Keating ZKR

Keating ZKR

  The Keating ZKR is the third hand-built supercar presented by the British supercar automaker and the fastest Keating supercar to date. The SKR boasts 500hp and the TKR pushes out 1500hp, but the ZKR will be powered by both supercharged and turbo-charged engines producing up to 2200hp. All models will be hand-built and developed based on exclusive orders only.

The ambitious British supercar maker, Keating Supercars, first fell onto the radar in 2008 when they presented the world with their first two vehicles: the SKR and the TKR . Both cars featured V8 engines, but the power behind those engines was extravagantly different. The SKR was able to produce a measly (in comparison) 500hp while the TKR pushed out an extraordinary 1500hp. Now the British automaker is pushing the limits even more with the new ZKR delivering a mouth-watering 2200hp!

The supercar will be introduced to the world at the Top Marques Monaco in April 2011. This new supercar line will be powered by both supercharged and turbo-charged engines with power ranging from 600 to 2200 HP. Like with all other Keating models, the future ZKR will be hand-built on a monocoque chassis to help reduce the car’s center of gravity. Dual low lying fuel tanks are also positioned accordingly to increase chassis strength and performance.

More details will be revealed closer to the official launch.

Source: Planet Luxus

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