2013 Kia Soul The Voice

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Ever since its official launch, the Kia Soul has been one of the most active models at SEMA . Last year, Kia rolled into Las Vegas with a Soul lineup inspired by comic-book heroes , but this year, Kia prepared quite an impressive lineup of Souls with four of them drawing inspiration from the music world.

These four music-inspired Souls touched on different parts of the music world, as they featured a cutting-edge DJ station ; a pro-sound-quality, plug-in-ready amplifier on wheels ; and a load of memorabilia from all things music . This final model is the Soul ’’The Voice" and it was prepared by NBC as a tribute to the famous TV show.

According to its creator, this Soul "represents the sheer talent needed to perform in front of a live audience and millions at home." This model features a cool bright red exterior paint combined with a "The Voice logo" on the side, vinyl on the window portion and a cool "I Want You" logo illuminated in the lower grille.

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Kia Soul The Voice - in Detail

Exterior Detail

Kia Soul The Voice

The new Soul "The Voice" rides on 20-inch three-piece Niche Scope wheels, featuring a color-matched paint and wrapped in Falken tires. It also has a red airbrushed "The Voice" logo, an lit "I Want You" on the lower grille and LED puddle lights.

Interior Detail

Kia Soul The Voice
Kia Soul The Voice
Kia Soul The Voice

The interior gets four replicated coaches’ chairs wrapped in red leather, black suede and red stitching. The concept is also equipped with technologies like an iPad2 Mini connected to a 40-inch LED TV, a wireless microphone and Rockford Fosgate speakers.

Press Release

The name of this Kia says it all: Soul. With NBC’s The Voice inspiring so many talented people to sing their hearts out and bare their souls through music, this car represents the sheer talent needed to perform in front of a live audience and millions at home. RIDES magazine customized the exterior with a bright red airbrushed The Voice logo on the side, incorporating vinyl on the window portion, as well as the inspiring words “I Want You” illuminated in the lower grille, along with the LED puddle projectors. In order to perform under pressure, 20-inch three-piece Niche Scope wheels color-matched to the vehicle, coupled with Falken tires, add style and confidence.

Kia Soul The Voice

The four replicated coaches’ chairs are the highlight of an interior that is decked out in red leather, black suede and red stitching. Control the “I Want You” logo with the red button on top of the dash. Using a unique platform such as The Voice to become a star requires practice; luckily, an iPad®2 Mini connected to a 40-inch LED TV allows you to use the preloaded The Voice app and sing at the top of your lungs through the wireless microphone, amplified through Rockford Fosgate speakers in their fiberglass custom pods.

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