Ken Block

Ken Block

  Ken Block has accomplished many things in his career, including being a professional rally driver with the Monster World Rally Team, one of the co-founders and recently appointed Chief Brand Officer of DC Shoes, and a major competitor in skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross races. All of those accomplishments aside, the one thing Block is mainly known for is being the man behind Gymkhana.

You want to be more than just a fanster driving up hits on Ken Block’s YouTube page? Here’ your chance to help out the man himself as he begins preparation for the third version of his ever popular Gymkhana 3.

In this video, Block is looking for ideas from all of his fans on what they’d like to see him do on his new Gymkhana 3. Just tell him where he should shoot and what trick he should do. That’s it. Those whose ideas are chosen will receive a plethora of attractive prizes including hats, posters, and, of course, DC Shoes. That’s not the end of it, though. One lucky fan, who we presume will have the best idea on what Block and the Gymkhana 3 should do, will get a chance to visit the shoot for a day and an opportunity to ride shotgun on-board the Gymkhana 3 with Ken Block in the driver seat.

Not a bad prize for throwing some ideas around, huh?

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Kimi Raikkonen and Ken Block may be rookies in the world of the WRC, but they certainly brought their reputations as two of the best race car drivers in the world when they made the jump to the World Rally Championship.

Block, a former Rally America Rookie of the Year and Raikkonen, a former Formula One champion, took part in a Super Special Stage during the kick-off event leading up to the 2010 WRC Rally Portugal. As part of the event, both Block and Raikkonen competed against each other on-board Block’s Ford Fiesta and Raikkonen’s Citroen C4 .

While it was nothing more than an exhibition for the fans, the race had some ramifications for both Block and Raikkonen after the two agreed to a 100 euro bet. Needless to say, that was all it took for both drivers to push their rally chariots to the limit and, after a race that featured a steady diet of lead changes, it all came down to an exciting photo finish with both drivers posting the same exact time of 2:11.00!

Check out the video after the jump for the dramatic race.

We swear there’s a car somewhere in the midst of all that smoke. You can actually see it too - or at least, glimpses of it - at the tail end of the video.

As far as catching the real deal up close and personal, we’re going to have to wait a little while longer when Monster World Rally, together with rally ace Ken Block, unveils the Gymkhana 3 2011 Ford Fiesta today at Taverna Aventine in San Francisco.

Be sure to check back in a few hours for the official details of Block’s new toy, the Gymkhana 3.

Ken Block’s Rally American season got off on a wrong foot after he failed to even make it to the finish line in the season’s inaugural race but if his past performances at the 100 Acre Woods Rally are any indication, you could say that Block will bounce back rather nicely in the next race.

The American rally car is aiming to bag his fifth victory at the event this weekend and this video of him dusting off his new Ford Fiesta Moster World Rally with navigator Alex Gelsmino - he’s a chatty fellow, isn’t he? - at a ranch near 100 Acre Woods shows that he‘s about as ready as ready can be to get down and dirty over muddy gravel this weekend.

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If you don’t remember D.C. Shoes cofounder Ken Block’s tire smoking gymkhana antics, then we suggest you take a moment to refresh yourself with his catalog of adrenaline inducing videos with his power sliding sideways Subaru as the star of the show. In a recent interview with Edmund’s Inside Line, Block admits that his first generation gymkhana car was nothing more than an extremely modified streetcar that had gone through a series of complete revisions. The STI started out as a way for Ken and friends to enjoy cross country rallies before dabbling in the world of the Japanese art of autocross know as gymkhana. Gymkhana is like any other time trial that takes place in an oversized parking lot, except there is a lot more rally style sliding in order to get your car around the orange cone even quicker.

Ken Block's Gymkhana Subaru STi

So when Block wanted to get serious about gymkhana, he contact the folks at Crawford Performance and teamed up to produce a race ready 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI . The first thing that the racers did was shed every unnecessary ounce from the STI and then stiffen the chassis with an extensive roll cage. Weighing in at 2,775 pounds, the Crawford car is almost 600 pounds lighter than a stock STI. The weight reduction helps the 565 HP high performance flat four make the Subaru absolutely fly. Almost every part of the stroked 2.65 Liter boxer engine has been replaced in favor of lightweight reinforced pieces. Sitting atop the neon green powder coated charge pipes is a Garret GT35R turbocharger that compresses a maximum of 30 psi of boost to make a total of 590 E85 burning lb-ft of torque.

Ken Block's Gymkhana Subaru STi

One thing that you don’t get an appreciation for with those slow motion pans and rubber burning power slides is exactly how quick Ken Block’s car is in a straight line. First of all launching an all wheel drive turbocharged car can be difficult, you have to get the revs up around 7,000 to keep the turbo spinning and then absolutely dump the clutch so that all four drive wheels can get power without bogging out the engine. But after all the Crawford STI is a racecar and even without the aid of fifth gear it can go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.0 seconds and run the standing quarter mile in only 10.8 seconds at 123.7 seconds on a set of 275/35R18 BFGoodrich g-Force Drag Radials, now that is 0.7 seconds faster than a Corvette ZR-1 super car, so you know that this tuned STI is fast.

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You may remember Ken Block’s crazy gymkhana Subaru or his latest remix rendition, but what would it be like if the BBC’s production staff had chance to film their own rendition of a Ken Block video? Watch and see as the DC Shoes owner and rally driver takes Top Gear’s James May out for a spin, literally, and do a little racing with dirt bike champion Ricky Carmichael.

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