2012 Jeep Compass Black Edition

After the Compass Black Look Concept unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show, Jeep has now unveiled the production version called the Compass Black Edition. As its name suggests, this special edition comes with a unique Black look that offers a more distinctive appearance and personality.

For the special edition model, Jeep has added black-gloss inserts, black-gloss headlamps and fog lamp surrounds, black roof rails and step pads, and a new set of 18-inch black-gloss aluminum wheels. Under the hood, the Compass Black Edition has received a 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine delivering a total of 163 hp and a peak torque of 236 lbs-ft.

This special edition will be offered with an active Freedom Drive I four-wheel-drive system featuring Lock mode. The system is designed to give drivers year-round assurance with the ability to handle rough weather and low-traction conditions as well as slick roads that come with rain and light snow.


It might be because it has the potential to be luxurious that it fitted black well.

It looks more luxurious and classy in black; this is the best color yet that it has sported.

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