set up the engine is also great, really gives the car a lot of power.

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