2011 Kia GT Concept

One of the many highlights of the Frankfurt Motor Show was a concept car that could potentially lead to a new styling direction from the company that brought the car to Germany.

We’re talking about the Kia GT Concept, a rear-wheel four-door, four-seater sports sedan concept that bares a slight resemblance to the K9 sketch revealed back in 2009.

While we certainly were very surprised by the look of the car - at first, we actually thought it was a Maserati - Kia’s aggressive approach in the design of their future models just goes to show that their designers and engineers have some serious creative chops.

"No matter from which perspective you look at it – this concept car is roaring with energy and ready for take-off," said Peter Schreyer, Kia Motors Chief Design Officer. "I believe the car is a strong statement from Kia: we are ready to fast forward to an all new chapter."

With the aggressive approach the Korean automaker has taken in being more pro-active in the industry, we’re not betting against these guys when it comes to actually seeing this concept through. Who knows, a production version might be in the oven sooner than we think.

UPDATE 12/23/2011: We’ve learned that Kia is set to venture into a whole new market after news broke that they have green-lighted the production of the Kia GT Concept sports car for 2013. We first saw the GT Concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show a few months ago and were left breathless at the car’s cutting-edge design and significant - at least for Kia - performance numbers.

For the production GT Concept, Kia is looking at a comprehensive line-up that not only includes a sedan version, but also a two-door coupe variant and, quite possibly, even a station wagon.

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Kia GT Concept

The GT Concept is a rear-wheel four-door, four-seater sports sedan that has been designed with a look that we haven’t seen before from the Korean manufacturer. The whole theme of the car is centered on aeronautics and the design features plenty of inspiration from the industry. There’s a low slung front air intake, jet-themed rear-view cameras, an aerodynamically efficient rear diffuser, winglets that curve in from the front flanks and flow into the headlamps, and multi-piece propeller-style alloy and carbon fiber wheels.

The car’s extended bonnet, powerful rear shoulders, and truncated rear end, together with the copper signature line that runs from the base of the A-pillar and along the roofline, exude seminal strength and authority never before seen in a Kia. The front profile of the GT Concept is also a far departure from what we’re used to. The alloy-framed central grille is flanked by complex headlamp units that feature LED illuminators. The doors are also a unique new quirk from Kia, opening outward at a slight upward angle, similar to how those classic luxury cars used to do it.


Kia GT Concept

Inside, the GT Concept’s cabin is also a picture of awesomeness. The single-piece seats are just one of the new features you’ll find in the interior. The glass instrument panel continues this out-of-age look with three layers of organic LEDs that provide three-dimensional depth, freeing up the car’s center console from the usual proliferation of controls, buttons, and displays.

The instrument panel is also a picture of sophistication, floating above the muscular center console and further enhancing Kia’s intelligent use of space. The rear-view cameras feature playback capabilities and displayed on a pair of LED screens that are mounted on the doors, making it ideally positioned for the driver’s line of sight.


Kia GT Concept

The Kia GT Concept is powered by a turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 engine that produces 390 horsepower and 394 lb/ft of torque mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The GT Concept is also noted for being the first model to carry a rear-wheel drive set-up.

Will It Hit Production?

Kia GT Concept

The word according to CAR Magazine is that the GT Concept will head to production by 2013. When speaking to the magazine, Kia Europe CEO Paul Philpott was a little more tempered with the GT Concept’s future, saying that the first step is to have "the kind of mainstream cars that can compete with the likes of Ford and Citroën in all sectors of the market."

Once we are satisfied that they are all credible, then we will look at extensions beyond that," he added.

If It Does Hit Production, How Much Will It Cost?

Kia GT Concept

Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to future pricing for the GT. Kia hasn’t traveled down this road before, which makes the excitement behind a production version of the concept understandable. We don’t even know how far along the production model will be so you can expect plenty of elements from the latter to be taken out before we hear the go-signal for the production model.

Kia GT Concept
  • Design language is mind-blowing
  • Futuristic technology on display
  • Powertrain is one of the best Kia has produced
  • There’s still plenty of uncertainty around it
  • Could be priced at a cost that’s un-Kia-like
  • How much will be taken out if there’s a production model?


Surely, this one is really an impressive concept and a unique also. I as well noticed the angst on its front headlights. When will be the market production of this?

Surely, this GT concept really had an impressive looks and design but how about its speed performance, the article didn’t say anything on that thing.

2011 Kia GT Concept is great. The rims of the car is unique than the other car. One of the best design and style of the car is color and the rims. This kind of rims is great.

The back part of this GT concept seems too bulky but the style and design of this concept is really impressive and this kind of car seems so fun to drive.

Hopefully another KIA cars on my list. I love how Korean’s reinvent the new designs of GT that would surely like a four-door sports car.

Now THIS is a Kia I would buy and drive. So far removed from the days of their god-awful tissue boxes with wheels, I’m flabbergasted.

this car is is just another step in the right direction for kia. they’ve come a looong way.
samsung and lg used to be the bottom of barrel when it came to electronic goods... now look at them.

i hope to see more of this from kia!!

I didn’t notice that it is Kia. I thought it is a Maserati because of the aggressiveness it shows. I have to admit that this could be the attention grabber in the Frankfurt Auto Show. I will wait for more details of the car.

IMO, its just the detailing and design of the car that makes it to look so weird. I would definitely embraced this changes from the Korean car. We couldn’t admit the growing sale on their vehicle. At least, they have the initiative to offer something new for their consumer.

Well, I’m glad to see them this Korean brand made changes on their platform. For I think KIA has a distinctive look for their car. However, I think it would be nicer and prettier if they offer a hatchback or other than sedan. I don’t like the styling and size of this vehicle.

Audi A8 competitor?!? ha! It wont be even close to it...
maybe, MAYBE, C-class, 3 series competitor... and i neither think that this is the direction...
Very weird car...

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