K1 cars

  K1 is a small car manufacturer in the UK. The company is currently working on drawing in finds to further development and produce their electric K1 Evelio sports car.

Looks like the Tesla Roadster is going to have a new rival in the race for electric sports car supremacy. Unveiled at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, the K1 Evelio is the latest in what is becoming a growing number of electric sports cars looking to enter the market to give Tesla a serious run for its money.

If the car looks familiar to you, it’s because it’s based on the Slovakian sports car, the K-1 Attack Roadster , a car that has graced our pages on numerous occasions. According to the people over at K1, the Evelio pretty much has the same body as the Attack Roadster, except that it has an electric powertrain as opposed to the 2.0-liter V6 engine found on the latter.

Details behind the car are still limited - the company’s website is still bare bones - but from what we’ve sourced, the Evelio appears to have a body that’s made out of fiberglass while the chassis comes in a tubular steel space frame. Likewise, smaller items used on the car were crafted in aluminum.

More details on the K1 Evelio after the jump.

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