2013 Kia Quoris

A few years ago, if anyone had said that Kia and Hyundai would end up producing vehicles that would target luxury models from the likes of Audi , BMW , and Mercedes , many people probably would have laughed in their faces. Now, the two companies are chipping away at their cheaper car reputation and we have a series of new spy shots to prove it. The vehicle seen here is the new Kia Quoris (known as the K9 internally), as it takes its turn in Northern Sweden for some winter testing.

Known as the Maserati Quattroporte from Korea (weird), the Kia Quoris will be based on the rear wheel drive platform from the Hyundai Genesis sedan and will take most of its design cues from the recently announced GT Concept , including the concept’s full LED headlights.

The engine line-up will include a series of three petrol engines, plus a diesel for the European market. The entry-level will use a 3.8 liter V6 engine that will deliver about 333 HP, then there will be a 4.6 liter V8 version delivering 385 HP, and the top model will use a 5.0 liter V8 with a powerful 429 HP. The engines will be offered with a choice of an 8-speed automatic transmission, but a new 10-speed automatic transmission that is currently under development could find its way in the K9 as well.

The new Kia Quoris will make its world debut at the end of 2012 as a 2013 model.

UPDATE 04/02/2012: Kia has unveiled a new video featuring Peter Schreyer explaining the design of their new K9 sedan. He shares his thoughts and philosophies about coming up with one perfect design while drawing a brief sketch of Kia’s new flagship sedan, code-named KH. He says his dream, Kia’s dream, and customers’ dream have come true with the KH. Hit the jump for the video!


Though they have the list of specification, they didn’t provide the production date.

Though they have the list of specification, they didn’t provide the production date.

Kia produces a lot of eccentric and community vehicles. This K9 has a cute figure.

Kia should have named its price already along with its specs.

So the Kia KH will be a lot better than the K9? I hope to see more of it.

I’m only waiting for the announcement of its pricing date.

Finally, the lists of specifications and package are now available. I can’t wait for the production date.

The release of its details makes the wait worthwhile.

Seeing the future specifications of this K9 seems interesting to wait for its release.

If you were to ask me, I’m already contented with this. Looks and engine are satisfactory.

Kia did its exterior exquisitely. Unfortunately, the interior isn’t.

I wonder as to why this is overlooked when it has this highly classy look because of its exquisite paint job. Apart from that, its performance is even surpassing the mid-level.

What I particularly liked is its front fascia, and that’s about it. All the other features are manifestations of typicality.

I have no idea on what rank is Kia’s popularity at, but I can tell that this K9 is most definitely overlooked. You can’t say that its appearance is plain, despite its lack of pompous features. And you also can’t underestimate its pleasing performance.

I guess this K9 is underrated. Only a few are appreciating its typical classy exterior, or its pleasing performance.

I think you’re belittling this saloon. Don’t you see how elegant its external appearance is? I bet it runs with style!

I like the figure and the color of this car. Its wheels also have a pleasant design.

Its exterior is painted with rich color; it appears luxurious. On its interior, the design is pleasant, but it isn’t as appealing as the external.

While it is important not to change the trademark, Kia should definitely update their styling.

Is this the same sedan from 2010 or not? Also, how is this cheap? I think its exterior is enriched by an elegant paint job. The said engine isn’t something to be underestimated too.

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