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Kahn Design

Another week, another very cool tuning package coming from Kahn Design. Based on a Land Rover model, of course, their new Range Rover Sport Vesuvius Edition is as impressive as any other tuning kit we have seen coming from them. As you probably are used by now the package includes a series of modifications made to both the exterior and the interior, but nothing has been modified under the hood.

For the exterior Kahn is offering a wide track aerodynamic styling package with vented wide wheel arches and integrated LED daytime running lights, quad stainless steel exhaust system, liquid gold calipers, RS front grille with 3d mesh, grille insert in carbon fiber, exhaust side vents and Kahn branding. The car will be offered with matte pearl grey door handles, Vesuvius orange side vents and a grille surround.

The interior comes with bespoke RS front and rear seats in diamond quilted perforated black leather with Vesuvius orange inserts, matching centre arm rest and door tops, carbon fibre interior facia trim, speedo & rev counter in red, diamond gear selector, Churchill time clock with Swarovski diamond bezel, Kahn illuminated sill plates and machined foot pedals.

Under the hood the engine remains untouched: the 3.0 liter SDV6 diesel engine produces 256hp at 4,000rpm with a maximum torque of 442 lbs-ft at 2,000rpm.

Kahn Design are famous for their tuning kits for Land Rover models. However lately they have also updated two Ferrari models: California and 458 Italia . And now the tuner comes with an impressive tuning package based on theRolls Royce Ghost . As usual their packages include exterior and interior changes, but nothing has been updated under the hood.

The new Kahn Ghost Edition is dressed in a shadow line finish combined with a dazzling styling package consisting of clear side light repeaters, shadow line finish, head light surrounds, window surrounds, rear light surrounds and under floor lighting. The car sits on 22" Kahn Silver Mist Rolls Royce wheels in a meticulous diamond polish. As an option Kahn is also offering bullet resistant glass - as part of Kahn high security product range.

And as usual, for the interior Kahn is offering you the possibility to opt for any color or material you may think of. For example you can get a single sofa bench instead of the rear seats and you can have it paint in the same shade as your living room.

A. Kahn Design ended 2011 with a bang in the shape of a tuning package for the Ferrari California , and it looks like they are starting 2012 in the same way with an upgrade package for the Ferrari 458 Italia . The Ferrari 458 Italia Editions were dressed up in either a triple Pearl White or a Rosso Corsa Red exterior paint finish, both combined with different exterior and interior elements.

The Rosso Corsa Red Ferrari 458 Italia by Kahn is toned down with a matte Pearl Gray finish for the roof, side skirts, and front and rear bumper sections. A. Kahn Design then added a new sport suspension and 9×21” front and 12×22 rear alloy wheels finished in a matte Pearl Gray with yellow brake calipers serving s a small highlight. Inside the Rosso Corsa 458 Italia, Kahn has added a leather interior, a leather central tunnel, Crema Daytona lights, an Electro Chromatic interior, a yellow rev counter, leather headlining, and carpets and stitching in Bordeaux.

The Triple Pearl White 458 Italia by Kahn gets the same wheels associated with the red model, as well as the new sport suspension. The brake calipers are switched from yellow to red. Inside, the 458 Italia receives black Nero leather electric seats, a yellow rev counter, leather headlining, upholstered rear bench seat wall, white stitching, and black carpets.

The list of standard equipment for both Ferrari 458 Italia models includes an AFS light system, a carbon fiber driver zone including steering binnacle, F1 paddle shifters, an instrumental surround with LED’s, iPod connectivity, electro chromatic interior and exterior mirrors, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, front and rear park assist, a high power HiFi with JBL speaker system, Ferrari Scuderia shields, and dual zone climate control.

Kahn Design’s love for the Range Rover is still plowing full steam ahead in the new year, illustrated by the British tuning firm’s very cool special edition based on the Land Rover Range Rover . The new package is called the Dorchester Edition and, as usual, includes some exterior and interior updates with no changes in performance. The new Dorchester edition is available in petrol and diesel models and in right hand or left hand drive, but prices haven’t been announced just yet.

Kahn Design started their work on the exterior of the Range Rover by putting in a new front bumper, a new rear bumper, and new side skirts. The SUV now rides on a new set of 22" Kahn RS alloy wheels in a matte pearl grey finish and combined with brake calipers finished in a heat resistant red paint and a Kahn stainless steel quad exhaust system. In typical Kahn Design fashion, the interior can be customized in any color and material combination the customer so chooses, but the tuner is also offering a billet steering wheel, machined aluminum pedals, bespoke door handles, Kahn mats, front and rear park assist, heated front seats, a rear entertainment system, and a welcome ambient illumination package.

No aftermarket company has redefined SUV tuning quite like A. Kahn Design . Known for their programs for the Range Rover and all different types of its offspring, A. Kahn Design has, on occasion, jumped out of their comfort zone to build a program that doesn’t have the words ’Range’ and ’Rover’ in its name.

Take for instance the new Jeep Wrangler . By all measure, the rugged American all-utility vehicle fits into the description of a go-anywhere, get-down-and-diggity rough rider. But if you’re Azfal Kahn, the Wrangler can be more than that. And that’s where A. Kahn Design comes in under the banner of ‘Chelsea Truck Company.’

On the outside, the Wrangler Military Edition received a new mesh front grill, gold-finished calipers, smoked side lights and repeaters, dial fascia clocks, LED driving lights, a new quad exhaust system, and a set of 20" Kahn RS wheels, among other things.

There are also other refinements that drive up the looks and security of the vehicle, particularly an optional bullet-proof glass on the blank rear window sections and the LED lights on the vehicle. If bullet-proof isn’t enough to make you feel safe, A. Kahn Design also has what they call "a superior type of glass," a more advanced version of their bullet-proof set-up that even the most high-profile of clients would be happy to have on their vehicles.

Inside, A. Kahn Design always brings the luxury up to bespoke levels, and the Wrangler Military Edition - despite it’s reputation - is no different. From the red quilted leather seats to the dial fascia clocks, A. Kahn Design spares no expense in dressing up the interior according to the preferences of the customer.

For the whole set, customers will have to pay £35,875, or around $56,000 based on current exchange rates.

There’s no question that Azfal Kahn and his peeps over at Kahn Design have a soft spot for the Range Rover , so much so that they seem to come out with a new program for the luxury SUV about as often as any car we’ve seen in recent history.

Apparently, their fascination for Range Rovers is now expanding, courtesy of their very first program for the new Range Rover Evoque . True to their reputation as one of the premier tuners for the British luxury SUV, Kahn Design went to work on the Evoque with one clear picture in mind: offer it with a whole new breadth of excitement and take it to a whole new dimension.

The A. Kahn Design Evoque is an unmistakable piece of work, decked with a variety of external modifications that serve to provide better looks and coax greater performance from the car.

Kahn Design’s styling package for the Evoque is a testament to their creativity, providing a slew of new elements consisting of a lowered suspension (35mm), yellow calipers, aluminum pedals, an orange roof, full body color coding/detailing, privacy glass, and adaptive front headlamps. Inside, Kahn Design deftly worked their bespoke magic on the Evoque, providing it with luxurious character that expresses a customer’s individuality. As with most of their projects, the interior can be customized depending on the whims and preferences of the customer.

And then there’s the final piece of the Kahn Design puzzle: the wheels. With an inventory of some of the most impressive wheels on the market, Kahn Design went and used their unique RS600 wheels that are available in a variety of sizes - 20", 21", 22" - creating even more opportunity to imprint his tastes on the luxury Range Rover crossover.

Afzal Kahn and his fellows at Kahn Design probably know more about tuning Range Rovers than most people know how to brush their teeth. Over the years that they’ve been in business, that much has been clear.

The British tuning company’s latest Range Rover project is yet another example of the company’s innovativeness in coming out with programs for the luxury SUV.

This one is called the Military Edition, and true to it’s name, it’s been designed with plenty of high-end security design cues that makes it a virtual fortress on wheels.

The exterior of the Range Rover received a Metallic Military Grey paint finish while also getting fitted with a wide arch pace kit that comes with LED daylight lighting in the front arch extensions. Meanwhile, the program also includes an RS grille in carbon fiber finish with a Metallic Military Grey inner grille insert and black mesh. There’s also a front lip extension spoiler, also dressed in Metallic Military Grey and treated to a carbon fiber finish. Rounding out the exterior modifications are orange calipers, black rubber steps, Kahn badging, illuminated Kahn side sill plates, and a new set of 22" Kahn RS/R wheels.

Inside, the Range Rover Military Edition put in bullet-proof glass to ensure that the owners receive maximum protection from any and all threats that might come their way. Adding to the bullet proof glass is a bespoke interior that comes with an RS leather interior in black with grey insert panels, a quilted glove box, door tops and instrumental binnacle, a blue time clock with black Swarovski bezel, a Kahn billet steering wheel finished with grey top and bottom sections.

Needless to say, it’s another immaculate work coming from Kahn Design, which you can scoop up for £73,875, which is around $98,000 based on current exchange rates.

British tuning firm, Project Kahn, is going through a bit of a change. From now on, the company will be called A. Kahn Design, after the owner Azful Kahn, but that kind of news is nowhere near exciting enough to announce by itself, so the company has unveiled the first tuning project under the name: the Range Rover Sport RS300 Cosworth. This vehicle is now on sale for £65,875, or about $103,000 at the current exchange rates.

Thankfully, the only thing that changed about the company is the name; they are still delivering some amazing work. The RS300 Cosworth is painted in an amazing "Fugi White" and includes an eight-piece aerodynamic package consisting of Cosworth vented front and rear wheel arch spats with integrated air dams, LED daytime running lights in the front air dams, a Cosworth front grille with 3D mesh, and new exhaust side vents. The Range Rover Sport sits on a new set of 22" Kahn RS/R wheels and will be further equipped with a diamond gear selector, RS300 rev counter, Cosworth speedo, Cosworth time clock fascia insert, Cosworth stainless steel door entry sill plates, Cosworth machined aluminum vented foot pedals, Cosworth quad diagonal exhaust system, new calipers, and Kahn branding. For the interior, A. Kahn Design is offering their usual deal; customers can customize it in any possible combination of color and materials.

Mighty, mighty,Aston Martins are always fun tuning subjects, especially if they come in the package of a DB9 Volante .

Already possessing a 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces 470 horsepower and 442 lb/ft of torque with a 0-60 mph sprint time of just 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph, the DB9 Volante was treated with a new tuning program courtesy of Britain’s very own, Project Kahn .

Known for their expertise in British vehicles, Project Kahn has tuned an Aston Martin or two in the past. This particular program for the DB9 Volante carries a bevy of modifications, including a new matte Pearl Grey finish, a new set of 20" RSV Kahn lightweight wheels, a new suspension set-up, and new, red brake calipers on the outside. Inside, the DB9 Volante receives a new leather finish with matching cream stitching, Pearl Grey trimming, and an overall new design on the sports car’s dials.

The performance figures remain unchanged, but don’t expect that to be a turn off on the package. On its own, the DB9 Volante is a masterful machine by itself. Project Kahn’s dress-up only adds more flavor to an already delicious program.

Project Kahn , a British tuning firm with eyes for Land Rover models, has switched its focus this time around to take a look at the brand new Mercedes SLK 200 Blue Efficiency. The tuner’s new package works on adding more power to improve performance and provide a unique sense of motor supremacy.

To achieve this, Project Kahn began with a full AMG sport pack, including front and rear bumpers and side skirts. The black exterior finish is molded into something a little more spectacular with a matte black and carbon finished grille, carbon front splitters, red calipers, matte black side vents, brushed aluminum roll bars, and a remote control roof. The interior was only slightly tweaked with a black and red quilted leather interior.

As for the engine upgrade, Kahn opted for a Brabus engine with a powerful, supercharged four-cylinder that increases the output by 30 HP and a plug-and-play auxiliary control module that adds another 26 HP. This brings the total output up to 240 HP. The Mercedes was then given a lowered suspension and a Kahn exhaust, as well as a 7g Tronic 7 speed automatic transmission.

The Mercedes SLK 200 Blue Efficiency by Project Kahn is priced at about £42,875, or about $58,854 at the current rates, give or take any additional modifications the customer chooses.

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