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Sometimes, it’s just about letting our imaginations run wild. Without the restrictions of real world regulations, there’s no telling what kind of concept car lurks in the deep recesses of our minds. For designers like Mohammad R. Shojaie, channeling those thoughts and putting ink on them is easier compared to the less-capable designers out there like us.

In this instance, Shojaie takes a brand that’s not known for being sporty and gives them a concept car that’s got edge and aggression written all over it. Calling it the Kia Proport – it’s an amalgamation of Pro plus Sport without the “S” – Shojale’s concept is a completely different take from the current design language Kia is doing these days. Translation: you won’t mistake this concept for a family car.

The swooping lines and aggressive treatment define Shojale’s work of art. The artist didn’t mention any technical specifications, but he did come out with something that all of us would want Kia to make someday. And since, the brand is looking into building a sports car in the near future, let’s all hope that they take a look at what MR. Shojaie has done for them.

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It wasn’t that long ago when Kias were parading around our streets in those little Pride hatchbacks. Simple, discrete, and plain bland, these cars never got your attention because, quite frankly, it didn’t warrant them.

Times have sure changed, haven’t they?

Since those humble times, Kia has grown to become a major force in the automotive industry and one that has seen its vehicular portfolio expand at an increasingly rapid rate.

According to Automotive News, the Korean manufacturer just might be preparing for another company breakthrough in the near future.

In an interview with Peter Schreyer, Kia’s design head mentioned that “sooner or later”, the Korean-based company would develop a sports car that will become its new halo model. Schreyer stopped short of making any promises or guarantees, but did stress that at some point, Kia needs to take its brand and make it edgier and sportier that it has ever been.

And given Schreyer’s background as the man behind the highly successful Audi TT , we have no qualms about him taking the lead in building and developing this soon-to-be Kia sports car. Let’s just hope that he still has that ‘Schreyer design magic’ that has made him one of the top auto designers in the world.

Kia brought a hybrid version of the Forte sedan to this year’s SEMA Auto Show with the intent to show the world that a compact hybrid sedan can be anything but boring. The model revealed in Las Vegas is just a concept, but if enough customers show enough interest in this hybrid concept, then we can’t imagine that Kia wouldn’t run to the production line with this one.

The hybrid concept was designed by Kinetic Motorsports and its hybrid system combines a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine fueled by liquefied petroleum gas (propane) and lithium polymer battery with accentuated design characteristics, including body panel enhancements and a lowered stance, to create a one-of-a-kind personality for the environmentally-friendly sedan.

The package is finished by cast aluminum alloy wheels and low-rolling resistance tires for improved fuel economy and reduced road noise. On the inside, interior panel treatments feature custom enhancements, while a 1200 watt Infinity®2 audio system will entertain passengers.

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Kia is bringing back the days where if two men had a problem with each other, they would choose their weapons, count to ten, and do battle. What the heck are we talking about? Two custom Sportage concepts that were created by Antenna Magazine for taking part in "The Duel." One of the concepts is painted in matte red and is called "Play" while the other is in metallic blue and is called "Work".

The Sportage Play gets new 20-inch MRR HR4 wheels, a custom Yakima roof rack outfitted with a red and black Cannondale QuikFX Bike with unique bike pedals and seat. Illuminating the path to the technological future is the iPod Touch fitted right in the center control. The cargo area out back gets transformed by a custom-painted locker, motorized stainless steel barbecue grill, and a 22-inch LCD television. Tailgating anyone?

The Work version gets a full closet and dressing station fitted nicely within Sportage’s spacious cargo area. This allows the professionals of the world to have their option of up to two suits, five shirts, and five belts for any work situation.

The classic battle. So, which is it? Work or Play?

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After the success of the Hamster advertisements, Kia has decided to take it to the next level and create a Soul after the legendary rapping critters . The Kia Soul Hamstar Concept is just a concept at this point, but we hope that it will go into production soon, as it actually looks pretty good.

The Hamstar Soul Concept will turn heads while rolling down the street because of its custom red and black color scheme, topped off by a “star” graphic with the signature Hamstar script logo on the bonnet. There will be off-black matte finish stripes on the vehicle’s sides that are reminiscent of vintage warm-up pants and, as odd as that might sound, it’s what Kia has stated.

The exterior is covered with black gloss and polished aluminum sport wheels. The all black interior includes red/black sport cloth seat materials with black chenille stars on the back of the head rests. There are also special floor mats with a Hamstar badge.

So, in the event you are one of those die-hard Hamstar fans, here’s your opportunity to show your love and dedication to the world. It’s kind of the equivalent of taping posters of Justin Bieber to your ride. Oh no, now we’re providing them with ideas?!

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Kia is offering up a snazzy Soul , called the White Tiger Concept, at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This version of the Soul will take a few cues from the gorgeous white tiger, as it will use white paint on the exterior with tiger themed graphics. This will contrast very well with the jet-black leather interior.

The exterior gets fog lamps, body colored bumpers, sport spoiler, black fender vents, rear bumper cat claw appliqué, alloy fuel door, and features white-finish 18-inch alloy wheels. This should make the Soul look more like a tiger than any other car on the road. Okay, so it’s no BMW M3 Tiger Edition , but you get the idea.

Inside, the White Tiger gets push-button start, black leather seating surfaces, and heated front seats. The Soul White Tiger Tiger will be arriving in Kia retail showrooms in the coming weeks, so if you want something that resembles a Tiger and is one of the best small cars on the road, go get yourself a Kia Soul White Tiger.

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Kia’s smallest car, the Forte, will be coming to the 2010 SEMA Auto Show in what looks to be a future special edition model. Okay, so Kia says it’s only a concept, but the future for the Forte Koup Type R Concept, which was inspired by the company’s first season of racing in the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, is very bright. The concept was designed by Kinetic Motorsports, who built and campaigns Kia’s Forte Koup race cars.

The Type R Concept gets a matte gray exterior paint job that works with enhanced exterior panels to make the front fenders, rocker panels, and rear quarter panels appear longer. BBS RG 18-inch forged aluminum alloy wheels and racing-inspired tires along with a modified front end add to the overall look of the car.

The interior of the Type R now offers custom seat/door treatments as well as a few ergonomic improvements for the driver. Other additions include a short throw shift kit with Kinetic gear shift knob and carbon inlay, and a dampened composite fiber disc clutch.

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Today, theKia Soul Flex , the first Korean vehicle that can run on ethanol, was released. It was specially designed for the Brazilian market where these flex-fuel models make up 85% of new car sales.

The vehicle uses a 1.6-liter four-cylinder motor that cranks out 128 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque. The car can manage a 44% fuel economy increase in fuel mileage over the gas version.

The Soul Flex will use a reinforced fuel pump, pillar cap, and fuel line. There will also be a gasoline assistance system that will aid engine ignition at low temperatures. In addition to all of this, the motor will use an adapted fuel injection and catalyst system. There will also be a new engine compression ratio.

The Kia Soul Flex will debut this month, with sales beginning early next year in Brazil. The company is also working on a Sportage Flex that should be unveiled at the end of next year.

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We’ll be the first to admit that a car’s badge means something to us. Take for instance, the Ferrari badge. There have been countless numbers of Ferrari products that have been less than stellar, but do we love them? Of course we do, simply because they wear the prancing horse on the hood.

The Kia Motor Company , on the other hand, has a badge that gets about as much street credibility as a science professor. The Korean automaker came to the United States offering cheap and not so cheerful vehicles that are still haunting them to this day.

Despite the badge and despite the misconceptions, Kia has come a long way. The mind numbingly boring Optima may have been in a line of cars that nobody paid any attention to, but the next-generation model may start to change all of that.

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During an interview at the Paris Auto Show, Kia design boss Peter Schreyer said that Kia is taking under consideration building a small sports car that will take on models like Mazda MX-5 . A production version might arrive in 2013 and it will be based on a shortened version of parent brand Hyundai’s Genesis rear-wheel drive architecture.

"I think it would be great, a car like that," Schreyer said. "I think the MX-5 has done a lot for Mazda . There are MX-5 enthusiast clubs and racing and it is an important part of Mazda." However, when asked about the progress made to the car, he said: "Don’t ask me so difficult questions."

As for the next generation Mazda MX-5 it will arrive on the market in 2012. Under the hood Mazda will place both a 1,2 and a 1,3 liter engine, but also a new rotary engine. Output will be in the 200 HP area. So expect the new Kia model to deliver the same output.

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