2012 Jeep Mighty FC Concept

Of all the concepts Jeep rolled out at the 2012 Easter Safari in Moab, Utah, you’d be hard-pressed to find one any more imposing than the Mighty FC Concept.

Really, the name says it all.

Built in honor of the Jeep Forward Control that roamed our streets from 1956 to 1965, the Mighty FC Concept was built with the idea of bringing the old-school look of the Forward Control back while also taking into account maneuverability and overall utility.

In building the Mighty FC Concept, Jeep designers took a 2012 Wrangler Rubicon and reconfigured the whole set-up, including the repositioning of the cabin over and ahead of the front axle, the lengthening of the wheelbase, and the addition of a custom built drop-side cargo box. Moreover, the cab on the Mighty FC Concept makes use of a roof that Jeep took from Mopar’s JK-8 conversion kit while the addition of a custom-designed front clip makes for a more imposing look to the concept. As for the interior, Jeep dressed it up with a bold, heavy-duty Katzkin leather while the cargo area was set-up to fit a full-width, drop-side tray-style bed that measures more than eight feet in length.

More than just the old-school look of the Mighty FC, Jeep also wanted to improve the concept’s handling and drivability. For that, engineers added Mopar’s new Portal Axle set, which offers the greatest amount of ground clearance without requiring excessive suspension lift. These axles are controlled with King coil-over assemblies, and together with Teraflex control arms and track bars, a new set of 40" tires mounted on custom Hutchinson 17-inch headlock wheels, a Warn 16.5 winch, and a Corsa stainless steel exhaust system, it makes for a ride that performs as ferociously as it is intimidating to look at.


I owned a 1962 model of the FC. It was a weird truck to drive, but had more guts than needed. This is a concept truck we are looking at because it cannot ever go into production. Main reason is the fact that in a head on collision the driver has NO protection. If I could get one, I would do it in a heartbeat. For driving in the rough terrain it is ideal and would probably go any place a quad would go.

This will be functional. Why not try to sell it in India and other Asian countries were badly needing stuffs like this?

This concept is just one-of-a-kind. Maybe they should pursue it on production for this will be functional and multi-purpose as it looks.

I think this will be a great concept. Ideally, this type of car is just a concept and will not really go into any application and production.

My hopes for Jeep suddenly got low because of this. I can’t believe they’d actually produce something like that in this era for real.

Jeep has never been one to be stylish. I guess it’s okay since its style will be neglected for its purpose anyway.

Well, it really is looking mighty, but the thing is its appeal isn’t so strong.

What is Jeep thinking designing something like this?

...oh. I hope some tuning company helps Jeep to make this attractive.

I honestly like the way it looks

Was this an April Fool’s joke too? I hope it was, instead of the MINI and Peugot gimmicks.

Jeep has never been one to be stylish. I guess it’s okay since its style will be neglected for its purpose anyway.

Is the photo showing what it’s supposed to look like? If it is, then they’d better think of a new designer.

I’m sorry, but the look of this one is beyond unfortunate. I’m hoping for a more stylish development, since it is still a concept.

Just no. What is that style? I understand that this is completely made for such purposes but couldn’t they redesign it to make it look acceptable?

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