2013 Kia Forte 5-Door Cyborg Edition

Compared to his Justice League contemporaries, Cyborg is without question the least recognizable superhero among the five that were used as inspirations on the Kia -DC collaboration that are being displayed at SEMA . Despite not having movies like Batman and Green Lantern, or not having stand-alone cartoons like Flash and Aquaman, Kia and DC Entertainment, together with RIDES Magazine, still gave the half human/half machine superhero for the modern ages an appropriate tribute.

Using the Kia Forte 5-Door as the platform, RIDES Magazine began the project by using an Aztec Silver paint job on the body of the car, a testament to the shiny chrome digs of Cyborg’s actual armor. Red LED lights were also installed into the newly added side ports because, you know, one of Cyborg’s eyes is red. Other exterior elements include a vented air scoop on the hood, a new set of 18" Rotiform TMB wheels with a chrome lip and red anodized bolts, a coil over suspension to give the Forte more aggressive maneuverability, and widened custom metal fenders that alludes to Cyborg’s ability to mechanically morph to face any adversary.

Inside, red perforated leather and red suede are visibly present throughout the cabin. The Cyborg emblem likewise features red and silver trim highlights, which is also visibly featured in the Forte’s interior design. There’s also a tablet on the center console because like Cyborg, this Forte 5-Door is always connected and ready to spring into action. The final touch inside the Forte is the JL Audio sound system.


I do not know how anyone could drive this car. inside is too red. or you get nausea or you get angry

mmm .. actually, if I think better, this concept looks like an unicorn ...

aquaman is awful from my point of view. not to talk about the inside...

The cyborg actually looks pretty good. the aquaman one makes aquaman look...not like a reject

The cyborg looks fine. Not too sure about the Aquaman one though....

Too bad they don’t have a super hero that promotes fuel economy...

I like the Cyboeg the best, but all of the rest are good efforts as well.

i wish people could buy these awesome Kias cause I’d love to own one.

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