2012 Jeep Wrangler Military Edition by Kahn Design

Kahn Design has become a reliable tuning company as far as building programs for a wide variety of vehicles. Unlike other tuners that specialize on a specific automaker, Kahn just tunes anything and everything.

Their latest example involves the 2012 Jeep Wrangler , which they’ve bestowed as the Military Edition. The copper paintwork on the utility vehicle adds a rugged look while the set of 20-inch smoked black alloy wheels offers a nice complement to it. Other modifications on the Wrangler include the addition of xenon crosshair headlamps, a black fuel filler cap, a rear wheel cover, tinted windows, mud flaps, brake calipers finished in the same copper color as the body paint, and a new sports exhaust system with twin tailpipes.

The British tuner is offering the Wrangler Military Edition for a wide variety of Wrangler models with the entire program priced at £41,875, which is around $65,100 based on current exchange rates.


If I loved it when I first saw its alluring interior, you’ll feel the same too. smiley

Its interior seats are creatively trimmed in quilted black leather with copper stitching.

They dubbed it without specific reasons. It just had mild tuning and improvement in the interior.

Why did they name it “Military” if they do not have any soldierly features?

The military gadgets are only missing in this edition. They don’t even have bullet-proof window and body to give protection.

Wrangler became more authority with the tuning of Kahn. The 20” black alloy wheels helped a lot to gain stance. The headlamps, rear wheel cover and tinted windows are just right to call it military edition. I’m still hoping that they’ll add more military features like the bullet-proofing windows, tires and body, GPS, Infrared and Night vision in the cabin for better capabilities of driving.

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