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Kahn Design

Project Kahn is continuing its work on Land Rover models with the new Bali Blue RS450 Kahn Range Rover Vogue. Priced at £88,875 - or about $136,000 at the current exchange rates - the new Bali Blue RS450 includes an impressive list of exterior and interior modifications and, of course, special blue exterior paint.

Aside from the electric blue finish, the Bali Blue RS450 benefits from a long list of additions including new side skirts, LED daylight running lights, yellow calipers, Kahn illuminated kick plates, and Kahn undercar lighting. The final element of the exterior is a new set of 22-inch RS wheels in matte Pearl Grey combined with Land Rover center caps and a Kahn quad exhaust system. The interior gets Kahn machined aluminum pedals, bespoke door handles, Project Kahn mats, a new rev counter, and a time clock with a Swarovski diamond bezel. Kahn also provides customers with the opportunity to express their individuality with any color or material they desire for their Range Rover .

The Focus RS is maybe one of the few Ford models that are just perfect from factory, but since there is always room for improvement, Kahn Design is offering an aerodynamic package that will make the RS look even more impressive.

The package includes a Kahn lowering module, red calipers, Kahn privacy glass, and a Kahn exhaust, along with a new back spoiler, side vents, rear and front diffusers, and bonnet vents, all in matte black for an even sportier and intense driving experience.

The final touch for the exterior of the Focus RS has been provided by a new set of wheels bearing the legendary Cosworth mark. They are available in 17, 18, and 19 inch sizes, depending on the customer’s request.

The interior of the Focus RS follows along with the usual tuning trends from Kahn; customers can choose from a wide array of customization accessories to illustrate the customers’ personality. The tuner has promised to go as far as to paint the exterior the color of the customer’s shirt and the interior the same shade of your living room.

Project Kahn rolls out more tuning programs for some of the most desirable cars on the market than any other aftermarket company we know. So when the Frankfurt Motor Show rolled around, it was expected that the British tuning company would be in attendance to show off their latest programs.

One of these is the new Vesuvius program for the Porsche Cayenne . Comprising of styling and engine updates, the Vesuvius kit once again showcases just how good these guys are at what they do.

The most noticeable upgrade for this particular Cayenne is the new body kit that seamlessly blends in with the car’s white body finish. Among the items included in the kit are buffed up fenders, rows of horizontal and vertical LED headlights, and a new set of Project Kahn’s very own RS wheels. Meanwhile, the interior of the Cayenne has been dressed up with a top-quality bespoke treatment that can be tailor-made depending on the customer’s preference.

As for the engine upgrade, Project Kahn has yet to divulge intimate details about it, opting only to say that it’s going to have a ’monstrous’ engine upgrade. In standard form, the Cayenne carries a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel engine that delivers 240 horsepower and 405 lb/ft of torque. These figures are good enough for the SUV to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 7.8 seconds with a top speed of 136 mph. We can only imagine just how much of an improvement in performance the Porsche SUV will receive when Project Kahn finally reveals that ’monstrous’ engine upgrade they guaranteed it will have.

Kahn Design has been pretty busy lately releasing at least one tuning package every week, even though most people’s eyes are caught up with the new toys at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This week is no different as Kahn has released a new tuning kit based on the Land Rover Range Rover . It’s called the Swiss edition and, as its name suggests, has been destined for Switzerland for use by patrol police.

This special police car will be painted mostly in black with a white
standard hood and Kahn RS 22-inch wheels. A special custom interior will combine style and personality with a stylish police theme. It also seems as though this car will be offered in a different number of colors and designs to suit individual specifications.

We love the fact that Kahn Design has created a killer customized design for the boys in blue, and bad guys certainly won’t stand a chance with the Range Rover’s 5.0 liter supercharged engine and specially crafted stainless steel exhaust.

When a tuning firm comes up with a winning package for a certain vehicle, chances are they will reinvent that package several times to get the most bang for their buck. This is exactly what Project Kahn is doing with the Audi A5 . Back in March 2011, the British tuner revealed their first tuning package for Audi’s little coupe, bringing out a pearl white paint job and a few accessories to sharpen the car’s look. Now, Project Kahn is building from that package with a second kit for the A5. This time, the Audi is pulling off a matte pearl gray exterior, but some accessories from the previous package still appear.

Aside from the matte pearl gray paint job, the exterior of the vehicle gets spruced up with new front and rear vented bumpers reminiscent of an R8 , as well as a rear spoiler and a stainless steel sports quad exhaust system. The exterior package is completed by a new set of 21-inch RSX matte black lightweight wheels combined with a lowered sports suspension.

Other features provided by Project Kahn for the Audi A5 include Billet Steel detailing, Kahn-branded aluminum pedals, Kahn colored speed and rev counter dials, and a Kahn tinted privacy glass. These are followed up with more conventional upgrades such as heated electric front seats, auto-dimming rear view mirror, red calipers, cruise control, and the Audi parking system.

According to Project Kahn, this particular tuning project is available for a special price of £21,875, or about $35,000 at the current rates. Since the Audi A5 is currently selling for a starting price of $36,000, this sounds like a deal.

Project Kahn is headed to the Frankfurt Motor Show with one of the most impressive update packages they have offered this year. The package is based on the 2012 Land Rover Defender and will provide the customers with the opportunity to express their individuality through a bit of customization.

The Project Kahn Defender will combine innovative artistic skills with state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology. It includes a new set of 22" RS wheels that will accommodate all of the original Land Rover center caps, but the real gem is the customization options. For both the exterior and interior, the tuner is offering their customers the chance to express their personality. Project Kahn states: "We could, for example, design for you a vehicle with an exterior the color of your shirt and an interior the same shade of your living room, the choice is yours." That’s right, you can get you Defender any color you want. Kind of like a custom paint color by your local hardware store, but much cooler.

Power for the Defender will still from a 2.4 liter diesel Cosworth engine delivering more than the 122 HP and 265 lbs-ft of torque found in the current Defender.

Project Kahn has never been ashamed in rolling out tuning packages for some of the most powerful cars in the world. Sure, they do a lot of work on Land Rovers - more than we’d like to count, actually - but every so often, they go the Italian route and work on something a little more exotic.

The UK-based tuner’s latest project involves a Ferrari California , one that has been given numerous aesthetic improvements, including a set of 21" matte black forged Monza wheels in the front and 22" versions at the back. On top of that, Project Kahn also dressed up the interior with new accessories, most notable of which are new Dayton seats in black with white piping and stitching, a carbon fiber dashboard, a new carbon steering wheel, and a touched up instrument panel and infotainment system, among other things.

Not one to leave the performance department alone, Project Kahn added a new sports suspension system and a modified version of Ferrari’s own F1-Trac traction control system. Both these improvements were done to give the California better balance, handling, and to improve fuel consumption and emissions, critical elements for a supercar that boasts of a 4.3-liter V8 engine delivering 454 horsepower and 358 lb/ft of torque.

Of course these changes are nothing compared to the package provided by Wheelsandmore. Don’t get us wrong, Project Kahn is a tremendous tuning firm, but the extra 46 HP and 168 lb-ft of torque provided by Wheelsandmore gives their package a little more bang for our buck. Plus, the Ferrari California ’Dreamin’ includes lacquered selected serial parts and a double-line black race stripe, black plasma coated end tips, and discreet carbon elements at the front and rear bumpers. Other additions include side skirts and a carbon boot lid spoiler, among other things.

So which Ferrari California package do you prefer?

Vesuvius may remind some people of the Italian volcano that destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD 79, but in the automotive world, it reminds us of Project Kahn . A few years ago, the British tuner created a tuning kit for the Range Rover Sport called the Vesuvius which provided a duo-tone exterior paint job, as well as other tweaks to the exterior and interior. This package has led to a special edition 2012 Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 that, according to the tuner, "erupts with elegance." The price for this special edition is £69,875 - or about $115,000 at the current exchange rates.

The special edition Vesuvius is painted in the same metallic black with "Vesuvius" matte orange roof stripe and bonnet stripe as found on the original package. The color combination extends to the black rubber sidesteps with an orange edge, the quad exhaust system finished in black, the front extended lip spoiler in orange/black, a grille insert in orange, and Kahn RS22" black alloys with orange stripe.

The lava and dirt color combination doesn’t end there as the tuner has showered the interior of the Range Rover with a new bespoke black/orange RS leather sports interior with front and rear seats, a steering wheel with Vesuvius orange stitching, and quilted door panels. Project Kahn also refined the vehicle with machined vented foot pedals and Kahn exterior and interior branding.

Project Kahn’s interpretations of the many vehicles crossing its path always end up being tremendous in their own right. From the Porsche Panamera to the Audi R8 , the tuner’s packages always come out clean and astounding. Seemingly conquering the aftermarket sports car segment, Project Kahn has now moved on to rock climbers, mountaineers, and off-roaders with their new branch, the Chelsea Truck Company. The new branch’s first task will be to transform a slew of Jeep Wranglers Project Kahn has gotten its hands on.

Chelsea Truck Company’s first conversion of the Jeep Wrangler is subtle and includes a targa roof, specially designed 18 and 20 inch RS wheels in matte black, telescopic headlights, and clear side lights. The inside is striking with red facia dials and claret red quilted perforated leather. Other optional extras are available, but no other details have been released.

The price for the new Jeep Wrangler is £26,875 ($44,000 at the current exchange rates) for the diesel version and £27,875 ($45,700 at the current rates) for the petrol version.

"Our discerning customers made it clear that the Project Kahn Jeep Wrangler is a stylish icon, and the only way to compliment our distinct clientele was to develop a brand aimed towards this distinct vehicle and the Chelsea truck company compliments our commitment to the Kahn expedition brand, and rest assured, this is only the beginning, we will introduce a range of vehicles over the coming weeks and months ahead."

There has been a pretty busy period at the Project Kahn design center. Only this months we have seen lots of updates packages for model from Audi , Land Rover or Porsche . Today is time for another Land Rover model: the Discovery .

For the exterior updates the tuner is offering an impressive styling package consisting of front and rear arch spats, front and rear bumper unit, twin mesh grille, side vents, L.E.D running lights, lowered sports and exhaust system and privacy glass. The final touch has been given by a new set of wheels, size 22"with simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edges of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical center.

For the interior the tuner is offering its clients the possibility to express their own individuality whatever they want. The tuner announced they can design a vehicle with an exterior and an interior to suit the exact specification of the customer.

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