2012 Keating ZKR

The ambitious British supercar maker, Keating Supercars, first fell onto the radar in 2008 when they presented the world with their first two vehicles: the SKR and the TKR . Both cars featured V8 engines, but the power behind those engines was extravagantly different. The SKR was able to produce a measly (in comparison) 500hp while the TKR pushed out an extraordinary 1500hp. Now the British automaker is pushing the limits even more with the new ZKR delivering a mouth-watering 2200hp!

The supercar will be introduced to the world at the Top Marques Monaco in April 2011. This new supercar line will be powered by both supercharged and turbo-charged engines with power ranging from 600 to 2200 HP. Like with all other Keating models, the future ZKR will be hand-built on a monocoque chassis to help reduce the car’s center of gravity. Dual low lying fuel tanks are also positioned accordingly to increase chassis strength and performance.

More details will be revealed closer to the official launch.

Source: Planet Luxus


Someone in the design department needs to be fired as it looks like someone took the front end of a Saleen S7 and the rear of a Pagani Zonda, then stuck them together and called it a new car. It doesn’t look very bad, but it isn’t very original either.

Expect it to be very steep guys! Anyway, I would have to agree that it really looks so impressive on its platform and other styling. They always make an extravagant impact and marked to the eyes of people.

I don’t think that it needs a facelift. It is already looking good on its features. I also have to agree that it seems twice as great as Bugatti vehicle, for it can deliver a more powerful engine output.

Features and concept wise, the edge of most supercars is making people get crazy and amazed on their ideas and conceptualization of a car. They always make an extravagant impact and marked to the eyes of people.

Oh yeah! I was impressed with the power output of this car! I guess this car is twice as good as the Bugatti Veyron. Anyways, It seems that the weight of those scissor doors didn’t affect the performance of the vehicle!

You are just presuming Mr. Rogers. The article didn’t said it, how can you be so sure? By the way, it is the second super car of Keating right? Well, basically, they will only use a v8 engine. What I wonder is the performance delivery is very great, though they only use that kind of engine.

Oh no! i think that’s the most hideous looking gullwing that I have ever seen! And seriously, this car needs a facelift! And for sure that this car is kind of heavy.

Oh My God! This is the literal meaning of the word "CRAP". (Sarcastically) Is this the new innovation for a supercar?If you tell me that it was just a concept design of a student and I will understand but making a production for this crap is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!Totally pointless and useless!

I hate the part when supercar automaker make us drool on their teaser then later on get disappointed once the actual car is released. When I saw this I can see the Zonda, Roadster and Saleen! What a shame!

These have been low-slung supercars that have been powered by force-fed GM V-8s and have the coming of Saleen S7 knock-off kits.

The Keating ZKR will make use of the framework with a low center of gravity that comes with innovative solutions, such as twin low-mounted fuel armored column

lovely as always.. I hope it can perform the way it looks and used to be.

These claims have nonetheless to be verified exclusively though. In a final two years, Keating has softened on its design, enlightening the monocoque framework so as to lower a center of sobriety, as well as installing twin fuel tanks integrated into a chassis to progress its strength as well as weight distribution.

The goal was perfection… The benchmarks…. a world’s tip supercars made in Italy, Germany as well as a UK.The only result contemplated was to succeed,” a association matter reads.

aim was to pattern and setup universe violence supercars; supercars that would break a mould by delivering scintillating opening nonetheless being easy to own with prolonged assistance intervals.

wow that was new, I bet it can go as fast as the veyron.. i guess this is a another challenge to the bugatti veyron. I hope they can also make a special tires for those 2200 horses.

dang a whoooppping 2200 ponies? are they kidding? even a w16 can get that kind of horses. well i guess Keating are going to make use of the latest automotive technology to gain his their dreams of 2200horses.

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