Keating SKR

Keating SKR

After eight long years in development and many trials and tribulations, new British car manufacturer Keating Supercars finally unveiled their SKR and TKR supercars.

Keating SKR - full details released

The new cars were revealed in a tension packed ceremony at country manor Meols Hall, on the north west coast as part of a closed doors event attended by leading print, digital and broadcast media and a number of special guests.

SKR and TKR signify the road car and competition targeted track car respectively. Both variants share the same curvaceous fixed head two seat GT body, but the underpinnings and other options differ greatly.

Keating SKR - full details released

Chassis options include both steel spaceframe and full carbon fibre tub, while the body itself can be ordered in GRP or carbon fibre. Power throughout the range comes in four steps from 400 BHP to 650BHP from V8 engines based on the GM LS2 and LS7 engines modified by Keating engineers. 400BHP and 500BHP are normally aspirated, 520BHP and 650BHP supercharged, while further TKR options include twin turbocharged 1000BHP and 1500BHP versions. All engines are mid mounted and drive through rear transaxles.

Quoted performance for the SKR 400 with spaceframe chassis and GRP body, which is the least powerful and heaviest in the range, is 0-60mph acceleration in 4 seconds and a top speed of 160mph.

Keating will unveil today the TKR and the SKR supercars in Southport, UK. As Keating says the TKR will be able to compete with Bugatti Veryon.

The SKR is powered by a Chevrolet V8 engine, developing 404bhp and 400 lbs-ft of torque. A 500 hp, a supercharged 520 and 650 hp versions will also be offered.

Keating TKR and SKR

All models are rear-wheel drive and most will use a steel spaceframe chassis, although Keating says it plans track derivatives with twin-turbos and a lighter, carbonfibre chassis.

The road-going SKR is a two-seater that drives through a five-speed manual gearbox and measured 4300mm long, 1800mm wide and 1100mm tall. The standard SKR with a steel spaceframe and naturally-aspirated engine weighs 1190kg.

Source: AutoCar

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