Kenny Brack (275273)

Kenny Brack (275273)

Kimi Raikkonen and Ken Block may be rookies in the world of the WRC, but they certainly brought their reputations as two of the best race car drivers in the world when they made the jump to the World Rally Championship.

Block, a former Rally America Rookie of the Year and Raikkonen, a former Formula One champion, took part in a Super Special Stage during the kick-off event leading up to the 2010 WRC Rally Portugal. As part of the event, both Block and Raikkonen competed against each other on-board Block’s Ford Fiesta and Raikkonen’s Citroen C4 .

While it was nothing more than an exhibition for the fans, the race had some ramifications for both Block and Raikkonen after the two agreed to a 100 euro bet. Needless to say, that was all it took for both drivers to push their rally chariots to the limit and, after a race that featured a steady diet of lead changes, it all came down to an exciting photo finish with both drivers posting the same exact time of 2:11.00!

Check out the video after the jump for the dramatic race.

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